Bas Couwenberg wrote:
> I can confirm the segfault while importing a PBF file with osm2pgsql.
> osm2pgsql 0.84.0-1 depends on libprotobuf-c0 (>= 0.10), whereas
> 0.84.0-2 depends on libprotobuf-c1 (>= 1.0.0-1~).
> osm2pgsql upstream uses &protobuf_c_default_allocator instead of NULL as
> suggested by Robert Edmonds. This looks like the cause of the problem.


I'd be happy to take a look and try to debug the issue to see if it's
caused by the protobuf-c changes.

However, I'm entirely unfamiliar with osm2pgsql.  Is there any chance
you could walk me through setting up a test case, or provide a sample
file and command-line arguments that exhibit the problem?


Robert Edmonds

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