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> On 08/08/2014 05:19 PM, Christoph Berg wrote:
> > in the meantime, the PostgreSQL version in jessie has been upgraded to
> > 9.4, so please switch to postgresql-9.4-postgis. (Which isn't there
> > yet but should be soon.)
> Have you been in contact with Markus Wanner about postgresql-9.4-postgis?
> The postgis package hasn't been updated for postgresql-9.4 yet, but this
> can easily be done.

Hi Sebastiaan,

it's been some weeks since I talked to Markus about postgis, but iirc
the package was ready. Markus, do you need sponsoring for the new

> I see that postgresql-9.4~beta2-1 is currently in testing and unstable,
> as is 9.3.4-2.
> When do you expect to switch to postgresql-9.4 by default?

9.4 is already the default. Sorry for not informing you earlier.

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