Control: severity -1 important

Sebastiaan Couwenberg a écrit , Le 13/08/2014 15:08:
> Control: tags -1 pending
> Hi Gilles,
> On 08/13/2014 01:59 AM, Gilles Filippini wrote:
>> This is the very same error fixed 4 years ago in the package libfann for 
>> which a patch was created:
>> <>
> Thanks for digging up the patch in libfann. I was aware of that the
> issue was fixed in libfann, but hadn't found the patch for it yet.
> I've added the patch in git and it will be included in the next upload.
> We're waiting for the previous upload (2.5.2+20140505-2) to migrate to
> testing before uploading 2.5.3-1 to unstable.

Then downgrading severity to important to not block the migration to



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