On 14/08/14 14:57, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Michael Fladischer 2014-08-14 <53ec816f.9030...@fladi.at>
>> Does pg_buildext already support cmake?
>> Following the example in pg_buildext(1) it breaks at `pg_buildext build
>> build-%v` because there is no Makefile.
> No, it is only meant to be used with PGXS-style PostgreSQL extension
> Makefiles.
> What you can do is something like this:
> for v in $(pg_buildext supported-versions); do
>       PG_CONFIG=/usr/lib/postgresql/$v/bin/pg_config cmake ....
> done
> ... or using native cmake methods to switch the PostgreSQL version, if
> there's any.
> If it's too hard/messy, don't bother with it. The net effect would
> have been to be able to put the package on apt.postgresql.org, but I'm
> unsure how much users would actually benefit from being able to choose
> the PostgreSQL version for pgrouting instead of just using the Debian
> default.

What's the status of this? This is blocking the perl transition so unless it is
fixed ASAP I will remove it from testing.


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