Package: gmt
Version: 4.5.12-1
Severity: important


running GMT's pscoast with the latest gmt-gshhs-low (or -full or -high,
or gmt-coast-low) causes a segfault.

gmt package version 4.5.12-1
gmt-gshhs-low package version 2.2.0-2

I've experienced this in the past when the GSHHS data version went out
of sync with the version gmt was expected, but that's not necessarily
the cause this time.

There are a couple reports about this on the GMT mailing list, and an
Ubuntu bug report about it, including a stripped backtrace.


I can reproduce this in the today's sid; install the gmt-examples
package, then run:

$ cp -r /usr/share/doc/gmt-examples/examples/ gmt-examples
cd gmt-examples/

# or just try as in the Ubuntu ticket,
$ pscoast -Rg -JH0/6i -Glightgray > /dev/null
*** Error in `pscoast': double free or corruption (!prev):
0x00000000025099f0 *** Aborted


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