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commit 7e64f687ac189cfe671c4496b36bfa5222e9a5c7
Author: Ross Gammon <>
Date:   Sun Aug 24 16:32:38 2014 +0200

    Add guidance about obtaining sponsorship
 policy.xml | 23 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 23 insertions(+)

diff --git a/policy.xml b/policy.xml
index c11cbb5..dae7fb0 100644
--- a/policy.xml
+++ b/policy.xml
@@ -1625,6 +1625,29 @@ lintian ../build-area/*changes
         <literal>Depends</literal> field of the binary package.
+    <sect2 id="sponsorship">
+      <title>Sponsorship</title>
+      <para>
+        Unfortunately, the Debian Developers in the Debian GIS team are very 
busy. Therefore,
+        if your package requires sponsorship, you will need to follow
+        the normal Debian process and file a Request For Sponsorship (RFS) 
bug. The Debian
+        Mentors website is the best place to upload your package to attract 
sponsors, and a
+        template for your RFS bug is automatically produced:
+        <ulink url="";>Debian 
+      </para>
+      <para>
+        The RFS bug should also be copied to the
+        <ulink url="";>Debian GIS 
Developers Mailing List</ulink>.
+        The best way to do this is to use the X-Debbugs-CC header so that the 
bug number is
+        included in the subject of the email to the list. Add 
+        to your message's mail header.
+      </para>
+      <para>
+        As Debian GIS is a Pure Blend, a good way to get sponsorship is to use 
Andreas Tille's
+        <ulink url="";>Sponsoring 
of Blends</ulink> initiative.
+        Andreas's conditions for sponsorship are listed on that website.
+      </para>
+    </sect2>
   <sect1 id="tasks">

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