Hi Hamish,

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 03:35:36PM +1200, Hamish B wrote:
> If there are parts of the patch suitable for upstream I would be happy to
> commit them, just be aware that changes (even debian/patches/) should be
> compatible back to at least squeeze and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, since we aim for
> wide cross-platform compatibility. i.e. backports are pretty trivial right
> now, and they should stay that way.

All the changes in debian/patches/wxpy3.0-compat.patch in the debdiff I
attached should be suitable for upstream I think - they remain compatible
with wxpython 2.8, and there's already a check in there that the wxPython
version is at least, so compatibility with 2.6 isn't a concern.


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