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On Tue, 14 Jan 2014 16:18:41 +0100 Oliver Sander
<> wrote:
> Any chance of having the C++ interface enabled in Debian, even though its 'at 
> our own risk'?
> My problem is the following: I use gmsh a lot, which depends on 
> libhdf5-openmpi.  Hence I am
> stuck with the parallel version of hdf5, even though I don't actually use any 
> of its parallel
> features.  Now as a consequence of this bug I cannot build any programs that 
> use the hdf5
> C++ interface.  It's either gmsh or C++ hdf5, but I need both.

Starting with version 1.8.13 in unstable, and about to transition into
testing, the three flavors of libhdf5 are now co-installable.

It solves the conflict you describe above and there is no more need for
enabling the unsupported C++ API into the mpi flavored packages.



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