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*** WARNING: tag osmorg-taginfo-live was deleted! ***

       was  76cdda0   Merge pull request #85 from mojodna/install-prefix

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  76cdda0   Merge pull request #85 from mojodna/install-prefix
  discards  a439e1b   Configurable installation prefix
  discards  537b0c8   Check 64bit arch for SparseTable
  discards  c95bf46   Fix stl map
  discards  1d78ae7   typo
  discards  054679a   Rename stl_map
  discards  dff628b   Add byid storage based on std::map
  discards  cd6d0eb   Added V8 version info to README
  discards  c628d7e   Merge pull request #79 from thillux/doxygen
  discards  0d3d6dc   updated Doxyfile with Doxygen 1.8.5
  discards  3dfbebc   cleared out default dot font (FreeSans no longer shipped)
  discards  3799155   corrected \parameter to \param
  discards  f9d7d95   Document that objects store in ObjectStore are const
  discards  97b6d15   Fix comment
  discards  8519e75   Merge pull request #77 from jokoala/add_tests
  discards  64893b0   Disable some test if boost filesystem isn't version 3
  discards  e94887c   Merge pull request #76 from jokoala/contribution
  discards  a2aab99   tests for ForwardHandler and SequenceHandler
  discards  0d6db42   add tests for debug handler
  discards  582d622   tests for position comparison
  discards  cb72250   tests for relation objects
  discards  1dd3cac   tests for relation objeccts
  discards  019d15f   increase test coverage for way and associated objects
  discards  479d3a1   add unit tests for TagList objects
  discards  a23d499   ignore coverage files
  discards  836c09f   separate coverage build from normal build
  discards  e74ad79   node tests
  discards  17b3d32   add missing tests for osm objects
  discards  58b2b52   corrections in test suite
  discards  a1d8278   Merge pull request #75 from jokoala/contribution
  discards  ff90625   improve test runner, add Makefile
  discards  2b5fb89   correct errors to let tests pass
  discards  6b5c580   add tests for osm objects and osmfile header
  discards  8423e40   Fix various problems found by cppcheck
  discards  1ebe637   Remove unused debug flag.
  discards  92eb746   Fix reading of .osc.gz, use 'zcat' command.
  discards  34975b5   Add necessary include
  discards  2282d03   Remove references to sqlite lib/Update README.
  discards  3232881   Move string-to-int conversion into types.hpp
  discards  b93c27a   Prefer prefix ++ to postfix ++
  discards  3adda44   Fix haversine formula
  discards  6318978   Make osmium_time work on Windows.
  discards  8f77d4e   Some changes for Windows support.
  discards  02b338b   Add include dir to path to help compiling on suse
  discards  a2c7a24   Make Makefiles/run_test more flexible. This should help 
with compiling under different systems where extra/different command line 
parameters are needed.
  discards  1a5bb26   Fixed the fix for %ld vs %lld formatting
  discards  d6b58cc   Changed some C style casts into C++ style casts
  discards  2127c5d   Fix a few bugs found thru warnings on newer compilers
  discards  f9efdcb   Add -Wno-long-long to test compiler cmd line
  discards  5f8c7af   Change magic that finds libraries to compile with so it 
works with clang, too
  discards  1361c69   Merge pull request #66 from springmeyer/single-dyn-link
  discards  7de0319   define BOOST_TEST_DYN_LINK in CXXFLAGS rather than each 
  discards  85b1219   Change ById storage to return obj and not obj reference, 
because the reference could point to a temporary.
  discards  a0cd676   Merge pull request #65 from romange/patch-1
  discards  6d7d6da   remove hard dependency on geos library.
  discards  22ed2f6   Change id field from int to string
  discards  623b1fa   README update, release example code into PD
  discards  d46c1cf   Fixed callback documentation
  discards  c94a0eb   Fix for #61. Missing after and before callbacks in js 
  discards  18750b3   Merge pull request #62 from simon04/osmjs_absolute_path
  discards  9fe14fa   Use string columns for node ids in js examples
  discards  96195a4   Fix filter_and_accumulate() and use VARCHAR for long ids.
  discards  547b811   Changes needed to OGR code for 64 bit IDs.
  discards  57bdee8   osmjs: enable absolute paths for the .js file
  discards  0e59fbd   64bit support
  discards  e49d809   Fix comment.
  discards  35a1a65   Revert/fix changes in pull request
  discards  f337642   Merge pull request #58 from skaringa/vector_storage_option
  discards  c98bf07   osmjs: add 'vector' storage to help message
  discards  0b8e206   osmjs: add command line option to use vector storage
  discards  206e637   Fixes to pull request
  discards  fec5f51   Merge pull request #56 from woodpeck/shapefile-wraparound
  discards  61ddcc1   cosmetic changes to placate maintainer
  discards  8ebd542   Improve shapefile wrap-around when size limit reached
  discards  9bace0f   Tag filter refactoring and added functionality
  discards  d392f20   Formatting
  discards  814d423   Make compiler configurable in Makefile
  discards  a044ed0   Add ==, !=, << operator to Tag, add tests
  discards  e6d458b   throw exception instead of calling exit
  discards  58dfdec   Remove get_tag_key/value() functions (use iterator 
  discards  022fb6f   rename get_tag_by_key() to get_value_by_key()
  discards  e2ae212   Fix initialization order in Input::XML
  discards  5efa235   fix bounds test
  discards  6a8dfe7   documentation of Position
  discards  1c662fc   Cleanup
  discards  afcb688   Bounds cleanup
  discards  923814a   Removed Position to uint32_t conversion. This was always 
rather specialized and is not used anywhere anyways
  discards  1a3315d   Refactored Bounds, some updated to Position and removed 
int->double->int conversion in PBF reader.
  discards  06d609a   Make XML parser a bit more robust by tracking context in 
the XML tree
  discards  a4e6482   Mark some function paramaters as const, use lower_bound 
in ById::Vector instead of equal_range
  discards  b619337   Add tag filter, tag to string functions and an example 
program on how to use this to add OSM data to PostGIS with hstore column
  discards  54e90c6   Add test target to makefile
  discards  1ac5b8e   Make free functions inline
  discards  0ef2863   Remove Sqlite class and osmium_stats example.
  discards  624f985   Support for reading and writing generator program from/to 
OSM files
  discards  cb7bcad   Add error checking to XML output
  discards  4f2ab97   Use default encoding (UTF-8) in XML writer, removing a 
memory leak
  discards  ccc2d38   Change the way OSM file output is handled
  discards  27d5966   Autoregister output file handlers.
  discards  62ef09f   Unify template formatting and naming of templare 
  discards  5920495   Mixed small fixes
  discards  9f6fe92   Includes cleanup
  discards  6d42d8c   Rename get_type() function to type()
  discards  e7b405e   Unify getter/setter functions
  discards  93019ce   Move int/double conversion for coordinates out of 
Position class
  discards  0b46a62   Mixed formatting and other small cleanups
  discards  c81b828   Move Timestamp out of Utils namespace and make it into a 
namespace instead of a class with only static functions
  discards  fc35340   Some cleanup of OGR code
  discards  4683e9c   Remove now empty exceptions include file
  discards  cd2c3c3   Moved IllegalGeometry exception from Exception to 
Geometry namespace
  discards  fea0805   Indentation
  discards  5d6d527   Update notes for developers
  discards  c6a78ed   Changed the way debugging is done.
  discards  fb03145   Add some copy constructors and assignment operators
  discards  f54a9c0   Add valgrind suppression for tmpfile function
  discards  3cb8777   Misc documentation fixes
  discards  cb603d1   Simplified test runner
  discards  3c9345c   Fix test runner
  discards  ced0595   Add comment to valgrind.supp
  discards  f265d62   Remove CGAlgorithms.h hack
  discards  dd64c61   Move statistics handler class into example. This is not 
some generically useful handler.
  discards  4e281cc   Use C++ includes instead of C includes where possible
  discards  1b16ac7   Remove now superfluous timer.h
  discards  10c820d   Replaced some old style casts
  discards  0cec029   Fixed memory leaks
  discards  8ebc113   Cleanup constructor
  discards  96eee52   Cleanup progress handler
  discards  36b48b1   Move all includes and using statements for smart_ptr 
stuff into their own header file and include this from where its needed
  discards  3de1e2e   Some cleanups
  discards  be47c20   New ById storage class Vector
  discards  aa15062   Include <cassert> instead of <assert.h>
  discards  acf8b8b   Use unsigned ints for some constants because thats what 
they will be compared against
  discards  34a4c69   mixed cleanup
  discards  72133c4   Fixed test
  discards  6324003   Remove multipolygon profiling code. Now that the 
multipolygon code is split into many functions a normal profiler can be used.
  discards  d50f430   Ignore members that are not ways in multipolygon builder
  discards  4975e34   Newer geos versions need dynamic_cast instead of 
static_cast here
  discards  cf76d2c   Simplified check_touching_inner_rings()
  discards  2b92b12   Fixed another possible leak
  discards  46e126e   Fixed another memory leak
  discards  c46bf85   Fixed more memory leaks
  discards  3ff504e   OGR not needed for osmium_mpdump
  discards  5105ad4   mixed cleanup
  discards  4f8bdde   More memory leak fixes
  discards  bf0fa6d   Add valgrind suppression file, resolve overload ambiguity
  discards  ed27c77   Fixed potential memory leak
  discards  f802bb6   Fix memory leak
  discards  4a86283   Fixed potential memory leak
  discards  f5c8a11   Fix memory leak
  discards  53ec05d   Fixed illegal memory access and potential memory leaks
  discards  0d5a808   Merge branch 'master' into relation_assembler
  discards  7556c33   Add check for missing -l in osmjs
  discards  d601fd4   part of build_multipolygon() now in new 
  discards  d1fc9aa   New function ring_in_direction()
  discards  8fd44ff   Cleanup handle_one_way_inner_rings()
  discards  95ea70a   Use shared_ptr instead of raw pointers to store WayInfo 
  discards  45f32cf   Some cleanup
  discards  ea1d9c2   Don't use intermediate linestrings in 
  discards  abe0b15   Simplify find_and_repair_holes_in_rings() function
  discards  c8e58a2   Simplified way geometry stuff
  discards  6bf11ed   URL update in README, haversine namespace fix
  discards  cb1b0dc   Cleanup of create_non_intersecting_linear_ring() method
  discards  1f5cfd7   Moved some code into create_ring_coordinate_sequence() 
and removed a memory leak in the process
  discards  ea0bc1a   Make ringlist into member variable of Builder
  discards  7abd795   Cleanup ring_is_complete method some more
  discards  7407724   Cleanup ring_is_complete method
  discards  5a91ff5   Simplified complete_ring method
  discards  7078588   Move code for completed ring out of complete_ring() method
  discards  9157d80   Cleanup make_one_ring method
  discards  d5721ee   Remove orig_innerouter setting on WayInfo because it 
wasn't used
  discards  4c11891   Use shared_ptr instead of raw ptr to store Way in WayInfo
  discards  7d52805   Use smart pointers instead of raw pointers for RingInfo
  discards  734658c   Use boost goodies to cleanup 
determine_inner_outer_rings() method
  discards  596a887   Simplified RingInfo construction
  discards  dc9f0f4   Move code to handle one-way inner rings into its own 
  discards  de34dbd   Move code to determine inner/outer rings into its own 
  discards  0517ad7   Move stuff out of build_multipolygons() into make_rings() 
  discards  76a65c3   Ignore return code of build_multipolygon()
  discards  8efb91a   Use exception to report multipolygon build errors, put 
assemble_ways into its own method
  discards  efff1d3   Removed member variables of WayInfo and RingInfo that 
were never used
  discards  0ffc172   Mixed changes related to multipolygon handling
  discards  67dc448   Use std::string instead of fixed size char[] for user 
name and role, respectively.
  discards  4dfba49   Cleanup in export classes.
  discards  629431c   Expanded memory debugging output.
  discards  1ffed77   Cleanup OSMFile constructors.
  discards  20680ce   Add empty destructor with comment to make clean this is 
not to be used as polymorphic base class.
  discards  02df879   Add OGRCleanupAll() calls.
  discards  0a654df   Cleanup Makefile for examples
  discards  20800de   Add compiler warning flags to check-includes target
  discards  627f226   Add protobuf cleanup call.
  discards  4f2220c   Add some memory debug stuff.
  discards  8478460   Removed need for OSMIUM_WITH_SHPLIB
  discards  dbffeb0   Fixed test
  discards  7f10796   GEOS Reorganization
  discards  eb06710   #include updates
  discards  7d58623   Changed osmjs to use new MultiPolygon::Assembler
  discards  9a6fe86   Made Builder a template parameter of Assembler and 
removed Osmium::MultiPolygon::RelationInfo in favour of 
  discards  c3b4378   Changed the way Builder is used, changed error messages
  discards  3f447ed   More Builder cleanup/simplification
  discards  89f3538   Builder cleanup/simplification
  discards  9dc3ae2   Formatting fixes in Builder
  discards  89960d7   Cleanup of tagging related methods in Builder
  discards  70daf5f   Removed special create_geos_geometry function because we 
have this functionality elsewhere in Osmium
  discards  86aebc3   More cleanup in builder
  discards  5f8020e   Removed handle_complete_multipolygon() method
  discards  83c6da6   Simplified member way handling in multipolygon 
  discards  a260423   Member var cleanup in Builder
  discards  b8ad6c8   The Great Renaming
  discards  0dec8f6   Put MultiPolygonRelationInfo class in its own file, 
initialize AreaBuilder with it
  discards  227f642   Removed superfluous num_ways member variable
  discards  2ad5693   indentation
  discards  d9b77d0   Removed convoluted callback stuff
  discards  d458342   Removed callback from AreaBuilder
  discards  f8eb8ed   Add osmium_mpdump example program
  discards  462a90f   AreaFromRelation becomes AreaBuilder
  discards  4183a78   Started major refactoring of multipolygon code.
  discards  602801d   Do initialization in right order.
  discards  4e59dd4   Removed empty init() method
  discards  676d5ed   Add debug macros, cleanup up debugging messages in 
  discards  ee22e94   Remove tests program on make clean
  discards  e7316dc   Add constructor to RelationMember
  discards  d794dfc   Fixed includes in examples
  discards  ad2bcdb   Fixed integer type to be unsigned
  discards  2d89cab   Simplified use of Assembler class.
  discards  8b6fd3e   indentation and other cleanups
  discards  a7fbd90   Move MemberInfo class out of Assembler template class
  discards  d368b19   Documentation and a bit of code cleanup
  discards  07dbd4c   Merge branch 'master' into relation_assembler
  discards  4ea77ce   README fixes
  discards  5af881d   Merge pull request #52 from MaZderMind/docs-fix
  discards  baa914d   fix a wording in the docs
  discards  0aa9621   Code cleanup Assembler
  discards  d10fb01   Add doc in code
  discards  870f1aa   Change m_handler to m_next_handler
  discards  da491fd   Change Relations::Assembler to keep relation members in 
  discards  02961a4   Improved (MultiPolygon)Assembler
  discards  c413911   Merge branch 'master' into relation_assembler
  discards  1e8d1de   Use shrink-to-fit idiom to really clear memory.
  discards  d0b3925   Use function object instead of function to compare pairs.
  discards  0dceb37   Put OGR transaction calls into osmium_toogr.
  discards  6b373d3   Truncate strings for shapefiles.
  discards  805940c   Extended osmium_toogr example to work with any kind of 
OGR output format
  discards  d9b97cb   Merge branch 'master' into relation_assembler
  discards  319c707   Fix bug in OGR handling. MultiPolygon geometries were 
created with z coordinate.
  discards  f973fd1   Changed osmium_convert and osmium_toogr2 examples to use 
new Sequence handler.
  discards  355ad27   Add Sequence handler to tie two handlers together.
  discards  09d1d49   operator<< in Bounds doesn't need to be a friend
  discards  8fc7bd9   fix indentation
  discards  66a4d35   Change Forward handler to use ref instead of ptr to next 
  discards  03e3710   Moved debug_level stuff out of Handler::Base into a new 
parent class
  discards  6f63b7c   Finished new MultiPolygonAssembler.
  discards  5f6d9fa   Remove superfluous semikolon
  discards  cf3e551   Rounding out osmium_relation_members example
  discards  af31f44   Cleanup whitespace
  discards  6de1d1e   Cleanup of relation_members example
  discards  e22fc98   Make method const
  discards  3ec2ff1   Removed debug output.
  discards  f75b9ea   Change order of template arguments for 
  discards  d9a5ef6   First stab at relations assembler.
  discards  56199a0   Removed superfluous semikolon
  discards  e778b82   Some documentation improvements
  discards  a8fdfa6   Add some docs
  discards  fd19e10   Changed getter and setter methods in OSMFile to use foo() 
instead of get_foo() and set_foo().
  discards  1f71576   Add support for some automagic configuration.
  discards  cfe4cb8   Changed the way OSM input/output is done.
  discards  c4966b7   Add example js file for csv output
  discards  653e8cc   Simplified osmium.hpp drastically
  discards  d351a84   osmjs now compiles without including osmium.hpp
  discards  bfac9c8   Remove Osmium::init function.
  discards  efd810f   Added some include directives
  discards  c670200   Removed checks for deprecated Osmium::debug
  discards  caf3a4b   Removed checking of Osmium::debug in shplib.hpp
  discards  6658ab4   Removed catching of GEOS exception from 
LineString/Polygon, this should be done outside the library if needed.
  discards  f7baa5d   GEOS cleanup.
  discards  6ff9cde   Indentation fixes
  discards  6b65cad   Make free functions inline in shplib.hpp so we don't get 
problems when the file is included from different .cpp files
  discards  34df426   Use WayNodeList ref instead of ptr in Geometry::FromWay 
class. Use BOOST_FOREACH to iterate over that.
  discards  53b8532   Moved OGR stuff into its own file. Removed 
  discards  03a382d   Moved shapelib stuff into its own include file.
  discards  2099396   Use debug_level() instead of global debug flag in 
javascript handler
  discards  d7a5d6e   include ordering/dependencies
  discards  b582811   Move debug_level from Output class into Handler::Base 
class. Use the debug_level in Multipolygon handler instead of master debug flag.
  discards  6350d46   rename sparsetable.hpp to sparse_table.hpp
  discards  6f97ab5   Add support for flags to check-includes Makefile target
  discards  51591d7   Moved StopReading class from Input to Handler namespace 
to reduce dependencies
  discards  c9f9742   Give Osmium::Output::Base class its own debug setting to 
make it independent of global Osmium::debug flag
  discards  0a0afb2   Remove debug message from PBF input
  discards  dbc0240   Removed debug output from coordinates_for_ways handler
  discards  c76d983   Split up javascript wrapper namespace into several files
  discards  01480e4   Moved unicode.hpp under javascript, fixed includes
  discards  168c944   Add some includes to javascript header files. (At some 
point they should stand on their own when included.)
  discards  77a1058   Changed way javascript support is built.
  discards  8ecb88e   Rename Handler::Javascript to Javascript::Handler
  discards  2b80855   rename javascript wrapper function templates
  discards  3a1000a   Simplified undefined() function template
  discards  a627f29   Remove now superfluous template functions
  discards  4a8ed8b   Rename WrapperTemplate to Wrapper
  discards  9176422   Moved Export::Shapefile javascript stuff into wrapper file
  discards  525f4d0   Moved Export::CSV javascript stuff into wrapper file
  discards  369ffc0   Moved RelationMember javascript stuff into wrapper file
  discards  cc8ee0f   Moved RelationMemberList javascript stuff into wrapper 
  discards  dd462da   Moved WayNodeList javascript stuff into wrapper file
  discards  b869438   Moved TagList javascript stuff into wrapper file
  discards  3f675c4   Moved geometry javascript stuff into wrapper file
  discards  7430f32   Simplified wrapper function names
  discards  d9f7f7d   Moved more js stuff into wrapper class
  discards  cd07f65   Moved more js stuff into wrapper class
  discards  ec55bb4   Move javascript wrapper templates into their own file, 
move javascript object instantiation out of C++ objects
  discards  565bfb5   Updated pre-requisites in README
  discards  a9b29fe   Make operators inline
  discards  a040233   Revert "Move comparison operators into classes"
  discards  08a5826   Move comparison operators into classes
  discards  15d631e   Add Osmium::OSM::Segment/UndirectedSegment classes
  discards  8df37df   Update copyright year
  discards  a304d9d   Make Position totally ordered
  discards  1e746d3   Add push_back() as synonym for add() to WayNodeList
  discards  aa1cd85   Add functions to calculate distance on Earth using the 
haversine formula
  discards  6d7a52e   Fixed compile problem with geos 3.3.3
  discards  fdd01ca   Add include directives where needed
  discards  3fc270d   Add some asserts() to check multipolygon code
  discards  dc7dfdf   Merge pull request #46 from MaZderMind/geos-dynamic-cast
  discards  5b4348b   Merge pull request #45 from MaZderMind/no-warn-long-long
  discards  d9d64fe   Merge pull request #43 from 
  discards  6da002b   Refactoring of Storage::ById code.
  discards  013a9e1   use dynamic cast to overcome an issue in geos 3.3 see 
  discards  01d14bc   don't error on type 'long long' pedanting usually errors 
when the type long long is used (like in the ogr headers). This patch removes 
this error, because it actually is a warning and the comiling works just fine 
with this extra flag.
  discards  68af971   Fixed bug: PBF header data not always written out.
  discards  e84e8f2   Fixed bug that sometimes scrambled the string table when 
writing out PBF files
  discards  9d37f92   exception if field width is larger than 
  discards  1b8cd44   Add some accessors
  discards  e8b58ff   Do not write out version, changeset, and timestamp of 
objects that are empty in XML writer
  discards  4e96638   initialize alll attributes in constructor
  discards  fec9f69   Fix description of osmium_store_and_debug example program.
  discards  ccf8540   Fix setting of spatial reference in example programs.
  discards  9ad2fca   Add reverse option to constructor of Polygon class
  discards  d6ff7c2   Add some convenience methods
  discards  e58674e   make filename arg const
  discards  dca984b   add support for creating polygons with reversed node order
  discards  1a27cff   Moved geometry factory into it's own header file
  discards  802b649   fix ogr polygon creation to not reverse ring
  discards  578f8f5   add get_node_pos method to cfw handler
  discards  1c5fc67   cleanup example
  discards  66c1063   Use static_cast instead of C style cast
  discards  fa94603   Merge pull request #39 from woodpeck/master
  discards  b64c250   add user_is_anonymous() method to OSM::Object
  discards  670fbc3   change the propagation of tags from outer way to polygon 
in multipolygon relations. with this change, multipolygons with only one outer 
ring that has only one way will always use the tags of the outer ring, even if 
the relation itself has tags.
  discards  a6c1db9   Fix dbf attribute number limit
  discards  7f3500a   Explain magic number
  discards  68a87d1   Merge pull request #35 from MaZderMind/zlib_sigsev
  discards  0c50c8e   improved doc
  discards  c7a872c   Merge pull request #36 from MaZderMind/geos33
  discards  274ec37   fix compilation problems unter fedora 16 with geos 33
  discards  98975aa   fix comment
  discards  f0a2b81   inline ByteSize calls
  discards  4fd5df2   change implementation to running-count, check against 95% 
  discards  d570310   byte-size check of the prim-block to avoid issues with 
oversized blobs
  discards  0c72beb   add assertation to ensure raw blob size before passing a 
too small buffer into zlib
  discards  600359f   cleanup
  discards  d896f48   Merge pull request #33 from Turbo87/master
  discards  ed524f8   cleanup
  discards  29d243d   allow writing const char* to shape file; add a method 
that automatically truncates strings instead of throwing exceptions
  discards  bb2b613   Make wkb low-level methods free functions.
  discards  ea2418a   fix for non-javascript use
  discards  10ec36f   fix memory leak in Javascript glue code
  discards  c52c9ff   speed up output
  discards  5677afd   Add clear() method to Storage::ByID
  discards  6c1fa63   More bind_* methods.
  discards  7c34a4b   examples: Added separate README file
  discards  a147fb1   simplified example
  discards  1e39b96   Merge pull request #32 from 
  discards  cb4b5cb   fix progress output for files without ways or relations
  discards  82eaad3   argh. fix for the fix.
  discards  1755d96   Fix error in OGR example programs
  discards  a584ad1   Fix off-by-one-error in PBF writer.
  discards  d6de6ad   Add boost to dependencies in README.
  discards  99f9131   Removed superfluous get()
  discards  07ffb6d   Cleanup of Osmium::Input::PBF.
  discards  6fd65a5   Use sync_with_stdio(false) to speed up debug output.
  discards  1a4631d   README now points to scrosby's repository for PBF
  discards  31ab456   Call simpler zlib function in PBF reader.
  discards  db8e2de   Turned runtime optimization into compiletime.
  discards  977bf34   StringTable performance improvements
  discards  b9f1ce0   typos
  discards  879f9ba   New ObjectStore can store OSM objects.
  discards  396f0c9   Add operator< for shared_ptr of objects
  discards  e04ac92   Add Osmium::Handler::Forward
  discards  a6bf9cb   Test for timestamp parsing and formatting.
  discards  81b0ec8   indent
  discards  45f608d   Define operator<() on OSM objects.
  discards  358e920   cleanup
  discards  569baf4   Simplified osmium_convert by using ref instead of ptr
  discards  7ccbf1a   Make a bunch of classes noncopyable
  discards  98aaeb2   Support for writing .osc files.
  discards  da027ca   Add visible flag to PBF and XML output in the right 
  discards  b561925   rename with_history to has_multiple_object_versions
  discards  53dd60f   Support for reading .osc files
  discards  3366ec4   Add RangeFromHistory handler
  discards  41247b9   Sort targets in makefile
  discards  fee59ce   Use handler ptr instead of handler directly.
  discards  38e3d1e   Make Osmium::Output::Base child of Handler::Base
  discards  bf30e92   typo
  discards  8a27655   Moved timestamp conversion functions to extra utils class
  discards  bff12ec   Rename some methods for consistency
  discards  aedeb90   Move call to final method in handle out of destructor
  discards  05ed099   Remove reset() method on OSM objects
  discards  830c71b   Move nodedensity handler into main cpp file.
  discards  17604de   Use shared_ptr instead of simple * in handlers
  discards  61de862   Change -2 option in osmjs to not build multipolygons.
  discards  4adf2f2   Use const string& in Shapefile constructor so we can 
initialize with string literal
  discards  3909223   Use WayNodeList in Area to hold nodes
  discards  536ab0c   Add support for OGR MultiPolygons
  discards  e150199   formatting
  discards  1e3b125   Add doc as dependency for make install
  discards  360031d   Add dependencies
  discards  d678290   show size of output classes in osmium_sizeof
  discards  41f8575   Formatting
  discards  267de48   Merge pull request #27 from woodpeck/master
  discards  74b162c   do not throw an exception if read() system call returns 
less than buffer size (may happen in NFS or pipe situations)
  discards  44e6d35   get rid of "may be uninitialized" warning
  discards  6fcab4c   gitignore cleanup
  discards  6821ace   New osmium_toogr example program.
  discards  d68d2e6   Code for creating OGR geometries.
  discards  d2681a4   Cleanup and doc geometry creation.
  discards  46ba324   Use -1 for unknown uid as Osmosis does
  discards  970346a   use accessor not member
  discards  c3814b0   provide more details for geometry build errors, but don't 
show unless in debug mode.
  discards  dee4777   Open multiple shapefiles if there is too much data for 
  discards  c9b87bc   Add Osmium::Geometry::Polygon geometry for polygons 
without inner rings created from ways.
  discards  b111b04   honour "reverse" flag when creating linestring WKB
  discards  d5494df   constantize m_position in Point
  discards  1865486   cleanup
  discards  d6a60e3   Merge pull request #25 from MaZderMind/progress_joto
  discards  86060b4   implement progress meter to convert tool
  discards  b78c07c   fix progress impl agains jotos master
  discards  2aa881d   Fixed nodedensity example program.
  discards  52cd5b3   Conversion from Position to uint32_t
  discards  f493765   comment fix
  discards  7f408af   Improved documentation
  discards  6353841   Cleanup
  discards  ca33ea1   Move unicode stuff into Osmium namespace
  discards  5e03d56   Documentation
  discards  f107424   Use iterators instead of counter.
  discards  eb6ceef   Use iterator instead of counter to iterate over tags.
  discards  899e170   Remove get_tag_by_key() method on Object
  discards  16cad1a   Use tags().add() instead of add_tag()
  discards  0913824   Change OSM::Object to new attribute and accessor naming 
  discards  92b7b15   misc cleanup
  discards  16ff4cb   Add lots of missing #include directives.
  discards  8370f69   Improved unit test setup.
  discards  82847df   Use output_test_stream facility of the Unit Test 
Framework in some tests.
  discards  cd3c15e   Move output/* to export/*, moved output/osm/* to output/*
  discards  3ffce40   Add missing {}
  discards  1a33cb8   Handle metainformation on OSM files.
  discards  ce2b7e4   Add defined() method and operator <<.
  discards  882df16   Add Bounds class.
  discards  106d491   Use iterators in debug handler, calculate end iterator 
only once in xml output
  discards  b33fe5e   Add type_name() method to RelationMember
  discards  817ce22   Change accessors in RelationMember, make attributes 
  discards  41f2b71   Add iterator to RelationMemberList and use it in xml 
output, rename way->way_node_list() to way->nodes().
  discards  9310735   Add iterators to TagList, use them in xml output. Make 
some arguments const in pbf output methods.
  discards  1f94a88   Rename methods on OSM output classes to same names as in 
  discards  a1f7066   Rename callback_* classes in handlers.
  discards  6284062   Bugfix: Reading of non-compressed PBF file.
  discards  8f373e6   indentation
  discards  fe22759   Add object id to geometries (for debugging)
  discards  1cc4193   Renamed Multipolygon to Area
  discards  f5e67e8   Detect shapefile write error
  discards  57ae90c   Allow inner rings in mp to touch outer rings.
  discards  fb4c3f5   Add function to get GEOS geometry for Point
  discards  d4dbac3   cleanup
  discards  08cff01   include cleanup
  discards  a524912   Move js_undefined to parent class
  discards  66280cc   Leaner and meaner create_shp_object for multipolygons
  discards  fd71c00   More geometry/shp cleanups
  discards  783063b   Removed superfluous methods, cleanup
  discards  8951d02   indentation
  discards  aee3cb1   Add missing initializer
  discards  691292f   Some more Javascript and README fixes
  discards  6950d24   Shapefile output of multipolygons
  discards  82b8520   cleanup javascript files
  discards  e8ffa25   Filename bugfixes
  discards  8c00f7d   Simplified holding of global state.
  discards  8caa5b6   Moved creation of GEOS GeometryFactory into static 
  discards  aa1f46f   Remove unneeded static
  discards  79f60bb   Removed superfluous files.
  discards  d584c88   Remove Coordinates class.
  discards  1f3e54c   much improved geometry output
  discards  abf7417   fix multipolygon from way as_array add scopes to 
javascript glue code
  discards  b24d1bc   fix multipolygon js glue code
  discards  0b5f57a   Add javascript scopes, cleanup
  discards  5d15c53   remove leftover function from recent cleanup
  discards  e2bcbbb   Use String::NewSymbol() instead of New() where appropriate
  discards  f0b49fb   Removed now superfluous lon_str/lat_str methods
  discards  cd8163d   Some cleanups.
  discards  cb8a3b1   Simplified Tag and TagList classes and made them a tiny 
bit faster in the process.
  discards  3607139   Remove memory leak in C++/Javascript glue code.
  discards  87eadff   Cleanup Javascript Template code.
  discards  91bc3f8   Added Geometry::MultiPolygon, remove old JS template code.
  discards  f3f494a   Proper support for WKB with and without SRID on Points 
and LineStrings
  discards  7f6f215   various geometry fixes
  discards  af6b951   Introducing new Geometry classes.
  discards  73414f2   This part only works if GEOS is available
  discards  fbf6ec3   Add some mixed stuff to OSM objects, other small changes
  discards  4865ac3   Add info about tests to README/NOTES_FOR_DEVELOPERS.
  discards  3d3f36e   Use prepared geometries to make multipolygon assembly 
much faster.
  discards  10460ee   fix base class for output javascript template
  discards  184728b   Refactoring output classes to use new Javscript glue
  discards  7de0465   Refactoring Javascript access to Multipolygon
  discards  9ff60d3   create javascript wrapper for WayNodeList on demand
  discards  5728ee1   Refactoring of way node list.
  discards  2f071fc   Refactoring of tags.
  discards  83acffb   Refactoring of relation membership.
  discards  eb1d573   Refactoring Javascript glue code.
  discards  11ee646   Memory debug output also for single pass in osmjs.
  discards  0844320   Docu
  discards  707d937   Add code to estimate memory needs for storage.
  discards  986f72c   cleanup
  discards  d668e5d   Improved node location store.
  discards  a9348f3   typo
  discards  14e03f5   bugfix: function is called as_wkt, not linestring_wkt
  discards  ea1fcef   Refactoring input classes.
  discards  edb9ae4   Rename class DeltaVar to Delta, move to its own util file
  discards  63b5fd1   Cleaner C++ so it compiles with clang.
  discards  395c0ac   Make osmjs compilable without -std=c++0x
  discards  b04df7e   removed unneccessary ;
  discards  65631c6   Change last things so that examples compile without 
  discards  7b740ee   Refactoring: new DeltaVar class to encapsulate 
calculation of delta encoded data.
  discards  fc4d541   add missing include
  discards  322e0b7   use std::pair instead of handcrafted array struct
  discards  0bcde9d   template paramters >> to > >
  discards  4f53087   to get it compile on the mac: use NULL instead of 0, add 
proper constructor to array_t
  discards  57adfc8   add errno.h include
  discards  0ddffec   bugfix: catch StopReading error in right place
  discards  75a7039   Add extra arguments on osmjs command line to Javascript 
argv array
  discards  e42bd21   Refactoring of shapefile code.
  discards  bfbdac9   further cleanups
  discards  7b0c816   use string instead of char* for filename in shapefile 
constructor disallow copying shapefiles by defining copy constructur and 
assigement operator as private
  discards  69a34c4   Add some includes and ifdefs
  discards  2fe911a   Shapefile output cleanup and can now do reverse 
  discards  c3f5903   Improve osmium_convert.
  discards  92cb016   Convert exceptions to proper classes. Allow empty 
filename in OSMFile class to mean stdin/stdout.
  discards  d38b134   Make destructor on OSM::Object virtual Enable some more 
  discards  d6c60ec   doxygen tags
  discards  0ad99df   Derive some exceptions from std::runtime_error
  discards  de235a7   bugfix: truncate output files
  discards  6ea60e3   Merge pull request #22 from 
  discards  ca6c1cf   store lat/lon as bit just as the pbf does, round results 
of floating-point calculations instead of casting them hard to ints
  discards  0c423d8   switch to 7-point precision when printing
  discards  7e21867   remove comment
  discards  d8b3f7c   Consistently use lon then lat order
  discards  0c781a1   Use location_granularity() instead of granularity()
  discards  888f235   Add exceptions to report wrong file type.
  discards  69135ac   Removed mentioning of "classic" format, there is nothing 
classic about it. Some comments improved.
  discards  6a851e0   renamed pack_buffer to m_compression_buffer
  discards  084f764   Refactoring granularity handling.
  discards  58f42d1   Fix comments, move attribute names to new format, reverse 
logic of omit_metadata to should_add_metadata
  discards  f8bef0c   indent, variable name changes according to new policy 
added sizeof output to osmium_sizeof for OSMPBF classes
  discards  064ea87   indent
  discards  0b537ec   add notes for developers
  discards  d6f09a9   fix identation
  discards  3ddeee1   Improved/Fixed doc
  discards  60d1bf8   Cleanup file input.
  discards  d856ded   Don't fail when copying open OSMFiles. Use special 
exceptions when operations on OSMFile fail.
  discards  9547ca7   Great reorganisation of file handling.
  discards  c13fb0f   Use const string for filename.
  discards  eeaf3bb   Put StringTable for PBF writer into its own class.
  discards  cd1147a   Use new libosmpbf version, add support for reading 
visible flag in pbf files.
  discards  26b1041   Merge pull request #18 from MaZderMind/pbf_writer
  discards  bc86679   headline
  discards  58d97d6   extract classic and dense writing from public write() 
functions to make them shorter
  discards  55c5661   change types to int_t types, use 64bit ints for ids, 
changeset-id, timestamp and user-id (just as pbf)
  discards  8d15785   extract compression to extra function
  discards  fe1017a   add { and } to for's and if's
  discards  9327bdc   cosmetical changes to new pbf writer
  discards  9bbbfc2   Merge pull request #15 from MaZderMind/pbf_writer
  discards  0e2ed08   typo: Licanse -> License
  discards  076b72a   Add support for PBF date_granularity
  discards  e0b3288   fix: allow metadata to be optional.
  discards  c8a6c46   Increase hardcoded max node id for node location store.
  discards  ef3904f   fix date_granularity calculation
  discards  c47ebd7   experimental implementation of omit_metadata, granularity 
and date_granularity
  discards  6212311   fix sentence casing
  discards  db94916   finish the documentation
  discards  4483d9a   unify for-loop notation
  discards  de9fe37   mark some small but heavy used functions as inline
  discards  8df54bc   rename functions, optimize code, add more documentation
  discards  26d2a8c   documentation spelling fixes
  discards  6f646df   documentation of blob writing, function groups, optimized 
blob writing memory usage
  discards  e2a6232   - terminating spaces
  discards  a0fda27   documentation of parameters
  discards  2f0bc63   Merge branch 'pbf_writer' of 
into pbf_writer
  discards  ad44a9f   header bbox is only nanodegree encoded
  discards  bd46dfa   fix double brace in debug msg
  discards  6dd0968   put multiple types of entities into one block
  discards  4fa4ec7   debug-print member count
  discards  e579224   impl efficient writing for densenodes
  discards  7c21d20   impement efficient writing for ways & relations
  discards  8a34084   started refactoring to avoid storing osmium entites
  discards  15af06f   Merge branch 'pbf_writer' of 
into pbf_writer
  discards  a162e8b   64bit printf
  discards  bb40b60   Revert "add mass writer to test memory usage of pbf 
output" - not part of the branch
  discards  5f8f47d   add mass writer to test memory usage of pbf output
  discards  6609421   remove headerWritten field
  discards  9fe2ea0   start with documentation
  discards  d6c6da8   dense nodes impl
  discards  e3d01ca   untested header bbox writing
  discards  10220ae   move empty stringtable item
  discards  2164bab   reduce duplicate code
  discards  22ba1fe   relation writer
  discards  9943231   change direct acces to getter as required by 
  discards  e45d75c   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
  discards  969ed01   optimize string index access using another map
  discards  ea37fe4   fix 32/64 bit issue?
  discards  f992348   revert block size to 8000
  discards  b667bba   fix header/block-writer call order
  discards  ea9a755   fix cmd line arg length check
  discards  491d980   Merge pull request #13 from MaZderMind/osmium_convert
  discards  c5bc9dc   Refactoring of timestamp as string output.
  discards  7830f63   fixed nodes and member list output in objects.js
  discards  75f0cf6   respect max_block_contents
  discards  b4604a6   prepare for relation handling
  discards  6abfc1a   conditional comments, based on global framework debug flag
  discards  84e6fab   use debug-flag from commandline, fix argv access when 
command line args are supplied
  discards  40975ba   Make most attributes in OSM::Object private.
  discards  ad54e7a   change latlon2int method to avoid rounding bugs
  discards  c59e250   impl node store
  discards  28050ba   Check if node coordinates are available before printing 
  discards  c4d999c   remove cleanup according to 
  discards  02c41a1   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 
  discards  b085f8b   make compression optional
  discards  4f1d4f1   remove debug output
  discards  b035d49   impl zlib compression
  discards  143e6d8   store "max" nodes in block, not "max+1"
  discards  f65b3c2   clear strings between blocks
  discards  9de56d6   add experimental compression
  discards  9c4865f   Check when building a multipolygon geometry out of a way 
that it has at least 4 nodes. Add length attribute to relations.member in 
javascript Fix objects_2pass.js display of nodes refs
  discards  98efb93   simplify blob writing, prepare for adding compression
  discards  edfb8a7   encode lat, lon and timestamp
  discards  30a34c2   sort strings
  discards  7afc8a4   32bit issue
  discards  b886c47   use a string-map to allow sorting of strings by 
usage-count before writing them to the pbf. This requires us to store objects 
in our own vectors, until the time is right for them beeing written to the pbf. 
this is currently determined using a hardcoded number of 8000 entitiey per 
  discards  d350f5b   avoid duplicates
  discards  493d8ad   request dense format and history feature if used
  discards  ae2e54f   don't write empty data-blocks
  discards  750aebe   impl node writer
  discards  00f65ce   try to get the node-writer working
  discards  b25cbe2   add ability to store bbox in header
  discards  9615b18   write OSMHeader fileblock
  discards  83403d1   write headerblocks
  discards  b535d68   test commit
  discards  c40f95a   Moved google protobuf cleanup code into framework
  discards  ba78661   Remove callback_object()
  discards  a3149a1   Remove use of callback_object() from debug and stats 
  discards  13d86cf   fix typo and formatting
  discards  659be8b   Wrap debug message in node_location_store in check for 
debug flag
  discards  2f347fe   make package names better copy'n'pastable
  discards  0978dc0   Added OSM output.
  discards  e40336c   Check if geometry is available in js_get_geom_property()
  discards  bd7e872   Make number of nodes in way dynamic.
  discards  eb5b8f2   Add length method to way.nodes js object
  discards  8a7bb45   iterator cleanup
  discards  682fedb   typo
  discards  b43411f   Make sure we have a valid multipolygon before dumping to 
  discards  a86787e   Better doc of -l option
  discards  7a36023   Improved debian packages
  discards  bf094cc   move remaining header files into osmium dir
  discards  52a8b4e   Documentation fixes
  discards  ef57158   Consistently call before and after callbacks.
  discards  c347c70   Cleanup input class.
  discards  7ec3de4   Improved geometry output in Javascript.
  discards  79f840e   Added progress handler that shows object counts
  discards  264a6f3   Added note for 32bit systems.
  discards  4d99e81   renamed old -W to new -Wextra
  discards  472816d   mark some functions we know will be called just a few 
times as noinline
  discards  20e501c   Cleaner code for initializing OSM objects
  discards  01c00b4   fixed test
  discards  c0c9fb3   Removed unneeded stuff
  discards  dc27d98   Consolidated code from src and nodedensity dirs into 
examples dir
  discards  1486a93   Moved Sqlite namespace into Osmium namespace
  discards  70faab4   Cleaner object reset() on relation
  discards  fb0bc74   Removed virtual functions set_attribute and get_id
  discards  7cba9b8   doc and master Makefile cleanup
  discards  1c40b6e   Use libprotobuf-lite instead of libprotobuf
  discards  7586c1e   Switched license. Removed build of PBF stuff.
  discards  3a83b17   Removed tagstats
  discards  1e0561a   cleanup
  discards  01d0c30   fix mp timestamp
  discards  debd079   Clear lookup table after mps are built
  discards  d3adad9   cleanup
  discards  cac0a8d   indentation
  discards  6e44c54   Cleanup Multipolygon constructor
  discards  e4dd38c   fix regression: setting node coordinates on ways was 
  discards  21d5fbf   Rename handler_tagstats
  discards  1786190   more cleanup
  discards  e6c1a5f   Make user stats configurable by macro Some cleanup
  discards  a068320   stats cleanup
  discards  0b213f3   Improved key combination statistics
  discards  fe44779   Store max_timestamp as time_t instead of string
  discards  571391d   Removed TagStats stuff from Osmium namespace.
  discards  e7c531e   Added docs, output.hpp
  discards  82d069d   All macros start with OSMIUM_
  discards  f2fba74   Add visible flag needed for history data
  discards  0389aeb   Make sure node coordinates in way are initialized to 0
  discards  bdccbb8   simple javascript handler
  discards  164c324   Add -l none to not store node locations
  discards  c74e770   Add OSMIUM_V8_FORCE_GC macro to force garbage collection.
  discards  c983d94   Added osmium_time program to time osmium
  discards  f73e5c4   Refactoring of Javascript Templates (part VI)
  discards  5b5154a   Refactoring of Javascript Templates (part V)
  discards  1dbdb8b   Refactoring of Javascript Templates (part IV)
  discards  3f76945   Refactoring of Javascript Templates (part III)
  discards  dd8de5f   Refactoring of Javascript Templates (part II)
  discards  1053668   Refactoring of Javascript Templates (part I)
  discards  35a485e   Removed premature optimization for timestamp.
  discards  8cc1bc4   Some const and other cleanups.
  discards  58c3bd3   Add StopReading exception.
  discards  6fed9ac   Fixed some errors found by cppcheck
  discards  cf4db5b   Make sure Osmium::Framework can't be instantiated more 
than once
  discards  eb79a45   Renamed bbox handler to find_bbox, added program to test 
  discards  319420f   delete handler only if we created it
  discards  ebbbc63   Removed JavascriptTemplate.cpp for the price of an ugly 
include mess. This has to be refactored one day.
  discards  67556ea   Some cleanup of includes related to Javascript
  discards  819c7a8   fix: instantiate right template for ways
  discards  920a4db   Put v8 unicode conversion functions in their own file.
  discards  417f017   Cleaned up mess with global variables and initialization
  discards  cbb8092   Removed unnecessary linkage to geos lib from nodedensity
  discards  a0edd3b   Reorganisation of include files
  discards  ad1fbab   Javascript #include's cleanup
  discards  d7748ba   Cleanup of #include's Moved google cleanup code into PBF 
parser class
  discards  117be3f   mixed cleanups in osmium.hpp
  discards  a434699   Simplified file type handling
  discards  e589753   Removed osmium.cpp
  discards  dedfdec   Cleanup: move lon/lat_str buffers into the functions 
where they belong
  discards  d2c2fe6   Cleanup: moved multipolygon profiling timer inits into 
  discards  b8015fe   Cleanup: moved lookup_hex into wkb.hpp
  discards  a6b0ba6   New Osmium::Framework class
  discards  c600fd1   Refactoring of handler callbacks.
  discards  ef93e41   Fixed memory leaks
  discards  183cd59   Remove unneeded libs from test programs
  discards  c0afc90   Refactoring: Move object creation for callbacks into 
  discards  8c44b87   Refactoring: javascript wrapper classes
  discards  be73c08   Refactoring: Parser classes are now subclasses of an 
Input class
  discards  8606c09   Refactoring: Make XMLParser into proper class, roll 
XMLParser.cpp into .hpp
  discards  36851c3   Refactoring: Content of OsmMultipolygon.cpp now in .hpp 
Fixed broken profiling of multipolgygon assembly
  discards  70f4b20   Refactoring: rolled contents of src/HandlerStatistics.cpp 
into include/HandlerStatistics.hpp Added osmium_stats program that uses the 
Statistics handler
  discards  8ce1b9e   Remove core files in clean target in Makefiles
  discards  28b1ca5   Improved debian package build; added deb build targets to 
  discards  092fae5   removed superfluous linkage to png lib
  discards  191e838   completed debug output in debug handler
  discards  ee7522a   Added LibICU prerequisite to README
  discards  a282f3e   Add bool debug to nodedensity
  discards  0e133d5   Do not parse PBF PrimitiveGroup if there are no callbacks 
for its contents anyway.
  discards  907d8b8   more cleanups and doc
  discards  2647df0   more refactoring, cleanup and some docs
  discards  81cacad   more cleanup and refactoring
  discards  6306367   refactoring: re-ordering
  discards  79068bc   refactored PBF parser to be easier to understand and 
hopefully faster (still some more refactoring to do)
  discards  e3f8768   add debug global
  discards  a7285d1   remove references to Javascript stuff from makefile for 
making osmium_debug and osmium_sizeof
  discards  088e3e8   fix in PBF reader: unknown blocks were not skipped
  discards  39adb54   fixed buffer length
  discards  ffd9262   renamed function read_block_header() to 
read_blob_header() to keep in sync with new names in .proto files
  discards  69a2406   When writing shape .prj and .cpg files: Use C++ functions 
instead of C functions and check return codes.
  discards  25406f0   Create tmp directory in test scripts if it is not there
  discards  d09d2c4   Check for older versions of GEOS and call the right 
function where a function signature has changed
  discards  1ccd5a0   cleanup: changed some \n into std::endl
  discards  ed37dbc   Added code for proper UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion when 
putting strings into Javascript (and for the return trip). See for more 
details. This also makes sure that UTF-8 strings are not clipped in the middle 
of a character when writing them to shapefiles.
  discards  1a6d1a4   Added THANKS file
  discards  a2a5ee0   renamed sizeof to osmium_sizeof
  discards  fec9095   Added Debug handler that outputs the data from the input 
stream. Added osmium_debug command line tool that uses that handler.
  discards  840d99a   switched to new version of pbf .proto files, rename 
BlockHeader to BlobHeader
  discards  7065067   remove unneccessary attribute tried of OsmWay
  discards  5179bce   cleanup and doc size_frozen
  discards  fb8cde9   added more WITH_GEOS checks so that osmium now compiles 
without libgeos if not needed
  discards  26d007a   add check to make sure shplib geometries created from 
linestrings are valid
  discards  6747a07   add small utility program to check sizes of classes for 
  discards  a0e367e   fixed nodedensity compile after making debug a global in 
last commit
  discards  5ae4466   drop debug parameter, replace by global variable.
  discards  7c07a89   moved all nodedensity stuff into nodedensity subdir
  discards  f4b2190   Recognize unsorted OSM files and throw error. Also throw 
error when building multipolygons and a situation occurs that should not happen 
but might if ways appear multiple times in input.
  discards  c47ccac   check bounds in nodedensity handler
  discards  df7c9b6   add node density handler and demo program
  discards  c1bf9d1   drop debug parameter, replace by global variable.
  discards  91b80cf   made more logging conditional on -debug; added 
auto-creation of .prj and .cpg files for shapes
  discards  ff48d9d   Added libsqlite3-dev dep
  discards  3174600   Add libgd-xpm-dev as a build dep
  discards  9771e89   debian package
  discards  8da4d03   add new "disk" location storage that uses a mmapped file.
  discards  8cb7897   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  bc98c4e   fix double free memory problem
  discards  ba7bcf2   moved multipolygon wrapper into javascript handler
  discards  afe70e7   reverted unneeded changes for multipolygon wrapper
  discards  2994adf   fix doc search path
  discards  36de127   Merge ssh://
  discards  7930eb8   re-use javascript wrapper for multipolygons
  discards  5757133   make OsmWay use less memory by dynamically allocating 
node storage on clone
  discards  f3ab5b2   doc updates
  discards  b0e4f83   improved README; added check for - filename in dual-pass 
  discards  cd45b9f   add some memory debugging output
  discards  3e80a05   improve memory housekeeping in multipolygon code; remove 
debug messages and make remaining ones conditional.
  discards  99314e4   moved js dir into osmjs; added make install target
  discards  2b9984f   add command line option to osmjs to suppress multipolygon 
repair attempts
  discards  635b07c   added osmjs README
  discards  1bd4a27   repair self-intersecting rings in multipolygons.
  discards  7d97a3c   add offset to ids in node location store to handle 
negative ids
  discards  7be5701   added check for -j option
  discards  02f5a76   push debug flag to pbf parser; changed pbf parser to 
ignore unknown block types
  discards  04e73a5   fixed ~ in javascript include path
  discards  428b201   add debug parameter to all handlers; add javascript 
include option to osmjs command line
  discards  0188bab   added (so far unused) debug switch to osmjs; cleaned up 
some debug messages
  discards  91873ef   proper javascript object wrapper destruction
  discards  b88b68d   rolled osmjs_2pass into osmjs; added command line options 
to osmjs; fixed NLS_Array
  discards  6b03cc0   cleanup javascript code
  discards  b348326   delete parser object when done
  discards  e854530   updated README; tagstats works without libshp now
  discards  9c73496   split up code into different directories, new makefiles
  discards  ef58f25   cleanup protobuf makefile
  discards  a97ce32   moved protobuf stuff into its own makefile thats called 
from main makefile
  discards  5240111   cleanup geos geometry factory
  discards  05a3a0c   code cleanup
  discards  fc99950   cleanup up mp geometry code and removed some memory leaks
  discards  7070b2f   moved handle_complete_multipolygon() into 
MultipolygonFromRelation class and simplified
  discards  0dff516   simplified way->mp lookup
  discards  7951ae3   simplified mp geometry and other code
  discards  c7c8fb1   Merge
  discards  07f7460   memleak fixes
  discards  d63a4dc   refactored overly complex lat/lon code in OsmNode
  discards  4ed8f13   added bool type for shapefiles attrs; debug output 
defined shapefiles; more error checks
  discards  52c2f84   Merge branch 'master' of /home/fred/osmium
  discards  bfee479   make it work
  discards  e99c87c   Merge branch 'master' of /home/fred/osmium
  discards  6522ca0   fix multipolgyon repair
  discards  3271b14   Merge branch 'master' of /home/fred/osmium
  discards  93a9de4   experimenting with new style config for writing shapes
  discards  0d08f18   Preliminary polygon repair code, closes holes.
  discards  494722e   removed way pointer from MultipolygonFromWay class, 
cleared up when things get destructed
  discards  d50fbe0   cleanup
  discards  f8729ae   create internal multipolygon as MultipolygonFromWay not 
  discards  c6cba2e   added experimental bbox handler
  discards  294cc9f   fixed bug: denseNodes diff didn't work
  discards  192bc19   include file missing
  discards  393f66b   include file missing
  discards  9ab30ee   fixed wrong inner ring direction; removed unused code
  discards  3c43391   timestamp in multipolygons cleanup
  discards  9da5541   fixed multipolygon profiling code; some cleanup
  discards  ed7b411   cleanup
  discards  32731d5   added include file needed for some geos versions
  discards  09a0764   cleanup callback setup
  discards  20accb6   added include function to javascript
  discards  a034eb2   javascript exception handling and cleanup
  discards  d62cba6   untested code for creating a multipolygon inside another 
  discards  6348848   added from method to multipolygon from Javascript; add 
tags to multipolygons
  discards  bc3c8c8   put tags from way on MultipolygonFromWay
  discards  9d74cd5   cleanup
  discards  e5ae887   refactoring: made some class attributes private and added 
needed accessor methods
  discards  ca4d551   refactoring of writing of shapes
  discards  4f5cae6   split up Multipolygon class into MultipolygonFromWay and 
MultipolygonFromRelation; some cleanup; multipolygon generation mostly works now
  discards  47f2cf7   simplified feature check on pbf read
  discards  ec7c3f2   cleanup makefile
  discards  d298a72   refactored uncompress code
  discards  88f3f91   fixed bug: can read uncompressed pbf streams now
  discards  b76cb68   javascript integration of new multipolygon stuff
  discards  a26f41b   cleanup
  discards  ad57bf6   First checkin code for assembling multipolygons
  discards  8ddf159   removed generated protobuf files
  discards  2b63097   gitignore
  discards  4c029d2   Added framework for 2pass version for multipolygon 
handling; fixed bug where NULL handlers were called
  discards  a214239   Makefile upd
  discards  09c6f78   ups. forgot to add this file
  discards  e860d1d   factored out osm parsing from file
  discards  023ffd4   reordered callbacks
  discards  df54352   reworked callback stuff
  discards  a0a1772   Support for OSM binary format
  discards  7adf77a   moved to GPL v3
  discards  2a0573e   cleanup
  discards  ac21415   larger node location store because we have more nodes now
  discards  03fc698   removed use of std::map in favour of google sparsehash, 
because it segfaults
  discards  5bd157d   use 64bit counter so we are sure not to overflow
  discards  7fbb5d1   bugfix: got segmentation fault in certain cases
  discards  7bbc592   Add support for writing shapefiles from Javascript
  discards  0cc9bd9   Use djb2 hash function, rename of 'meta' table to 'source'
  discards  0b71edb   Fixed transposed digits
  discards  53d63c5   more memory debugging output
  discards  f05a6c9   hash namespace regression
  discards  e99341c   Added memory debugging output. Removed calls to node 
location handler, because we don't use them currently anyway
  discards  26cba99   Improved XML parser error handling
  discards  0af1ecb   Small changes to make compilable on newer Ubuntu systems
  discards  711a125   first commit

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