Source: mapnik-vector-tile
Version: 0.5.1+dfsg-1
Severity: important


The package mapnik-vector-tile ships a ".pb.h" file in /usr/include
which is generated by the "protoc" utility in the protobuf-compiler
package.  A major new version of protobuf-compiler has been uploaded to
unstable, so consequently the mapnik-vector-tile package needs to be
rebuilt against protobuf-compiler 2.6.0 or newer, in order to regenerate
mapnik-vector-tile's ".pb.h" file.

Unfortunately, mapnik-vector-tile is an "Architecture: all" package, so
it cannot be automatically binNMU'd.  Instead, it needs a new sourceful
upload, built against the latest version of protobuf-compiler in
unstable.  As this is blocking the transition of protobuf into testing
(#760343), I would be happy to NMU the mapnik-vector-tile package.
(Again, there are no sourceful changes needed to the package for this
bug report, it just needs to be rebuilt.)


Robert Edmonds

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