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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the patch.

On 09/14/2014 06:19 AM, Daniel Llewellyn wrote:
> I posted this to Debian-Alioth's "Debian GIS" project (alioth #314585)
> but there has been no response for several months so I'm reposting to
> the main bugtracker in hopes for some more traction.

The Alioth tracker isn't actively used anymore, the Debian BTS is a much
better place to report issues.

> Since version 3.3.0 of LibGeos the PHP binding has become an
> officially supported interface. Attached is a patch which amends the
> current package for version 3.3.3 in Wheezy. The patch creates a new
> binary package, when the geos source package is compiled, specifically
> containing the PHP binding. The binary package is named libgeos-php5
> but I am unsure whether a more appropriate name would be php5-geos.

While we can't introduce the PHP binding in an update for wheezy, I've
added the PHP binaries based on patch and updated it for PHP5 used in

php5-geos is a more appropriate name, in line with other PHP extension

The package will need to pass the NEW queue after which it will make its
way into the archive.

Kind Regards,


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