Control: tags 687253 + wontfix
Hi karme,

Thanks for taking the time to report this, and sorry about the delay in
replying. I have spent a little time investigating this today.

The geographiclib-tools all default to looking for the datasets in
/usr/share. The build process defaults to this location when the package
is built, because this is the standard place according to Debian Policy:

As you probably never need to alter the downloaded dataset, this should
not really be a problem. It just requires the download script to be run
with root privileges.

I am sure we could confirm with Charles Karney (the author of
GeographicLib) the license for these datasets. But I think it might be
more of a practical issue to package them. They exist as multiple
compressed archives, and would need to be individually downloaded, and
repackaged. Then it would be harder to work out if one of them had been
updated in the future.



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