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sebastic-guest pushed a change to branch master
in repository josm.

        at  81a37c6   Update lintian override for new wiki URLs.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  3bd7cee   trunk
       new  8605b4d   josm - initial import
       new  de69dcc   
       new  024153b   remove import in wrong dir
       new  fd5439b   remove tmp file
       new  f7417bc   * added get-orig-source target to debian/rules
       new  e3fd172   * Use java-6-sun until libmetadata-extractor is build 
with java-1.5.0.
       new  a5c7150   start script to search for the right jvm.
       new  6adbc19   use DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION instead of JOSM_VERSION.
       new  ea85b21   - added build-depend on ant - added homepage filed to 
       new  a7ca099   - Provide a simple manpage for josm.
       new  37061dd   - set javac source/target property.
       new  495e905   - Switch to josm branch for osm api 0.5 - Removed josm 
version number which was nonsense.
       new  79d0391   - Add patch to compile with gcj. This breaks some minor 
       new  b284f1b   enable gcj patch
       new  738bcf8   - Build with gcj - josm-0.5 changes have been merged to 
trunk in up svn
       new  1f5ee64   add trunk to download url
       new  a5be200   remove sun from depdendencies, change section. minor 
changes to debian/rules
       new  26ade0b   Use /usr/bin/java by default.
       new  850b827   30_gcj.dpatch is no longer needed. Add 30_graphics, 
setXORMode workaround Adjust versionpattern in 20_bts.dpatch to reflect debian 
       new  4848d72   Add readme to explain what jvm's are usuable.
       new  7e94064   Use icons from openstreetmap-map-icons package.
       new  b5202ad   Use icons from openstreetmap-map-icons package.
       new  30bac18   Remove cruft.
       new  d52bd2d   Get get-orig-source target working.
       new  b5acef9   Add myself as uploader.
       new  1826359   Get the clean rule working.
       new  c8850f6   releasing version
       new  efca6d4   Prepare for the next release.
       new  0b599d3   * Allow upload with classpath * Disable some compiler 
       new  3f68d3e   Revert from r1071 and adjust wrapper script to select a 
working java (including non-free ones).
       new  664fee3   Update Readme.Debian
       new  ababe8f   be more verbose in the patch description
       new  f3dc87d     [ Andreas Putzo ]   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]   * Change 
wrapper script selection algorithm to try the users preference as     defined 
by $JAVA_HOME first.  Next, the other JVMs known to work with josm,     with 
the one working best first, and the less functional ones after that.
       new  877378f   releasing version
       new  4e27d3f    * Adding myself into uploaders  * Icons are now searched 
both in classic.small and square.small
       new  efbf344   Version -3 is not released yet.
       new  0e89028   Move to new upstream release.
       new  8c206c9     * New upstream version fetched using debian/rules 
get-orig-source.     + Many little bugfixes.     + Clarifications on upstream 
copyright status (see recent       discussion on josm-dev).   * Switched to 
machine interpretable debian/copyright.
       new  87d0221   Fix dependencies. Add working jvm's to recommends.
       new  26deca6   Reference to common-licenses in debian/copyright.
       new  3925510   Reverted to r1444. Information about the upstream tarball 
is already present in debian/copyright.
       new  b7d010f   Add josm-plugins to recommends
       new  cafa44b   Typo.
       new  ef480c3   Tested with todays snapshot of josm.
       new  5fcdd62   Change debian packaging to GPL v2 and later, to be 
compatible with the rest of the package, after clearing it with Andreas Putzo 
and Giovanni Mascellani.
       new  5daa3ae   releasing version
       new  a2d751c   New upstream checkout. Patches modified in order to get 
on well with upstream changes.
       new  93d47e4   New patch to try to make josm work despite use of 
non-standard Sun interface Not enabled, because right now it doesn't work as 
       new  63c8dfe   pathces/50_sun: fix 0.6 API specific code (not yet used) 
which doesn't compile with gcj
       new  5728b07   Bumped Standards-Version to 3.8.0 (no changes needed)
       new  a0c47b8   Small typo
       new  39b8b26   Added Vcs-* fields in debian/control
       new  639933a   Removed some uneeded hunks in 50_sun.dpatch
       new  65edf6e   get-orig-source: added --ignore-externals to svn export
       new  889b8fe   Changelog updated
       new  976e2ea   Releasing (if someone will sponsor me)
       new  22a004c   switch to openjdk, drop support for classpath based 
jvm's, which is currently only jamvm that works with josm.
       new  c20afc5   Update readme and wrapper script for openjdk
       new  23cbdd1   update patches.
       new  12993ba   update changelog
       new  b10407c   Add to copyright file.
       new  d47146a   fixate patches.
       new  abff02d   prepare for release
       new  30d5230   adding dm-upload-allowed
       new  29891bd   wrap debian/copyright at 80 characters.
       new  0817622   Added optional dependencies agains sun-java5-jre and 
       new  9ee3a9a   Added desktop file
       new  c9b446a   JAVA_CMDS updated in order to reflect dependencies changes
       new  36a4fac   Shell wrapper now recognizes JAVA_OPTS environment 
       new  e0206d2   Fetch i18n data from
       new  50cae38   Added gettext dependency
       new  5d85bf6   Modified to comply with new upstream release
       new  7ec2bc1   Upstream code was modified quite a log, but I couldn't 
find a way to quickly fix this patch, so now it's a stub and will require love 
in the next days.
       new  b983f17   New upstream release
       new  d5c0fc8   get-orig-source: ability to fetch a particular release
       new  5ce4d3f   Adapt to upstream revision 1137 and add classpath to the 
       new  cb9df74   Adapt to upstream rev 1137
       new  bb6799e   Added ${misc:Depends} to dependencies
       new  947d225   Last changelog checkin was an error!
       new  ade1566    * Revision is got from upstream SVN  * Some refactoring, 
moving all magic strings to constants
       new  af72521    * Debian release written in the jar's manifest file  * 
Some little refactoring: some compiling stuff was in dist target
       new  53923ab   Version, Debian release and last commit date are shown in 
the "About" dialog
       new  cf5f590   it's, not .com :)
       new  24c2701   Updated to current release status
       new  51b01c0   be more specific in d/copyright
       new  6e84d8e   Updated my copyright years
       new  d2c0824   Rubbish removed
       new  97c4bcc   Update to last tested revision
       new  763c204   Patches updated to last revision
       new  da61b63   Patch was badly updated
       new  f6f1e95   First chunk of patch modification fixed
       new  cb62884   Patch fixing should be over! :-)
       new  444ca95   Hope this is the last...
       new  ddf58be   Removing stale backup files from patches
       new  41c597c   Copyright updated
       new  f7a8eb9   Add a README.source file
       new  1c3f57f   Update manpage, release
       new  5077d65   Updated to last tested revision
       new  0d36921   Patches updated for last tested revision
       new  bf878c7   Little typo
       new  88767ca   Copyright stanzas for new code
       new  483d9ee   remove binary content right before creating the tar.gz. 
the i18n stuff has another lib dir.
       new  77d4e24   add copyright of po files
       new  540068a   argh, encodings. convert this file to utf-8
       new  2a9456c   Little encoding fix
       new  550b067   Bump to new upstream release (API 0.6 bug)
       new  3549c17   Thanks to Damien
       new  ff5a056   bump policy
       new  3bc0dba   Wrong java 1.5.0 path
       new  9e47e67   Use java alternative if known to work
       new  54d0fec   Preparing new upstream release
       new  ed911ed   Patches update for new release (bugs still to fix are 
       new  d4bc4e1   Patches moved to latest upstream revision (problem fixed)
       new  28c09cb   Changelog updated
       new  acb1c6f   New copyright info
       new  ab7d8f1   debian/copyright updated, after having cleared out 
upstream that JOSM as a whole can be considered under GPL-3+
       new  67395e5   Policy bumped to 3.8.2
       new  a3f0c4a   New upstream version
       new  b0add8a   Bump to 3.8.3
       new  ff0663f   Updated to SVN 1981
       new  b2f0dfe   debian/patches/10_build.dpatch updated, mostly integrated 
       new  2b2972e   Patch updated for latest revision
       new  856b522   Copyright updated
       new  9f43af8   Changelog updated
       new  50d1c4d   Minor changes
       new  297ec85   Packaging new release
       new  1a4abde   Fixing changelog
       new  8460a5f   Small fixed in control
       new  7594311   Updated my name ;-)
       new  415e4ed   copyright updated
       new  6489375   Releasing
       new  41bb8ef   Some minor fixes
       new  bc19084   Initial upstream branch
       new  338e55e   Merge branch 'upstream'
       new  f6b9221   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn2255
       new  dd9583b   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn2255'
       new  9e7b9ce   debian/control: added myself to Uploaders
       new  6bbb4c6   debian/control: Vcs-* fields updated, package moved to Git
       new  8e8962f   moved to Section utils, according to archive override
       new  0c5ac49   get-orig-source modified accordingly to present upstream 
SVN layout
       new  01212f7   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn2561
       new  004d021   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn2561'
       new  8dd23a9   Changelog updated
       new  319f4d4   Patches updated
       new  ba90f82   Debian version detection code fixed
       new  bf52dcb   d/copyright: updated
       new  07f235f   d/changelog: closes bug
       new  fb5c4d8   prefer ipv4
       new  395cf28   Standards-Version bumped to 3.8.4, no changes needed
       new  3c46a7c   Fix unusual spacing in debian/control
       new  70eb7b1   Releasing to sid
       new  3fe5fb1   debian/watch fixed: implemented a redirector for uscan on 
       new  9477aad   add pkg-osm to uploaders
       new  0e91533   debian/patches/50_preferences_world_readable.dpatch 
added, chmod the file to 600 since it contains plaintext password for OSM 
(Closes: #572032)
       new  1edbae3   Fix typo in older changelog entry
       new  3d33504   Fix patch, mistyped the method name (silly me).
       new  90dc4d8   50_preferences_world_readable.dpatch: also fix the 
permissions on JOSM startup
       new  bdf4b4a   Uploading to sid
       new  380a8c4   Patch forwarded upstream
       new  121c57b   debian/patches/*: converted from dpatch to quilt
       new  2a7f927   debian/rules, debian/control: use quilt for patch 
       new  3c674ac   10-build.patch refreshed to cleanly apply
       new  a7d3982   Fix CDBS quilt snippet
       new  ab09555   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3094
       new  863243b   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3094'
       new  28e1e99   New upstream release
       new  ebacd6e   debian/patches/* updated to apply to the new code
       new  c591763   10-build.patch: don't build translations for plugins and 
fix references to gettext-ant-tasks
       new  5f23e30   60-disable_oauth.patch added, it's still missing lots of 
       new  90f944e   Added bug number
       new  ce8ba30   Update patch
       new  b5843ab   70-default_look_and_feel.patch added, ported from 
Ubuntu's 01-default-look-and-feel.dpatch. Let's avoid discrepancies when 
possible and reasonable.
       new  4e27454   debian/control: added libgettext-ant-tasks-java and 
libterm-readkey-perl to Build-Depends
       new  254af30   debian/control: fields wrapped to one-value-per-line
       new  4dd9360   Releasing to sid
       new  a562c26   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3196
       new  0ff89a2   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3196'
       new  a8b1cd9   New upstream release
       new  8d0ac01   debian/patches/: 10-build.patch, 20-bts.patch, 
60-disable_oauth.patch refreshed
       new  46bc1d1   debian/source/format: using 3.0 (quilt)
       new  2cff6ce   debian/control, debian/rules: removed dependency on quilt
       new  f0b9877   Releasing to sid
       new  b4d91de   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3201
       new  bba8964   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3201'
       new  62f7903   New upstream release
       new  7ea5e0c   debian/patches/80-fix_images.patch added, use images from 
openstreetmap-map-icons-* packages (Closes: #579124)
       new  161b423   Fix changelog entry
       new  71def96   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3208
       new  55b80d6   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3208'
       new  ed52191   New tested revision
       new  c817b1b   Releasing to sid
       new  bd3962a   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3329
       new  5b6bd93   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3329'
       new  22c73a0   New upstream release
       new  520ef90   debian/patches/* refreshed
       new  a2e5d14   Email address updated
       new  1261d87   debian/rules converted to dh7
       new  e0e59d1   debian/control: bumped debhelper build-dependency to >= 
7.0.50~, removed build-dependency on cdbs
       new  2db3b00   debian/compat bumped to 7
       new  d426165   debian/README.source removed
       new  2c04afc   debian/copyright: added myself to debian/*
       new  45abf2d   Merge remote branch 'origin/master'
       new  9b32249   Add DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION to debian/rules
       new  0da4769   Releasing to sid
       new  66d7dc6   debian/README.Debian deleted, josm is a wrapper that uses 
the alternatives system
       new  98a5b73   debian/control: added Build-Depends on 
       new  8cacfde   debian/rules: add signpost-core.jar to the CLASSPATH
       new  8969164   debian/patches/series: 60-disable_oauth.patch disabled
       new  5307acb   debian/patches/10-build.patch: add signpost-core.jar to 
MANIFEST's Class-Path
       new  14aac9f   debian/patches/60-port_oauth_1.2.patch added: port josm 
to signpost 1.2
       new  26508b7   debian/control: Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.0, no 
changes needed
       new  bf7c43f   debian/control: added runtime dependency on 
       new  54d6ad0   Releasing to sid
       new  0d34037   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3376
       new  6bd9e3f   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3376'
       new  0f13f70   New upstream snapshot
       new  1cab799   debian/patches/80-fix_images.patch refreshed
       new  d6a21b8   Releasing to sid
       new  5a150c2   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3514
       new  1b8eed1   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3514'
       new  34916f0   New upstream snapshot
       new  d223d87   debian/patches/* refreshed to cleanly apply to the new 
       new  56355c3   debian/patches/60-port_oauth_1.2.patch removed, merged 
       new  643c034   debian/patches/60-disable_oauth.patch removed, not being 
applied since a couple of releases
       new  b822837   debian/control: Build-Depends on default-jdk bumped to >= 
       new  a0c1655   debian/control: Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.1, no 
changes needed
       new  70da5ed   debian/control: drop alternative dependency on 
sun-java5-jre: Java 5 is no more supported by upstream
       new  f53e534   Fix patch
       new  eb7fce8   Releasing to sid
       new  e3b751a   debian/patches/90-fix_version.patch added, fix 
inconsistency between code and upstream website. Thanks to Mario Izquierdo 
(Closes: #598920)
       new  e8c9402   debian/rules, debian/ handle distro-specific 
Build-Depends, so that this same source package can build on Maverick.
       new  224696c   Refresh patch
       new  3606e77   Revert "debian/rules, debian/ handle 
distro-specific Build-Depends, so that this same source package can build on 
       new  91ec66b   debian/control: use openjdk-6-jdk instead of default-jdk, 
to ease sync to Ubuntu.
       new  cee8717   Releasing to sid
       new  84a2985   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3592
       new  2e3ff2c   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3592'
       new  18be519   New upstream snapshot
       new  a45341c   debian/patches/: 10-build.patch, 
50-preferences_world_readable.patch, 80-fix_images.patch refreshed to cleanly 
       new  03f818d   Releasing to sid
       new  25fe9a5   debian/rules: don't install XPM versions of the icons 
       new  09e3a70   debian/icons/*.xpm updated from the logo.png image
       new  34d95d1   debian/install: install debian/icons/josm.png in 
/usr/share/pixmaps. josm.png is a symlink to upstream's logo.png (LP: #530014)
       new  9f0e9f7   debian/josm.desktop: move from Geoscience to Geography 
(LP: #643205)
       new  89971dd   Also needs touching
       new  d32ad2a    * detect and don't use only headless OpenJDK 6; 
 * SUN Java 5 isn't supported anymore.
       new  6cd1498   Symlinks need to be listed in include-binaries.
       new  943a52a   Closing bug.
       new  fd7812e   Revert "debian/rules: don't install XPM versions of the 
icons anymore"
       new  4113750   Fix categorisation: Geography is only in the FreeDesktop 
       new  01cc4d0   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3695
       new  dc67a5d   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3695'
       new  6cc695e   New upstream snapshot
       new  a77bd1c   debian/compat bumped to 8
       new  95721e8   debian/patches/* refreshed
       new  dff447a   Releasing to sid
       new  a1a1a6d   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3701
       new  032ed28   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3701'
       new  12c536e   New upstream snapshot
       new  f906589   Releasing to sid
       new  4bcf01a   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3751
       new  81784e7   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3751'
       new  2d7fdfb   New upstream snapshot
       new  8f0b69d   Plugins integrated in josm-core: slippymap, wmsplugin, 
remotecontrol, imagery.
       new  d7cb353   Patches refreshed.
       new  0a02825   Releasing to sid
       new  281aee3   Added recommends to webkit-image-gtk | webkit-image-qt
       new  2c05f8c   Releasing to sid
       new  b53d3ed   Using system proxy settings.
       new  0e32c8b   Releasing to sid.
       new  bab4965   Fixing presets icons loading when the presets come from 
openstreetmap-map-icons-* packages.
       new  def42c0   Changelog entry.
       new  77242e5   Icon fixed.
       new  e26f3d7   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3961
       new  8b0c293   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3961'
       new  76b60a2   New upstream snapshot
       new  d442614   Patches refreshed
       new  4d53d78   Fix changelog
       new  f81635b   Releasing to sid
       new  4c90890   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn3966
       new  f6dc21e   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn3966'
       new  b0426bd   New upstream snapshot
       new  8f6c54d   Uploading to sid
       new  55ef06a   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4021
       new  796ec2b   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4021'
       new  529dfd1   New upstream snapshot
       new  6d83b39   Standards-Version bump to 3.9.2, no changes needed
       new  2335d25   Patches refreshed
       new  6421975   Releasing to sid
       new  77ec005   Switch Maintainer/Uploaders between pkg-grass and pkg-osm
       new  bf32e0b   Repository moved under pkg-osm space
       new  bbf1498   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4064
       new  97fcc8b   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4064'
       new  68198a9   New upstream snapshot
       new  fafa743   Patches refreshed to cleanly apply
       new  877fff0   Merge changelog entries
       new  f6eb48c   Releasing to sid
       new  f61405e   Fix Uploaders field
       new  38af8d0   Releasing to sid. Whoops :)
       new  ff45acf   Build-Depend on default-jdk, that is used for compilation 
(closes: #630561).
       new  ee10718   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4279
       new  d51120c   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4279'
       new  703c31f   New changelog stanza.
       new  8b8ea6b   Patches updated.
       new  b73aa68   Fix javacc execution and i18n targets.
       new  a5f45be   Patches descriptions improved.
       new  5b88ab1   Excluding duplicated code from compilation.
       new  4b6e8e3   Classpath used in compilation.
       new  3d3dbac   Fixing get-orig-source.
       new  bdec75c   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4279
       new  f30d262   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4279'
       new  5e59815   Write correct classpath in generated JAR.
       new  6ea3c2e   Some work on the copyright file.
       new  e544882   Fix get-orig-source.
       new  909175d   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4279+dfsg1
       new  a2b242c   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4279+dfsg1'
       new  ca7e4db   Generating XML parsing code with xjc.
       new  6fad98c   New upstream version for DFSG clean package.
       new  b68a6bd   debian/watch: added correct version mangling.
       new  9eafff6   Autogenerated files fixed.
       new  28634af   Add other changelog data.
       new  6aff4b3   README.source: added.
       new  71677e5   Releasing.
       new  fb9b5d3   It's not released yet!
       new  d82a17a   Support multi-archified OpenJDK (Closes: #639853)
       new  42699dc   Reflect DFSG repackaging in get-orig-source tarball name
       new  16324a9   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4399+dfsg1
       new  61aa8e6   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4399+dfsg1'
       new  e3a85e5   New upstream release
       new  c040ce4   Patches refreshed
       new  cb72182   Releasing to sid
       new  21618fc   Reintroduce ntf_r93_b.gsb in the package: its removal 
should be better handled (Closes: #642976)
       new  190b645   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4399+dfsg2
       new  48be1d6   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4399+dfsg2'
       new  b5af8f8   Releasing to sid
       new  4b2e933   Add missing dependency on commons-codec, fixing 
exceptions during upload.
       new  03c2b01   Drop CLASSPATH setting from debian/ as Class-Path 
is already set in josm.jar.
       new  b46ffe1   Add support for openjdk-7.
       new  98b11e7   Releasing to sid
       new  4c3bd77   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4487+dfsg2
       new  644a7e6   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4487+dfsg2'
       new  3dce590   New upstream release
       new  98eb6a0   Patches refreshed to cleanly apply to new sources
       new  f6b2913   100-fix_SlippyMapBBoxChooser.patch added: class with 
missing methods and accessing protected members
       new  77d2693   Releasing to sid
       new  57e34ce   Fix startup via "josm & exit", thanks to Alberto 
Fernández (Closes: #578624)
       new  cc16df6   Releasing to sid
       new  fafcb23   Added missing dependency on ant (Closes: #644449)
       new  6a50d6e   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4550+dfsg1
       new  69edbd8   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4550+dfsg1'
       new  7730cbd   New upstream version (Closes: #647634)
       new  9014613   Patches refreshed
       new  fe3bdef   Releasing to sid
       new  2f6e7c0   Fix get-orig-source target to grab translations (Closes: 
       new  21280d6   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4550+dfsg2
       new  4bc28d0   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4550+dfsg2'
       new  a7a37bc   Fix version
       new  de5e00f   Releasing to sid
       new  9a22d4c   Fix dependency on OpenJDK 7 (Closes: #651731)
       new  564e389   Back to dfsg1
       new  baf998d   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4666+dfsg1
       new  d8b967f   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4666+dfsg1'
       new  35944bc   New upstream snapshot (Closes: #652645)
       new  9edf22a   Patches refreshed
       new  88d4d0d   Releasing to sid
       new  db4288e   Fix jar generation: don't include .po files
       new  36667e3   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4667+dfsg1
       new  3a964ea   Merge commit 'upstream/0.0.svn4667+dfsg1'
       new  973ca9f   New upstream snapshot
       new  51570df   Releasing to sid
       new  a77df4c   Drop Build-Depends on libgdata-java
       new  c83c99d   Releasing to sid
       new  2b3a253   Gar, really drop libgdata-java (Closes: #657930)
       new  28e7af8   Releasing to sid
       new  a639f7d   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4878+dfsg1
       new  23429f6   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4878+dfsg1
       new  3b2ab36   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn4878+dfsg1
       new  0df24b1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn4878+dfsg1'
       new  1591465   New tested snapshot
       new  284873b   Patches refreshed
       new  3d26fa5   Releasing to sid
       new  316fdaa   Fix wrapper script to detect newer versions of OpenJDK 
(Closes: #661942)
       new  34b71b5   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5047+dfsg1
       new  8ffceb4   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5047+dfsg1
       new  a5f2f53   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5047+dfsg1'
       new  4cabae6   New tested snapshot
       new  334f739   Refresh patches
       new  d6c5032   Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes needed
       new  e691f03   Fix changelog version
       new  8b42ca6   Fix deprecated method in patch
       new  dbb37da   Releasing to sid
       new  2f06a83   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5181+dfsg1
       new  f0bc4f4   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5181+dfsg1
       new  c67b8a1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5181+dfsg1'
       new  70d7071   New tested snapshot
       new  a915c1d   Patches refreshed
       new  6c3715a   Dropped Andreas Putzo and Petter Reinholdtsen from 
Uploaders, since they've been inactive for long
       new  cbb2c14   Fix typo
       new  b31452e   Updated debian/copyright
       new  bd07269   Releasing to sid
       new  8dc848a   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5210+dfsg1
       new  5505678   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5210+dfsg1
       new  4e538a3   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5210+dfsg1'
       new  054512d   New tested snapshot
       new  50c7dc2   Patches refreshed
       new  3445067   Releasing to sid
       new  a111010   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5267+dfsg1
       new  700d4e3   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5267+dfsg1'
       new  580e3c4   New tested snapshot
       new  9932f25   Patches refreshed
       new  e7c8557   Fix copyright
       new  fdbcae9   Releasing to sid
       new  d4a3bce   Patches renamed
       new  0727934   Backported patches from upstream repository, to handle 
recent OSM license change (Closes: #682315)
       new  58797e2   Uploading to unstable
       new  cb6bd5a   Remove myself from uploaders list.
       new  e0fc567   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5531+dfsg1
       new  748beb4   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5531+dfsg1'
       new  529e8ac   New tested snapshot (Closes: #685153)
       new  2e64f35   Don't prefer IPv4 stack anymore in josm wrapper script, 
since it seems to be functional now (Closes: #654515)
       new  27b7d73   fixed exception when merging multiple layers (Closes: 
       new  d5a1efb   Patches refreshed to match new upstream code
       new  21ccc4b   Standards-Version bump to 3.9.4, no changes needed
       new  5aa8b92   06-handle_redacted_objects.patch dropped too
       new  e2be51d   Fix patch
       new  cc30cb5   Uploading to sid
       new  1d7fd65ad Added missing copyright information for 
src/org/jdesktop/* and src/gnu/*.
       new  87783ff   Strip comments from po-files, to save some space in the 
tarball during repackaging.
       new  1821c93   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5576+dfsg1
       new  c182da6   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5576+dfsg1'
       new  753556c   New tested snapshot.
       new  3410deb   Patches refreshed
       new  452029b   Uploading to sid
       new  6dbe40b   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5608+dfsg1
       new  3a4e655   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5608+dfsg1'
       new  863686e   New tested snapshot.
       new  7e9f07c   Patches refreshed
       new  7f6c50c   Update josm.desktop to make it work also in Unity 
(Closes: #690585)
       new  608374a   Added bug number
       new  662c425   Refreshed patch
       new  c026171   Cleanup files
       new  ee23943   Fixed patch to load images from the 
openstreetmap-map-icons package (Closes: #693486).
       new  2a1def7   Move useful shareable data out of the jar.
       new  2995c3a   Split translations to josm-l10n package (Closes: #647744).
       new  37365cc   Fix Vcs-* fields.
       new  d5c1c58   Remove x bit
       new  6ff6036   Releasing to sid
       new  e6dad03   Updated manpage (Closes: #696692).
       new  5fd7747   Updated debian/copyright.
       new  f38f6cd   Releasing to sid
       new  d934031   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn5759+dfsg1
       new  57ec0d9   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn5759+dfsg1'
       new  f67e9e5   New tested snapshot.
       new  a824e75   Patches refreshed
       new  ca22cee   Make 06-move_data_out_of_jar.patch more generic, thanks 
to Paul Hartmann for the patch. (Closes: #698608)
       new  8b4a2f3   Releasing to experimental
       new  38ae847   Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign in manpage.
       new  32f229d   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6115+dfsg1
       new  efdec68   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6115+dfsg1'
       new  bf6a734   New tested snapshot
       new  189c506   Patches refresehd and adapted to the new upstream source 
       new  8581b19   Add myself to Uploaders
       new  2d89768   Remove empty directory
       new  7874c60   Fix i18n/ file name in debian/copyright
       new  35a29e1   Fix license keyword for public domain files and add 
       new  10127bd   Add Keywords key to debian/josm.desktop
       new  e8bb825   josm-l10n: Section field set to 'localization'
       new  a18b2f2   Update 01-bts.patch changing 'Report bug' behaviour in 
'Status Report' window: open Debian BTS URL instead of JOSM BTS URL
       new  699c5fc   Releasing to sid
       new  51a8af9   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6502+dfsg1
       new  a31d7e4   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6502+dfsg1'
       new  93f87fe   New tested snapshot (Closes: #725011)
       new  615b235   Patches refreshed to apply to new upstream source
       new  1e3e75e   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6502+dfsg1
       new  816356c   It's 6502, not 6520.
       new  68dd73c   Synchronize unpacked sources with the tarball.
       new  67f95c0   Resynchronize with the upstream tarball.
       new  6e288a4   Add patch to build against metadata-extractor from 
       new  123bb46   Valencian translation doesn't work currently; disable it.
       new  4f2060d   Specify libmetadata-extractor-java version.
       new  001e1a4   Upload to unstable.
       new  03b42e2   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6687+dfsg1
       new  54a8c9e   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6687+dfsg1'
       new  30167ab   Rebase patches to the new upstream source
       new  0de6632   Build against libmetadata-extractor-java 2.6.4
       new  29886bc   Upload to experimental
       new  e24e341   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6502+dfsg2
       new  e09fbc1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6502+dfsg2'
       new  90f22fc   New DFSG tarball - removed embedded code copy of 
jmapviewer (Closes: #731029)
       new  424e898   De-fuzzed 00-build.patch
       new  8934bd5   Finalize embedded-code removal
       new  b3994c0   De-fuzzed 00-build.patch, 05-fix_version.patch and 
       new  4adbc01   Bumped debhelper compatibility to 9
       new  4d1a131   Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.5, no changes needed
       new  d91ae00   Uploading to sid
       new  c9cfaa4   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6502+dfsg3
       new  48882a1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6502+dfsg3'
       new  382a15a   New DFSG tarball: removed embedded code copy of JSON-java 
under "good-not-evil" non-free license (Closes: #740890)
       new  a98da01   Move bits of patches around to correct places
       new  34d4acd   Added 08-use_external_json_library.patch to build against 
the system-wide free version of the JSON library
       new  e10a04e   Added DEP-3 header to 
       new  4611d3e   Dropped alternative dependency on obsolete JREs: 
openjdk-6-jre and sun-java6-jre
       new  b70b9a0   Added overrides for lintian's experimental 
privacy-breach-generic tag
       new  62d4877   Fix debian/rules
       new  025ab3d   Fix FTBFS
       new  17822c6   More overrides
       new  413ac40   Releasing to sid
       new  64bdcb0   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6687+dfsg2
       new  769e061   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6687+dfsg2' into 
       new  240a07d   New DFSG tarball: removed embedded code copy of JSON-java 
under "good-not-evil" non-free license (Closes: #740890), removed embedded code 
copy of JSON-java under "good-not-evil" non-free license (Closes: #740890)
       new  122342e   Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.5, no changes needed
       new  a5e105e   Bumped debhelper compatibility to >= 9
       new  c197667   Fix get-orig-source code for new tarball
       new  6aeacfb   Dropped alternative dependency on obsolete JREs: 
openjdk-6-jre and sun-java6-jre
       new  f84c333   Added 08-use_external_json_library.patch to build against 
the system-wide free version of the JSON library
       new  dccf122   Finalize embedded-code removal
       new  3bc83b5   Refresh and defuzz patches
       new  bb115d8   Added overrides for lintian's experimental 
privacy-breach-generic tag
       new  a8a6ed8   More overrides
       new  f5295e9   Fix FTBFS
       new  5459676   Releasing to experimental
       new  df67177   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn6891+dfsg1
       new  aecf94a   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn6891+dfsg1' into 
       new  dd9f4a2   New tested snapshot
       new  eb3132b   Patches refreshed
       new  2160092   Remove obsolete changelog entry
       new  5869bbe   (Build-)Depend on jmapviewer (>= 
1.02+svn30322.really+dfsg1), since its API changed, and JOSM now depends on the 
new one
       new  37ac564   Merge branch 'experimental/master'
       new  3b0dc9b   Merge branch 'experimental/upstream' into upstream
       new  8f0aec2   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn7182+dfsg1
       new  28c7430   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn7182+dfsg1'
       new  f4de83c   New tested snapshot
       new  0e7a86d   Patches refreshed
       new  84f4765   Something went wrong in the merge. Duh.
       new  b343145   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn7347+dfsg1
       new  11ebd02   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn7347+dfsg1'
       new  0cccac1   New tested snapshot
       new  b73d61e   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn7480+dfsg1
       new  9f0f703   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn7480+dfsg1'
       new  bc4013f   New tested snapshot
       new  75055eb   Fix dfsg tarball name
       new  77c0ba5   Remove embedded fonts during repacking (and add 
dependency on fonts-droid).
       new  52ff4ce   Refresh patches
       new  1da4dd2   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn7480+dfsg1
       new  0262a70   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn7480+dfsg1'
       new  50ac6d3   Added 07-use_system_fonts.patch
       new  3a82921   Also build i18n files
       new  3617aec   Temporarily disable gettext-merge
       new  1f584c2   Reorder (and update) lintian overrides
       new  c70ed97   More overrides
       new  2d2e86b   Fix debian/copyright re. no more distributed files
       new  9b24da1   Cleaning up changelog
       new  f322f3f   Make patch more descriptive, and disable it
       new  f697c8b   More lintian overrides
       new  1671319   Releasing to sid
       new  d768549   Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes.
       new  cf4ac76   Imported Upstream version 0.0.svn7588+dfsg1
       new  8d0f8ef   Remove Java 6 support, JOSM now requires Java 7.
       new  5c6fb14   Merge tag 'upstream/0.0.svn7588+dfsg1'
       new  23ffdd7   New tested snapshot.
       new  b3c3930   Refresh patches.
       new  8b13fcf   Add gbp.conf to use pristine-tar by default.
       new  0dc5398   Remove josm examples, start.html no longer included.
       new  81a37c6   Update lintian override for new wiki URLs.

The 565 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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