Sebastiaan Couwenberg <> writes:

hi Bas,
dear devs,

> On 10/18/2014 12:12 PM, Felix Natter wrote:
>> the good news is I have received a mail from a Microsoft employee
>> (unfortunately late on Friday) inviting me on a call regarding
>> use of the Bing logo in jmapviewer.
>> I will make that call on Monday morning and maybe we will be able to
>> agree on a free license that I can put in debian/copyright and thus I
>> can re-include bing_maps.png
> If they license the logo under a DFSG compatible license that would be
> great. And making our lives much easier.


>> But if MS decides the logo must not be included in jmapviewer
>> then I'm afraid I *must* remove from
>> jmapviewer and apply the attached patch [1] to 0.0.svn7480+dfsg1-2,
>> removing Bing support from JOSM. Otherwise jmapviewer may be moved to
>> non-free because it contains Bing support but not the logo [2].
> I'm not sure that the alternative is that you *must* remove the Bing
> support from jmapviewer.
> The logo referenced by the BrandLogoUri in the attribution REST-call be
> fine the use instead of the bing_map.png included in jmapviewer. As
> mentioned by Martin Krüger:
> The Bing license says:
> "
> and if the required logos and copyright notices are not
> included in the service generated content, you shall add the logos and
> copyright notices provided by Microsoft to the service generated content
> as described in the SDKs
> "
> Since the attribution REST-call includes the logo in its generated
> content, downloading and using that instead of adding it in jmapviewer
> itself seems to comply with the license.

I thought you mean to patch josm in your last mail! Of course patching
jmapviewer to download the image during build time is a good solution:

wget -o ...
--> is that what you and Martin Krüger mean?
(is it even ok from a Debian point of view to download images during

--> If yes, then I can implement it on the weekend. If it's more
complex, then I'm probably out (see below). @Bas: could you take over in
this case?

>> --> can we agree on this?
> In the interest of our JOSM users, doing our best to prevent the removal
> of Bing support in jmapviewer should be our priority.
> Please discuss the BrandLogoUri solution with Microsoft in your call,
> that seems to be the preferred solution to keep jmapviewer and its rdeps
> in main, while also complying with the Bing license terms.
> While my brief tests with your patch show that JOSM works fine without
> Bing support, it's a major loss of functionality. MapBox Satellite and
> other freely usable satellite imagery is not on par with the Bing
> imagery.

I'm trying hard, but if the logo is not DFSG compliant *and* the
BrandLogoUri solution is not acceptable for MS (or Debian), then I don't
see any other choice but removing bing support from jmapviewer.
Is *that* ok?
(this issue shortly before the code freeze puts pressure on me and
is beginning to have an impact on my dayjob so I need to finish this
on Monday!)

Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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