On 18.10.2014 16:19, Felix Natter wrote:

I thought you mean to patch josm in your last mail! Of course patching
jmapviewer to download the image during build time is a good solution:

wget http://dev.virtualearth.net/Branding/logo_powered_by.png -o ...
--> is that what you and Martin Krüger mean?

Out suggested solution is josm pulling the required logo from Microsoft on runtime.

In my solution the URL of the logo is read  from the attribution-xml.

Josm fetching the attribution-xml during bing-layer load is status quo .

I'm trying hard, but if the logo is not DFSG compliant *and* the
BrandLogoUri solution is not acceptable for MS (or Debian),

I dont see any problem from both sides:

Data  displayed or processed on Debian-installations is not limited by DFSG.

Microsoft distributess the Logo with the attribution infos.
Attributions without permit to display make no sense.

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