Dear FTP masters,

It seems avce00_2.0.0-3 failed to upload (sponsored by Tille) because
a previous file was present.

$ dput avce00_2.0.0-3_amd64.changes
Uploading avce00_2.0.0-3.dsc
Upload permissions error

You either don't have the rights to upload a file, or, if this is on
ftp-master, you may have tried to overwrite a file already on the server.

Can you verify what is the latest version of avce00 present?  In
unstable the last version is 2.0.0-2, however the changelog in git
(before updating this package) suggested that versions -3 and -4 also
exist. Have they been uploaded and  have they disappeared (I could not
find any error in our mailing list archives)? Or was there an entirely
different reason responsible for this error and should I just prepare
a new upload of the same version.


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