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sebastic-guest pushed a change to branch upstream-master
in repository pktools.

       was  36cdcc9   Merge branch 'master' of 
Merge after edit in myfann_cpp.h in Windows

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  36cdcc9   Merge branch 'master' of 
Merge after edit in myfann_cpp.h in Windows
  discards  3463b66   replaced array with vector in myfann_cpp.h for visual 
studio compiler
  discards  2c6c02f   pkextract: removed redundancy in SetFrom and SetGeometry, 
pkkalman: introduced negative deltaObs
  discards  da5d9b7   mask in geo coordinates for pksvm and pkann
  discards  424a7b6   working on geo mask in pksvm
  discards  54aebed   exceptions in pkextract
  discards  9058708   debug pkextract: first SetGeometry, then SetFrom
  discards  4b602f1   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  7c06b8d
  discards  954843e   nodata values for spectral/temporal filtering
  discards  3d45c49   install script requires GDAL>=1.10
  discards  a7082f9 minimum GDAL version is 1.10
  discards  f11cf50   completed descriptions
  discards  de87e5f   worked on descriptions
  discards  eb864ed   ref option in pkegcs
  discards  a91f519   libbase has no src files
  discards  9498cf2   documentation for start and end bands in svm and ann
  discards  5db6d79   switched back from -bs and -be to -s and -e in svm and ann
  discards  aab3625   solved problem for liblas in installer
  discards  3fea73e   options in installer
  discards  0358543   added installation script
  discards  5ab1dc0   worked on descriptions in documentation
  discards  e97c508   worked on descriptions in documentation
  discards  8e882ce   links on home page
  discards  67c9950   added descriptions for utilities
  discards  bc172d6   working on documentation, still need to (re-)do the full 
  discards  acf164c   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  6d4f58d   added examples_pkdumpimg.dox
  discards  046b4cb   added examples usages for documentation
  discards  bb06109   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  3a70b0f   working on documentation
  discards  477d996   fixed bug #43500, Unsigned 16-bit tifs with pkfilter
  discards  c8a3bd2   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  82621ff   update of Changelog
  discards  e688014   worked on pkkalman
  discards  55c8d93   sensor regression based on model data input
  discards  b6bcd1a   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  629acee   filebuffer for ndvi in pkcomposite
  discards  15b59bd   replaced options start and end with bstart and bend in 
pksvm and pkann
  discards  531de4f   removed assert in
  discards  39dce7f   support for simple random and systematic grid
  discards  a13363f   working on pkextract with random sample generation
  discards  8fc7db8   buffer for points in pkextract
  discards  3386276   changelog for ImgWriterOgr overwrite
  discards  4247b6a   increased base version
  discards  6d40766   increased so version
  discards  a818dd0   pkextract support statistics and polygon output for point 
sample vector datasets
  discards  243d1ba   ImgWriterOgr: always overwrite
  discards  aec126e   corrected 1d filter of dimz>1 in in plane
  discards  ce13328   fixed bug in for proportion rule
  discards  90bff0e   working on filter in spectral domain
  discards  0df665d   working on filter in spectral domain
  discards  872e3f2   working on filter in spectral domain
  discards  5c7bb1f   pkkalman bug: upsample coarse res image if no observation 
at initial time
  discards  232189d   trying overwrite in createLayer in
  discards  1d70ad1   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  b9007e5   small changes
  discards  f42a103   explicit libgsl in src/apps/
  discards  49e1907   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  3aa3523   support multiple bands for statistics in pkinfo
  discards  1f4825e   merge after conflict in pkcrop_gui
  discards  2142c8c   documentation and pkcrop_gui error message
  discards  f7d3dcb   added CostFactorySVM
  discards  58ca050   pkfssvm and pktoptsvm update, make use of CostFactory 
  discards  74a1aeb   help info in pkcomposite
  discards  296a297   Fix build failure on ARM due to va_list usage in 
  discards  7de3a2b   bug fix #42951 (liblas 1.8 support)
  discards  8744348   pkkalman
  discards  a29bbe4   support different bounding box in
  discards  256af5d   git pushMerge branch 'master' of
  discards  8881511   bug in pkkalman (irow->modRow)
  discards  3444cb6   changes in help info while reviewing pktools in book
  discards  88a46e8   added vis_studio specific .gitignore
  discards  ecf8a70   conflict resolved in CostFactory.h
  discards  6ee9910   made CostFactory::getCost a pure virtual function
  discards  e443eb9   added visual studio files
  discards  ac27baa   in pkfsann should be in bin_PROGRAMS only if 
  discards  f113dc3   support for nodata in model
  discards  5ccde20   added pkfssvm.h and pkfsann.h
  discards  8fd9b88   worked on pkkalman, supporting different spatial 
resolutions for model and observation
  discards  c601fc8   segmentation fault in
  discards  d1c6d3d   implemented pkfsann with ConfusionMatrix as in pkfssvm 
(not tested yet)
  discards  5177b23   working on pkfssvm, linking, but not correctly working
  discards  33fcc41   added CostFactory.h
  discards  a9fa501   working on pkfssvm, linker error
  discards  fb26c6f   pkkalman with uncertainty band in observation input
  discards  d91154e   pkkalman, back from the states
  discards  179fdf2   added support for uncertainty as second band in 
observation image for
  discards  7336b2b   debugged forward and backward
  discards  9d9621c   redesigned forward kalman filter, todo: backward
  discards  f430fc3   implemented smoothing kalman filter
  discards  8f2e83e   implemented both forward and backward kalman filter
  discards  741c801   first working version
  discards  0ae6a8f   drafted, not tested
  discards  ea06516   added class ImgRegression
  discards  09265f1   added
  discards  ae409f9   added autoreconf -i to INSTALL
  discards  fe15938   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  48b1600   changed option from rb to cb in pkcomposite
  discards  20239ac   fixed conflict in, stil need to replace 
getCost function with class
  discards  60cd665   working on feature selection. todo: create class and pass 
instead of function
  discards  3a5b4d8   working on pkfssvm, label names via global 
ConfusionMatrix seems not to work
  discards  d8c4396   ConfusionMatix: must find exact match in getClassIndex, 
pkfssvm and pkfsann: confusion matrix global for class names
  discards  f32012f   new method countid for Giuseppe in and 
  discards  87ea4a1   qt gui, nodata pkdiff_gui
  discards  45666d9   pkdiff with layer names
  discards  32295b2   debug: write centroid instead of polgon feature for 
maxvote in case polygon_opt is false
  discards  88204b8   default SQLite in pkdiff
  discards  63d89ad   simplify options for pksvm
  discards  cf47773   changed kde type to bool and rely on Silvernman's rule of 
thumb in pkstatogr and pkstatascii
  discards  15f832e   removed support for masking in pkexract, introduced 
srcnodata and bndnodata
  discards  5ee1786   pkextract_gui added single threshold
  discards  bf7f1a5   cap both ul and lr pixel when reading block in pkextract
  discards  d0b39e8   cap boundary of polygon enveloppe when reading datablock 
  discards  1a6c2ac   no need for if(geo) in geo2img in
  discards  80f68b7   fixed conflict
  discards  7f33639   pkextract_gui default sample
  discards  7cefa57   check boundaries for imgreadergdal
  discards  f07f399   added pkdiff_gui, not tested
  discards  076ab5d   working on dsm2dtm in Filter2d.h, error for south to 
  discards  2a8ca00   qt: added rules for pkextract and changed defaults for 
cost and gamma in pksvm
  discards  7bb1b49   long options pkinfo and worked on dsm2dtm vito
  discards  5494440   implementing vito dsm2dtm
  discards  e32a255   cleaned pkextract with added functionality, vito dsm2dtm
  discards  a636f83   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  6aa8e82   added polygon threshold for pkextract
  discards  64a98bf   gui: clear input/output when reset defaults
  discards  ec47f35   delete bands and inputs in pkcomposite_gui and pkcrop_gui
  discards  870076d   pkcrop-gui band selection
  discards  2dc8acd   removed options in pklas2img
  discards  703d132   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  da076f8   info in Doxyfile
  discards  82154ae   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  94c4eef   support laz files in pklas2img
  discards  f914d1f gdal>=1.10.0
  discards  3fa8c1b   update new utility names in comments in headers
  discards  4ee6d97   tool tips in qt
  discards  ba8a6e1   balance in pksvm_gui
  discards  435b30e   working on gui
  discards  9b0939c   pkdiff copyFields with dst layer
  discards  35da728   input bands in pkcrop_gui
  discards  ab81977   added band list in pkcrop_gui
  discards  e017ce9   added pkcrop_gui
  discards  872927f   empty combobox means default in pkcomposite_gui
  discards  05e5ada   resample option in pkcomposite similar to pkcrop
  discards  9ca9ffa   combo boxes and input list in
  discards  c1e05a3   added pkcomposite_gui
  discards  83c529b   layout for pksvm_gui
  discards  8dfb907   layout for pkextract_gui
  discards  4bdc64e   resize pkextract.ui, still need t include layouts...
  discards  b089219   clear input and output console at begin of run in
  discards  5099115   clear input and output console at begin of run
  discards  b74e648   added pkextract_gui
  discards  85f5c0c   added pksvm_gui
  discards  cc0305e   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  97a33c8   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  28599c1   debug ilayer in ogrWriter, copyFields should have two 
layers: one for read, one for write
  discards  6e98999   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  2861fdc   added dox for pkcomposite and pksvm
  discards  009288c   support of layer names
  discards  655c125   support layer name in read training data in ogr
  discards  22691c3   add, renamed pkcomposit to pkcomposite
  discards  3e8e2e0   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  ff7c493 ;max->mymax in StatFactory
  discards  d2b6d07   config.h now in /usr/local/lib/pktools/include
  discards  62ab576   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  b572943   working on qt for SVM classifier
  discards  0d6b6ea   fine tuning on distro
  discards  44d7cb9   version 2.5.2 with library version control
  discards  8ba643e   change include path in installation according to comments 
of Francesco P. Lovergine
  discards  e78dab7   value in percentiles in StatFactory based on maximum 
instead of median
  discards  59a3647   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  af8b83d   from home before merge
  discards  2cb6ece   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  709bfa5   from linux
  discards  11d0102   from windows
  discards  3313a50   Ignore *.user
  discards  3615190   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  0dcb7b5   commit from pktools
  discards  6c544e7   removed
  discards  97a2800   commit from branch
  discards  d7d7f6f   merged win to linux, commit from linux
  discards  701e2c7   porting to windows via Visual Studio 2010 Express using 
git for windows
  discards  6328ba7   porting to windows from linux
  discards  045da7b   porting to windows, solving compilation issues with 
Visual Studio, added for template specialization
  discards  3d78193   error in hist in StatFactory
  discards  3682d1f   retain nodata in pksieve when mask is set
  discards  ce605c4   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  e51f342 minor
  discards  1dd2184   support median filter in pkextract
  discards  d7dd46b   pkinfo hist bin for integers
  discards  c8c54d4   added comment on md5 checksum on main page
  discards  9ede8a0   pkcrop corrected bounding box in case of user defined dx 
dy, support crop for non-georeferenced i mages
  discards  df97b5a   coding in Enschede, down in pkfilter
  discards  033dfe0   hist in StatFactory
  discards  b35ec98   moved post filter from pklas2img to pkfilterdem
  discards  d8e4b7c   geotransform should be correct for both projected and 
not-projected raster images. removed dependence of isGeoRef() in applications
  discards  f28a04b   Filter2d.h: bug in m_nodata and pklas2img: did not take 
into account hthreshold in iteration
  discards  ebcfefd   setGeoTransform in pklas2img and pkascii2img must have 
negative dy
  discards  3bb951b   added footer for Google analytics
  discards  8f2c83b   redundant ilayer loop in readDataImageShape in
  discards  b3cabcc   support multi layers in ImgReaderOgr::readDataImageShape 
(for pkclassify_svm and pkclassify_nn)
  discards  a495db3   support multiple layers in pkdiff and pkextract
  discards  1b76c5e   fixed pkedit output for non shape OGR files
  discards  e25b014   support for non shape files extended, problem in pkdiff 
when output is defined remains...
  discards  7d058c2   adfgeotransform gt[5]=-dy in pkcrop and pkmosaic
  discards  1722a5d   support of ogr formats in apps with ogr writer
  discards  d10f221   check of mandatory options are present
  discards  48f0d42   moved readDataImageShape to ImgReaderOgr.h
  discards  abfc644   verbose information for dwt in spectgral domain
  discards  f9b3863   DWT in pkfilter automatically in spectral domain if dz>0
  discards  bc2a48f   version 2.5
  discards  17fe2c8   redesign of geotransform in ImgReaderGdal and 
  discards  3ee7575   worked on pkfilter, changed some filter name to 
  discards  0ae2e58   pkfilter 2d wavelet forward and inverse, pkinfo hist when 
  discards  e41b72b   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  ce69ad4   hide some options in pkdiff
  discards  c21d18e   bug for output file in pklas2img
  discards  beee152   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  e8d8bb5   changed examples in doc and some msknodata options
  discards  f37cf7a   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  a0290f1   update examples in doc
  discards  89af987   changed option mr (mosaic rule) to cr (composit rule) in 
pkmosaic and removed valid rule (should be same as overwrite)
  discards  6fd4742   version 2.4.3 with nodata values
  discards  c429f1b   centre->center in help info
  discards  b363459   replaced empty string with empty vector in options
  discards  f66b880   replaced empty string with empty vector in options
  discards  3f107c4   retain color table after pksieve
  discards  57d9b5d   --projection to -a_srs in pkinfo result
  discards  fab9ca5   replace projection option by a_srs
  discards  af5f2ca   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  ac16aca   update Changelog vito
  discards  37ba184   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  d5c90b1   floating point for accuracy in
  discards  6fd42fa   introduced line features in Filter2d and pkfilter
  discards  bde25e6   cv_opt must be above 1
  discards  d70b7bb   removed extra space in output of min in
  discards  67e2c11   moved to
  discards  8c5dd47   central wavelength SRF in Filter.h
  discards  83590bf   pkfillnodata: changed default value for max distance from 
3 to 0 (infinity)
  discards  e2f5e95   getminmax before calc histogram in
  discards  6321cde   support for even kernel size in Filter2d
  discards  bdcf5f8   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  d966574   corrected min max for pkinfo -hist, thanks to Giuseppe 
for noticing
  discards  ac1721f   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  bc8d00e   include path lasclasses
  discards  13d3ec4   include path lasclasses for FileReaderLas.h
  discards  5af0025   corrected errors in FileReaderAscii
  discards  1f5545d   added faq_pksetmask.dox with question from Giuseppe on 
  discards  18957a3   support scramble and shift in pkfilter clean up of using 
namespace std in header files
  discards  1b67952   bug fix in pktools for -min and -max
  discards  035120e   priors in classification of vector files
  discards  0434833 and added ohloh in Mainpage.dox
  discards  48067af   version 2.4.1
  discards  192d302   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  cd9f227   added logo.png
  discards  4bc0a24   added pkenhance
  discards  f659640   added support for discrete wavelet transform in filters
  discards  e088388   added and
  discards  52dda11   default option -pe true and not visible in svm tools
  discards  d53a463   adapted string options in svm related tools
  discards  6cd9a7d   variance should be var in pkfilter, include for gdal 
without path in Optionpk.h
  discards  a4ac3e7   pkextract assert class_opt can be empty when extracting 
ogr vector sample
  discards  54ee080   sorting classes numerically in confusion matrix
  discards  3bc4208   string option for
  discards  11faf15 with conditional build for lasclasses
  discards  555ac68 conditional Makefile for las
  discards  48babce   created separate directory lasclasses for liblasClasses
  discards  7872221   removed vito related code from master
  discards  b313bfc   pkeditogr stringent option for selecting features
  discards  2dbf1cc   added step for GRID search in pkopt_svm
  discards  a9cdfae   comment in how to change fields with ogr2ogr 
using -sql option
  discards  52caa5a   support negative weights in pkmosaic
  discards  c43a0b4   some small corrections in Makefiles and defined static 
member variable in
  discards  32d361f   Changelog update
  discards  b2c9b2e   geotransfer problem solved in pkfilter, directional 
morphology improved in Filter2d
  discards  8e25ca9   removed dependency of gslwrap: replaced gslwrap with 
armadillo in SensorModel.h and pksensormodel, replaced gslwrap with stl::vector 
and Vector2d
  discards  9dba6dd bring result to scale [0:1]
  discards  4a36532 bring result to scale [0:1]
  discards  697d4ed   corrected include SensorModel.h in 
models and not in algorithms
  discards  8f31330   added examples and faqs for apps
  discards  a202e86   added Savannah to mainpage.dox
  discards  0e30c6c   pkclassify_nn and pkfs_nn adapted for classvaluemap and 
independent test set similar to svm
  discards  6fcc62f   FeatureSelector.h: introduced epsilon to exclude rat race 
in sffs
  discards  cd9c581   FeatureSelector.h: introduced epsilon to exclude rat race 
in sffs
  discards  71030da   pkclassif_svm, pkopt_svm and pkfs_svm all identical for 
class and reclass
  discards  75f3769   FileReaderAscii.h: support scale and offset in readData
  discards  be9e0b1   use mask value itself for flag in
  discards  d99010f   Filter.h: changed boundary for applyFwhm
  discards  88aac76   corrected mrf in
  discards  2d275ae   adapted mrf in after personal communication 
with Guy Thoonen
  discards  aaceeb0   call by reference in applySrf
  discards  72cb037   wrong throw case in FileReaderAscii.h
  discards  dff3410   moved non templated functions to newly created 
FileReaderAscii.c and added new functionality
  discards  d37f521   filter and pkclassify_svm at work
  discards  cda075d   removed configure, and some other object 
files from repository
  discards  5f42ee9   debug mrf
  discards  3e90e4f   added Markov Random Field to and
  discards  74d7dce   added missing files for prospect and pk[gs]chandelier
  discards  b1f3b5b   support priorm imagein (prepare for 
Markov Random Field)
  discards  4431941   adapted logo
  discards  800cb16   added logo, self sufficient prospect model
  discards  185b485   error in classValueMap when class name and value option 
not provided
  discards  fa5dc56 supports fwhm and srf filtering
  discards  f189b48   adapted models/ for local libf95.a
  discards  2eb7dfe   added libraries for prospect
  discards  a73f545   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  5ada2b8   moved SensorModel.h from algorithms to models and 
introduced Prospect model
  discards  0c71d6d   re-implemented reclassification in 
still todo for
  discards  9f33ca7   Filter1d and Filter2d with getFilterType returning enum 
FILTER_TYPE in function of string
  discards  2bd32b7   spectral filtering
  discards  46d99ce   renamed Histogram to StatFactory
  discards  143c64c   introduced FileReaderAscii.h and updated
  discards  29f0ca8   removed reclassification from, still 
todo for
  discards  b102157   small change in
  discards  76cdaaf   removed debug info from pkeditogr
  discards  c39706e   set probability svm to true when active learning is 
  discards  ea38ebf   added active learning functionality in
  discards  400f7f3   pkinfo all visible help info
  discards  3a77ea3   worked on documentation in petit Paris
  discards  c4cde92   worked on documentation in petit Paris
  discards  da3164c   before weekend
  discards  f1ca6a3   explanation how to update repository home page in
  discards  452fee1   added mainpage.dox, see Changelog
  discards  599a713   added mainpage.dox and
  discards  75eb743   added doc
  discards  47a770e   doxygen adapted, todo: remove doubles in related pages
  discards  3d88882   added as main page for pktools via doxygen
  discards  6766a16 adapted for balancing and bagging 
similar to and added
  discards  2b73cf4   confusion matrix supports bagging for, 
balancing and bagsize for each class. Still to be implemented for
  discards  0c227ed   minor changes to pkclassify_svm, removed empty default 
string in
  discards  b84ea71   error in pkclassify_svm when aggregation_opt is 0
  discards  48453a5   converted all apps for new Optionpk.h
  discards  46acc25   support of polygons in ImgReaderOgr::readData and in 
  discards  e287c40   doxygen help format in Optionpk.h, example for, 
other apps to be done
  discards  b24ea2d   changed help info in OptionPk to Markdown format
  discards  e93a838   see Changelog
  discards  061a710   added doxygen config file
  discards  843bdf7   before doxygen
  discards  a2ec861   small changes in pkinfo, see Changelog
  discards  f1c59c7   string map in pkclassify_nn.c and
  discards  57c6884   reclass function in and
  discards  b706d7c   added UA and PA in
  discards  5b7ed50   added and
  discards  9c4dbcc   added OptFactory.h and
  discards  e6a281f   added OptFactory.h and
  discards  3531dce   feature selection with automatic detection of optimal 
number of features in pkfs_svm and pkfs_nn
  discards  a73cc3a   cross validation for pkclassify_nn
  discards  094c17f   added feature selection
  discards  7fa9657   before xmas holidays, see Changelog
  discards  29a3ca8   VERSION in
  discards  d079041   VERSION in
  discards  ca44543   included matrix_vector_operations.h in SensorModel
  discards  d1421ac   included matrix_vector_operations.h in SensorModel
  discards  e12d767   added pkascii2ogr, SensorModel.h and pksensormodel
  discards  2e876d2   updates in Changelog
  discards  59e07e8   support of nodata in pkinfo when calculating histogram
  discards  bd1c222   added and
  discards  63cc6bc   smv is installed per default (no need to enable in 
configure script), update README, SVM_COPYRIGHT
  discards  d01ec13   pkclassify_svm is working
  discards  21adc69   before changes at home
  discards  8be6f56   findSubstring in Optionpk.h and default interleave from 
input image
  discards  8c9e2c5   increased version to 2.3
  discards  d93429d   support of osavi, mcari and tcari in pkndvi
  discards  ece91d6   support of angles in morphological filter
  discards  32dfd49   introduced --enable-nlopt in and 
pkgetchandlier and pksetchandelier in src/apps
  discards  2faf0b5   support spectral filtering in pkfilter using tapz option
  discards  60d243a   support spectral filtering in pkfilter using tapz option
  discards  3cc2c2b   support spectral filtering in pkfilter using tapz option
  discards  65c92b7   introduced --enable-las and --enable-fann in
  discards  620ca4f   support ratio in
  discards  70f56cf   support Optionpk without default value
  discards  24cc89b   support for mask values in pkinfo min/max values
  discards  61d71ee   versions automatically extracted from config and support 
for mask values in pkinfo min/max values
  discards  c0472d6   Initial import

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