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On 12/24/2014 11:27 PM, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> I think mod-spatialite6 is a bit too generic for a SQLite
> modules.

It's quite generic yes, I went back and forth between
libsqlite-mod-spatialite and just mod-spatialite, and settled for now on
following the SONAME for the package name.

The only SQLite module to following this package naming convention is
sqliteodbc, so there is not much precedent yet for naming SQLite modules.

I'm not opposed to renaming the package to libsqlite3-mod-spatialite
with or without SONAME if people deem that more appropriate.

> It's also a bit surprising given it was previously called
> libsqlite3-mod-spatialite7.

That's the weird libtool versioning for you. The recent SpatiaLite
releases uses these libtool -version-info options:

 4.2.0     -version-info 7:0:0 -> mod_spatialite.so.7.0.0
 4.2.1-RC0 -version-info 7:0:1 -> mod_spatialite.so.6.1.0
 4.2.1-RC1 -version-info 7:0:1 -> mod_spatialite.so.6.1.0

According to the symbols changes, current should be incremented as well
as age, but only age has been incremented I assume on purpose because
these are still prereleases.

> Also does the soname really need to be
> included for the SQLite module package?

Mostly to avoid lintian complaining about it.

> That seems a bit strange to
> me, and the package includes an unversioned link (mod_spatalite.so)
> anyway and will thus not be coinstallable with other versions.

Because the package contains a SQLite module instead of a traditional
library the SOVERSION in the package name is not that important, so it
could be dropped. I mostly chose the package name to match the SONAME.

> I also found it strange that the number used in the soname is going
> down from libspatialite7 to libspatialite6. Is that intentional?

I assume it's intentional because for SpatiaLite 4.2.1 only two RC
releases have been published. I can ask upstream to remove the assumption.

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