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Axel Huebl a écrit le 10/02/2015 13:55 :
> Package: libhdf5-serial-dev
> Version: all
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: newcomer
> Dear Debian HDF5 Maintainers,
> I realized a long-standing problem with the different package versions
> of hdf5 where I would like to propose a redesign of the dependencies for.
> Basically, hdf5 compiled with --enable-parallel enables an *additional*
> API for parallel reads&writes but at the same time *still provides* the
> standard, serial API.
> Still, most of the packages in Debian that depend on hdf5 are compiled
> against
>   libhdf5-serial(-dev)
> even if they would work perfectly fine when linked against the parallel
> version (they would still only use the serial API).
> That causes a user/developer that wants to use mpi parallel versions to
> force-de-install packages and tools such as
>   - hdf5view
>   - hdf5-tools
>   - h5py (btw: they also have a parallel API)
>   - ...

This is not true anymore since release 1.8.13+docs-1 of the package: all
flavors of the library (serial, openmpi, mpich) are now co-installable.

> Since the parallel API plainly expands the serial version and both
> library versions should even be fully ABI compatible, I therefore suggest:
> Let us list the packages
>   - libhdf5-mpi/mpich/openmpi
> as "Enhances" the serial versions of the packages.
> Do you have any comments on that?

I don't think this would be useful now that serial and parallel
libraries are co-installable.



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