Hi Bas,

unfortunately I have to reject your package.

In your debian/copyright you have the following entry:
 Files: src/core/pal/*
 Copyright: 2008, Maxence Laurent, MIS-TIC, HEIG-VD
 License: GPL-3+
(strictly speaking this is not true as costcalculator.cpp and costcalculator.h 
 are GPL-2+)

you also have:
 Files: src/plugins/dxf2shp_converter/getInsertions.h
 Copyright: Christopher Michaelis
 License: GPL-2
 Files: src/plugins/dxf2shp_converter/getInsertions.cpp
 Copyright: Christopher Michaelis
 License: GPL-2+ 
The second license header of getInsertions.cpp states it is GPLv2 only, so the 
whole thing seems to be licensed under GPLv2.

Unfortunately you can not mix GPLv2 and GPLv3 software.

Further you have 
 Files: src/plugins/dxf2shp_converter/dxflib/src/*
 Copyright: 2001-2003, RibbonSoft
                 2001, Robert J. Campbell Jr
 License: GPL-2 or dxflib-Commercial-License
which doesn't fit either.

License: ElvenSword says:
 * Do not Rip/Merge with other artists work. Example: All in one
   gradients by Merger/Ripper Nickname) for download/sell
This is non-free and aren't you doing this with all the other stuff in 

So I am afraid, there needs to be a new revision of this software.



Please feel free to respond to this email if you don't understand why
your files were rejected, or if you upload new files which address our

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