Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for taking the time to review QGIS.

I shared the issues you raised with the QGIS developers on their list, see:


My immediate comments follow below.

On 02/28/2015 05:00 PM, Thorsten Alteholz wrote:
> unfortunately I have to reject your package.
> In your debian/copyright you have the following entry:
>  Files: src/core/pal/*
>  Copyright: 2008, Maxence Laurent, MIS-TIC, HEIG-VD
>  License: GPL-3+
> (strictly speaking this is not true as costcalculator.cpp and 
> costcalculator.h 
>  are GPL-2+)
> you also have:
>  Files: src/plugins/dxf2shp_converter/getInsertions.h
>  Copyright: Christopher Michaelis
>  License: GPL-2
>  Files: src/plugins/dxf2shp_converter/getInsertions.cpp
>  Copyright: Christopher Michaelis
>  License: GPL-2+ 
> The second license header of getInsertions.cpp states it is GPLv2 only, so 
> the 
> whole thing seems to be licensed under GPLv2.
> Unfortunately you can not mix GPLv2 and GPLv3 software.
> Further you have 
>  Files: src/plugins/dxf2shp_converter/dxflib/src/*
>  Copyright: 2001-2003, RibbonSoft
>                  2001, Robert J. Campbell Jr
>  License: GPL-2 or dxflib-Commercial-License
> which doesn't fit either.

Excluding the dxf2shp_converter plugin in a repacked upstream tarball is
probably the best short term solution on the Debian side. This should
allow the combined work to fall under the GPL-3+.

> License: ElvenSword says:
>  * Do not Rip/Merge with other artists work. Example: All in one
>    gradients by Merger/Ripper Nickname) for download/sell
> This is non-free and aren't you doing this with all the other stuff in 
> resources/cpt-city-qgis-min/*?
> So I am afraid, there needs to be a new revision of this software.

The cpt-city gradients collection included in QGIS states in its
README.txt that copyright belong to the respective gradient authors.

To quote resources/cpt-city-qgis-min/README.txt:

 This package contains the gradients from the cpt-city
 collection. The archive's home is online at


 where the most recent version can be found.

 The copyright of the gradient files is held by their
 authors, and details of these can be found in the
 COPYING.xml files.

The QGIS specific README repeats this.

To quote resources/cpt-city-qgis-min/README-qgis.txt:

 This package contains a selection of the cpt-city gradients for use by
 the QGIS application.

 The gradients files chosen allow for redistribution and free use,
 subject to individual license information found in the COPYING.xml

Since the cpt-city collection doesn't claim to be by a different author,
the "Do not Rip/Merge with other artists work." clause doesn't seem
applicable. The example describes a collection of gradients claiming to
be by a different author than the ones included.

Do you think this an acceptable interpretation of the ElvenSword license

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