Source: libhdf4
Version: 4.2.10-3.1
Severity: important
Tags: patch


The previous upload wasn't enough it seems (sorry). Although libhdf4
built OK, the testsuite segfaults quite a lot.

Full log:

The attached patch fixes the testsuite for me this time. The header
which defines 'struct xdr_ops' has no mention of these special IRIX
fields so when they're inserted later in 'xdrposix_ops' they cause all
the other fields to be misplaced and the incorrect functions get called.


--- a/HDF4/mfhdf/libsrc/xdrposix.c
+++ b/HDF4/mfhdf/libsrc/xdrposix.c
@@ -283,12 +283,6 @@ static void xdrposix_destroy();
 static struct xdr_ops   xdrposix_ops = {
     xdrposix_getlong,   /* deserialize a 32-bit int */
     xdrposix_putlong,   /* serialize a 32-bit int */
-#if (_MIPS_SZLONG == 64)
-    /* IRIX64 has 64 bits long and 32 bits int. */
-    /* It defines two extra entries for get/put int. */
-    xdrposix_getint,   /* deserialize a 32-bit int */
-    xdrposix_putint,   /* serialize a 32-bit int */
     xdrposix_getbytes,  /* deserialize counted bytes */
     xdrposix_putbytes,  /* serialize counted bytes */
     xdrposix_getpos,    /* get offset in the stream */
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