> can you backported the php5-geos package to wheezy?
> We need this and can't upgrade to Jessie asap ;-)

No, the GEOS package has many reverse dependencies which would need to be
rebuild with the wheezy-backports version.

Since backports are only possible for packages whose dependencies can be
satisfied with the packages in wheezy, rebuilding with the
wheezy-backports version is not an option.

If you cannot upgrade to jessie you're better off customizing geos package
in wheezy to also build the php5-geos package and hosting the customized
package in your own APT repository. This way you shouldn't have to touch
the reverse dependencies because the GEOS libraries don't change.

And if you lack the expertise to do the package customization yourself,
you can hire a Debian consultant. A list of known Debian consultants is
available on the Debian website:


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