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The announcement triggered some discussion on the QGIS upstream mailinglist:


There should be Qt5 support in QGIS already, but it's not very well tested.

In Debian there are at least two missing dependencies before the qgis
package can be switched to Qt5: python-qscintilla2 from the qscintilla2
source package, and libqwt-dev from the qwt source package.

qwt is currently at version 6.0.0, which is not intended for Qt5
according to upstream, for Qt5 Qwt >= 6.1 should be used. There is a
bugreport requesting an update to Qwt 6.1 from 2013:


It looks like qscintilla2 only provides Python 3 bindings for Qt5, there
doesn't seem to be a Qt5 equivalent for python-qscintilla2. So we may
need to switch QGIS to Python 3 too.

I'll start experimenting with the Qt5 support in QGIS, but I'm afraid
it's going to take some time before we can make the switch.

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