How are you doing today? I am the assistant human resources manager for PRIVATEJUNO TOURISM, an establishment that deals and specialize in tourism and resort worldwide. I am in search of a trustworthy individual that will stand as a personal assistant(PA) between our firm and our customers in the United States. This part time job will not affect your present job and you earn an attractive salary within range $200-$300 weekly to sum up a total of $800-$1200 monthly. Your duty/task are more of receiving cash on our behalf and executing simple duty/task. We have procedures in accepting and approving interested individual...If you pass our required criteria test and phone interview to qualify to the job position. no sign-up/registration fee. This position demands swift response from interested and trustworthy individuals that wish to earn aside their daily job.
   Upon your interest reply with "NAME and CELLPHONE NUMBER" for more information. 
Warmest Regards.
HR Manager
Privatejuno...a private life.
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