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        at  b7db13f   (commit)
This tag includes the following new commits:

       new  d6d6840   remount SFCGAL without PostGIS
       new  f6a4db9   ignore some files
       new  d7e982f   Fix for library installation and access to Polygon::_rings
       new  5982d77   add GM_Solid and GeometryVisitor
       new  036fede   merge src/CMakeLists.txt
       new  5f342e6   add polygon tesselator relying on 
       new  05f117a   removed SFCGAL::Coordinate, undefined coordinates NaN 
based like GEOS (due to empty), WaveFront obj rw added (vertices and faces only)
       new  6300031   Minor changes (compilation issues)
       new  37364a9   Make 2D points retrievable in 3D (with z = 0)
       new  647884e   Add basic intersects code
       new  bfbe96a   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  cdca76a   mingw issues
       new  231e480   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  23ad3b2   clean finders and generate config file
       new  e96bb84   ignore obj file
       new  d3e3529   add projection to polygon plane in algorithm::triangulate
       new  9b9b1a3   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  bcefcd6   Remove test/test_config.h from gti
       new  aa79ab9   remove SFCGAL/Kernel.h
       new  a7fdd55   sort examples (pure CGAL/SFCGAL)
       new  51cef6c   Enhance the intersects() function
       new  4027986   Get rid of Kernel.h Merge branch 'master' of
       new  53edc91   add regression test for a input polygon file id|wkt
       new  5d05c9b   merge
       new  5e968f0   Complete intersects() with AABB Tree accelerators and test
       new  ef1a56d   add wkt=>wavefront obj (command line) + remove duplicate 
in WaveFrontObj export for TriangulatedSurface
       new  4e4b6d5   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  8b2cd4f   merge
       new  01f41f8   correct last tests
       new  11874ca   Add triangulation cache management
       new  3201be7   add area3D (todo fix : 
       new  4b10544   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  c521418   add exception on new vertex in triangulate(geometry) + 
add Transform (wrapper for CGAL::Aff_transformation_2 and 
       new  c85dd6e   add convexHull3D
       new  87dbc3c   Add conversion functions. Add iterator facades
       new  cdf21c2   Add Solid intersects3D test
       new  f941457   restore Coordinate class to represent the DirectPosition 
of a Point
       new  7964864   correct convexHull3D by using CGAL::convex_hull_3( 
pBegin, pEnd, object ) to handle degerated cases
       new  842eb10   restore Coordinate class to represent the DirectPosition 
of a Point
       new  cecd977   Fix intersection tests and associated unit tests
       new  603275d   add graph concept and graph builder
       new  a758d96   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  08f13a8   add isConnected test on a GeometryGraph
       new  d8e7c5c   add isHalfEdge(graph) to validate orientation
       new  5c1cdf4   add some test to GeometryGraphBuilder
       new  8fd7762   orientation
       new  23cf9bc   Fix intersects(polygon, polygon) Add a basic log
       new  f967f3b   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  b720431   remove some virtual, fix some problems
       new  54c5701   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  b688f79   Add missing file (Log.cpp)
       new  a67b51f   Fix geometry graph management (bad commit ?)
       new  5638f8e   Add polygon only aread2D
       new  c6567f2   Revert my last changes (use a branch)
       new  552dcce   add makeConsistentOrientation for TriangulatedSurface
       new  a0ef768   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  44c3b9b   makeConsistentOrientation
       new  ac0fec0   triangulation use Epeck (constructive normal)
       new  7f2ecda   Update area and intersects()
       new  87a7111   Fix intersects(point, triangle) Fix 
intersects(linestring, triangle)
       new  604cb15   Add bounding boxes management
       new  de9cb57   add extrude
       new  2168b0a   add some GeometryType to WaveFront obj writer
       new  8ef353c   fix extrude orientation, PolyhedralSurface and 
TriangulatedSurface implements Surface
       new  c1bb24a   Enhance the Log facility
       new  e57c03d   add missing class MultiSolid
       new  88ff7ef   add missing class MultiSolid (visitors)
       new  3a89fb5   add triangle extrusion
       new  7935b73   comment extrude
       new  4414942   add support for MultiSolid in WaveFrontObj
       new  1822323   add viewer
       new  921d36c   add convert from SFCGAL to OSG
       new  f962e96   add export
       new  f5feef3   add plugin system (fake, no dynamic loading)
       new  866df0e   viewer
       new  2637694   print scene tree
       new  7aea137   add BoundaryVisitor and improve log system (track file, 
line with macros). Line stack is removed, autoflush is now based on 
       new  1ed8877   add BoundaryVisitor and improve log system (track file, 
line with macros). Line stack is removed, autoflush is now based on 
       new  64e18cb   remove old boundary interface
       new  06ce103   boundary
       new  7b3fd91   complete extrude and boundary
       new  86d0575   add demo wkt => convexhull
       new  3cc1b73   add Envelope and set default log level to Warning
       new  66e1699   Fix intersects( LineString, TriangulatedSurface )
       new  8b1d121   add Grid concept
       new  e433eb3   Temporary commit
       new  1147894   Merge branch 'master' into hugo
       new  1682828   Fix intersects() in 2D (done)
       new  5446357   Fix non-solid 3D intersection tests
       new  a3239aa   Include S. Loriot's code for point inside polyhedron 
test. Fix intersects3D() for solids
       new  5c7f326   Factorize a bit more intersects()
       new  765549e   Add precompiled header support
       new  81b64ce   Go on with intersection()
       new  fed76ba   Clean up a bit more intersects3d()
       new  210789d   Factorize box_intersection_d usage a bit more
       new  6bfe5b2   Add intersection(Polygon, Polygon)
       new  e43d6e7   Improve support for precompiled headers (LLVM)
       new  e664bca   First draft for Intersection_of_polyhedra
       new  c7b0bb0   Improve intersection3D on solids
       new  e2fd211   Merge branch 'hugo'
       new  6114ee0   test commit
       new  d89f43e   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  e2d96ea   Implement intersection3D( LineString, Solid )
       new  42c726c   Add an implementation matrix document
       new  4b645e9   Cleanup the log class
       new  3bd7b4f   Fix cmake rules for precompiled headers
       new  f6f913d   Fix intersection()
       new  b626d91   Get rid of temporary .off files
       new  5427e41   Add convexhull(2D)
       new  36dfbf8   Fix convexHull
       new  d976728   Fix convexHull
       new  53f2858   Use a non-robust, but publicly available version of 
       new  50d946b   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  b0ab809   Use std::auto_ptr<Geometry>
       new  8b49967   use std::auto_ptr
       new  0851520   Add a unit test for intersection. Fix intersection of 
       new  e51e9ea   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  197fb11   Add a collectionHomogenize function
       new  cfc5f5a   First PostGIS plugin draft
       new  239e3d8   Add a MatrixManipulator dedicated to GIS apps
       new  213b65e   Fix intersection3d(solid, solid). Add GIS / Free view 
       new  dd431eb   Point to Point* in LineString, points() removed, added 
begin(), end() and const_iterator/iterator
       new  639b6a3   std::vector< LineString > to std::vector< LineString* > 
in Polygon
       new  bb6e71c   use shared_ptr instead of naked ptr for LineString and 
Polygon internal storage (note : deep copy kept in copy constructor)
       new  dde0492   Refactor the Viewer's geometry factory
       new  b787b40   changed std::vector< boost::shared_ptr<T> > to 
boost::ptr_vector<T> (LineString)
       new  5dd7421   Fix matrix management
       new  c6fc37f   std::vector< boost::shared_ptr< T > > to 
boost::ptr_vector< T >
       new  fc5f559   std::vector< boost::shared_ptr< T > > => 
boost::ptr_vector< T >
       new  4e0d17e   add Doxyfile
       new  44bbb70   Merge branch 'hugo'
       new  354f0c8   add first distance
       new  c104e60   fix warning in viewer
       new  212e7cc   rename TYPE_TIN to TYPE_TRIANGULATEDSURFACE 
(TriangulatedSurface != TIN in GML)
       new  366a679   Add a presentation draft (for pgconf ?)
       new  0530500   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  8c479ef   2D distance for Point/LineString/Polygon
       new  2fc7199   move numGeometries and geometryN on Geometry with a 
default behavior for Point,LineString,Polygon and Triangle
       new  963de57   2d distance for collection of geometries
       new  f32f886   triangulate point set
       new  a22e1fb   remove deprecated wkt writer (geometry to osgGeometry is 
       new  e124272   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  32e7be5   remove io::WaveFrontObj
       new  7f1f9be   remove io::WaveFrontObj
       new  9eecfbb   support GeometryCollection in extrude
       new  02afcf9   Fix intersection switch breaks !
       new  b80119d   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  77abb9d   Add video demo
       new  cd636c8   triangleN, numTriangles => geometryN, numGeometries
       new  5413ccd   add LineString::numSegments()
       new  93fd209   add some 3D distance (todo : 
       new  19bfeb1   fix polygon triangulation test
       new  d27fd99   add SFCGAL::logger()
       new  2e6fd1a   add regression test for distances
       new  9dcd809   distance3d
       new  d690da6   add regression test for intersects (bug in 2D with 
polygon in a hole)
       new  88207ee   add distances and tests
       new  e7d7381   remove rw access to x,y,z as double on Coordinate and 
       new  24b1721   Fix intersects(polygon_with_hole, polygon) Also fix covers
       new  4909e53   add default kernel Epeck (remove other kernel usage)
       new  d74160e   add basic kernel test
       new  8671f5a   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  2333575   [Coordinate]replace _x,_y,_z by 
_xyz:detail::CoordinateStorage relying on Epeck
       new  6cd0da5   [Coordinate]replace _x,_y,_z by 
_xyz:detail::CoordinateStorage relying on Epeck
       new  43cd2ca   remove template parameter for conversions from 
SFCGAL::Geometry to CGAL (point.toPoint_2<K>() => point.toPoint_2())
       new  20992b1   Fix polyhedra_to_geometry typo
       new  8084ca5   Add a 'hasPlane' method
       new  47cfbd5   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  2a481f8   Add some convenience functions (collectionExtract, 
       new  4c9c5ec   Fix normal computation when dealing with concave polygons
       new  dcce582   Fix comments
       new  659360d   Fix normal computation and unit tests
       new  eb0bac1   Enhance and fix intersects tests
       new  28f1b7f   add mainpage
       new  7654ee3   merge TypeForKernel and TypeForDimension (no more 
multiple Kernel)
       new  84331cb   mark missing ptr_vector
       new  c42597e   merge DimensionTraits
       new  203efdb   mark Grid as experimental
       new  ae9cd28   remove commented code
       new  5beb958   [BreakChange]No easy double from points or coordinates in 
order to reduce the risk to convert to double. Note that .x(), y() now returns 
0 for empty points, and z() returns 0 for non 3D point (before, it was NaN)
       new  f164a3c   Add text / binary basic serialization of Gmpq and 
       new  83e9a18   Add a unit test for serialization
       new  ee887e9   remove CoordinateStorage
       new  5bdad9b   Add Geometry serialization
       new  0f817bf   Fix a typo
       new  eade09b   remove shared ptr declarations
       new  205f379   remove CoordinateStorage class
       new  f6be618   extrude with exact precision
       new  3112c19   viewer not build by default
       new  43e78b4   Merge branch 'serialization'
       new  50ca1c7   Fix merge with the serialization branch
       new  21cd5c7   Add exact geometry writing
       new  a6f3448   refs #121 Fixed intersection unit test. Introduced QT for 
Quotient Type
       new  1ebd4a0   Add a triangulate2D() that does not project on the 
polygon's plane
       new  5decf97   refs #123 Fix polygon x polygon intersection. Move 
implementations to .cpp
       new  d2787f7   Add some basic benchmarks
       new  dfbe615   Fix hasInteriorRings()
       new  18f0c20   add bench
       new  ac98c8a   Distinguish polygon_with_holes in intersection
       new  80f8a59   Restore boost::variant coordinate storage to minimize 
Kernel::Point_x construction
       new  be09278   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  483e67b   Fix banch CMakeLists.txt
       new  266fb89   Fix bench CMakeLists (again)
       new  ebd286c   Fix a bug in binary serialization
       new  11dbd62   Add a method to read wkt directly from a char*
       new  ea643d1   Replace Point_inside_polyhedron by Mesh_in_domain
       new  4a4efe2   clear geometry
       new  e5bcae3   shells as boost::ptr_vector< PolyhedralSurface >
       new  cb8b906   merge bench
       new  76a520d   add regress test for triangulate polygon (divide by zero)
       new  4145b29   fix cmake for windows (GMP_INCLUDE_DIRS, 
       new  d6f4b7e   fix regression for degenerated polygon (refs #129)
       new  6c9d557   fix build on windows
       new  584deb7   addShell with pointer for Solid
       new  1f6ab3f   addPoint with pointer for point
       new  4dd17f0   [Polygon]addRing deprecated, replaced by addInteriorRing
       new  e7a086f   add bench for wkt and avoid copies in reader
       new  70829a9   disable log level for triangulated surface (todo : find a 
way to define it with a boost::test program)
       new  c058b32   add regress test for convex hull with an input file
       new  322e31b   ignore gmon.out
       new  97eaca5   Merge pull request #1 from mborne/master
       new  9500e0c   track version in header (SFCGAL/version.h)
       new  6ea6ac4   allows to replace interior with a other instance 
(pointers in geometries)
       new  5d39eba   add geometry generator (hoch snowflake) for test and demo 
       new  b2009bd   add triangulation bench on hoch snowflake
       new  06ca6d5   Add case-insensitive WKT reading
       new  e9116fe   Add a new class PreparedGeometry
       new  a54a15c   optimize triangulation and add discrete circle generator
       new  5b8a3bf   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  d35d3c7   add discrete disc generator
       new  4712347   fix version header
       new  5343a13   Update PreparedGeometry
       new  c1529d3   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  460c55d   fix hasPlane (return when normal is found)
       new  9ef29e9   optimize 3D polygon triangulation (round normal to 
double) and fix problem in newell normal
       new  f3d8ce2   ignore version.h
       new  fd51adf   merge
       new  ee8ed5c   add bench
       new  86d9581   remove SFCGAL_DEBUG*
       new  58b84a7   Merge pull request #2 from mborne/master
       new  4a6c243   extract translate from extrude
       new  9d35209   add sierpinski fractal generator (2D)
       new  037a7db   configure doxygen mainpage
       new  1380729   add Triangle constructor with Kernel::Triangle_2 and 
       new  a72819f   add bench area
       new  b76fc58   add assert in pointN
       new  09e1dd1   add assert != NULL in Solid::addInteriorShell( 
PolyhedralSurface * shell )
       new  2a6e652   avoid point copy in triangulation
       new  f0de82b   bench
       new  8d2c89f   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  ed5906f   format bench
       new  5abdc99   format bench
       new  e932dc8   add LineString::isClosed
       new  839ec8e   bench
       new  7678a0f   add length(Geometry) and length3D(Geometry)
       new  2c61857   finders
       new  353fff4   cmake
       new  482ba1f   cmake
       new  14cd19b   fix version
       new  fcff93c   finder cmake
       new  e65a416   Minkowski sum (incomplete)
       new  394767e   add comment for missing Minkowski cases
       new  4a69bce   Merge pull request #3 from mborne/master
       new  99b373f   minkowski
       new  7ba8971   [MinkowskiSum]holes for polygon
       new  f632fb7   Clean up
       new  5b2ada2   Update
       new  33841a7   [MinkowskiSum]polygon with holes, points and 
       new  142263f   Merge pull request #4 from mborne/master
       new  7dcc077   [MinkowskiSum]clear code, add Triangle and improve 
GeometryCollection processing
       new  47e3846   [BreakChange]area2D => area (consistency), complete area 
       new  46b6d70   [Length]comments
       new  5f12566   [MinkowskiSum]comments for the polygon holes
       new  08a88df   [MinkowskiSum]test insensivity to polygon orientation
       new  b2a3999   improve comments and remove experimental Grid class
       new  25ee293   Merge pull request #5 from mborne/master
       new  247eb91   Remove ISSUES.txt
       new  235c807   Remove obsolete file
       new  d5b3934   Add GPL3+ license
       new  a3c7d87   [experimental]offset based on CGAL::approximated_offset_2
       new  e16e83c   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  b6e2ed3   licence
       new  a36c479   Merge pull request #6 from mborne/master
       new  44e5f8b   [offset]complete missing case (Point, GeometryCollection 
and Solids)
       new  23ff821   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  d67c64e   Merge pull request #7 from mborne/master
       new  371acb7   Update
       new  ca5e0b5   [MinkowskiSum,OffsetPolygon]ignore empty geometries
       new  fe082d6   [MinkowskiSum,Offset]test empty cases
       new  d01183f   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  dbfa439   [StraightSkeleton]Polygon and MultiPolygon
       new  7077d49   [Extrude]Solid and MultiSolid in switch case
       new  5d41db3   licence in headers
       new  4ef00cf   [StraightSkeleton]test num geometries
       new  72851f6   Merge pull request #8 from mborne/master
       new  3c19e33   [bug]LineString::toPolygon_2() for empty polygons
       new  5ac1d41   add tests for area
       new  8bfc971   add some unit tests
       new  99b7df0   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  08c80d2   add offset example
       new  dd225c2   add LineString::reserve(n)
       new  94c2c34   add algorithm::force3D
       new  6791a23   allows 2D geometry in algorithm::extrude
       new  e39cf72   Fix an infinite recursion in extrude
       new  02c252e   add example
       new  22d2702   configure doxyfile
       new  bf8d0f4   configure doxyfile
       new  f4f4dde   merge extrude
       new  97e3f10   Update viewer demo video (better format)
       new  10eb2be   fix OffsetTest
       new  e3b013b   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  ec894de   fix outputs in test-regress-convex_hull
       new  f303fc7   Disable some offset() unit tests
       new  e6a6c92   round test
       new  7719ead   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  2afea79   Merge pull request #9 from mborne/master
       new  80e4642   [CMAKE]add doxygen support to build the documentation 
(make doc)
       new  33e126e   round Kernel::FT values to smaller rationnal ( 
round(1.68965,10) => 17/10 )
       new  a801967   allows 3D translation of 2D geometries
       new  43067ac   SFCGAL::io::OsgFactory (available only with the optional 
OSG support)
       new  a7a3d79   SFCGAL::io::OsgFactory (available only with the optional 
OSG support)
       new  2ed8da2   add helper to save a geometry in a file
       new  f74bc75   cmake, default no OSG
       new  9223139   remove include/SFCGAL/config.h (generated by cmake)
       new  8120604   cmake and co
       new  3690373   floor/ceil/round rationals (embryo, need completion and 
       new  9529976   ceil/floor/round
       new  13cd96d   complete and fix round
       new  53bfdbf   Merge pull request #10 from mborne/master
       new  3203150   Fix OSG header inclusion
       new  0a49c9f   [Solid]add constructor with a pointer on a shell
       new  0a27d67   add basic building generator based on Straight_skeleton_2
       new  e9cee0b   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  7a4f812   Merge pull request #11 from mborne/master
       new  000d40e   Fix triangulation of a MultiPoint
       new  259a088   Fix constness
       new  befe6d8   Add a C API
       new  da25634   Fix convexhull on empty geometry
       new  9e239e4   Fix polygon construction from linestring with double 
       new  9d4b0e6   Add a type when returning empty geometries (mimick GEOS)
       new  cecf4bc   Fix results of an intersection: returned geometries are 
now filtered
       new  4a1af0f   Fix parsing of EMPTY in WKT
       new  12b5bfa   Move C API into a 'capi' directory
       new  e9d557e   Fix convexhull when calling on a geometry collection of 
empty geometries
       new  963faa7   Fix intersection
       new  5d5241c   Refactor intersects_cb
       new  8d0a770   Split detail/intersects into intersects / intersection / 
       new  90ed953   Add a GeometrySet class, and Box_d{h,cpp} files
       new  06b37cf   Add linestring,polygon and polygon,polygon to intersects 
       new  b3ac424   intersects() is implemented through GeometrySet (still 
has to complete for solids)
       new  d3b29cb   wip
       new  a4abd1f   Move intersects back from detail/
       new  3ef6e6a   Remove back intersection from detail/
       new  49d3891   Move TriangulatedSurface::toPolyhedron_3<K> to .cpp
       new  b4de6c6   Fix triangulation of polyhedron
       new  c810264   complete LineString tests
       new  030a00d   complete Point/LineString tests
       new  22e48c1   M support for geometries
       new  61c8f7d   Fix covers
       new  d8fe795   Wip : typedef MarkedPolyhedron, added collect points, 
complete recompose
       new  ef2831d   Fix intersection3D(solid, surface)
       new  56b06ee   Fix intersection3d(solid, solid)
       new  95ed12f   prepare Grid and ASC format reader
       new  348264a   add test and fix grid and ASCTest
       new  e1a0f24   Grid::PixelType => SFCGAL::PixelConvention
       new  bad3672   add unit test
       new  904c058   Add basic covers test
       new  77bd866   add ASC to OSG example
       new  605e373   add schema to present PIXEL_IS_POINT and PIXEL_IS_AREA
       new  f92c705   prepare triangulation refactoring (split 
       new  6a8dad5   licence header
       new  09951be   ConstraintDelaunayTriangulation with optional 
       new  26729fb   ConstraintDelaunayTriangulation output in 
       new  c23db4a   Point/Coordinate remove useless template parameter in 
       new  9e88f2a   prepare triangulate[2D] => 
       new  173cbf6   triangulate2DZ (supports all geometry types except 
       new  9c71472   SFCGAL::triangulate::triangulate2DZ tests
       new  cd1f663   [cmake]add debug postfix to examples
       new  171648c   move ConstraintDelaunayTriangulation::markDomain 
implementation to detail
       new  a066a3b   remove useless io/osg include in tests
       new  9fdd3a0   fix build msvc2010 (_USE_MATH_DEFINES)
       new  e005f06   remove useless include sys/time.h (build msvc2010)
       new  ba4bceb   Add back Point_inside_polyhedron
       new  e674857   Fix Point_inside_polyhedron for Epeck kernel
       new  53e20e0   Fix intersection 3d
       new  02e1aac   Add intersection2D shortcut for triangle x triangle
       new  9ebf7f3   Cleanup
       new  c67f546   Fix include
       new  d064db6   Move GeometrySet back from detail/
       new  a73f746   Store points and segments in a std::set rather than a 
simple list
       new  a11f2a2   Fix intersects
       new  b4d2d17   Add some comments
       new  25c4958   Merge branch 'mborne' into experimental
       new  0b1ff36   Remove obsolete algorithm::triangulate, add 
triangulate::triangulateInGeometrySet segfault to be fixed in regression test
       new  bef140c   Fix an infinite recursion in triangulatePolygon3D
       new  b1d3a93   Add triangulateInGeometrySet
       new  b0b34e6   Add CGAL to link dependencies
       new  455a4e6   Add CGAL to link dependencies
       new  3e96f8d   Fix TriangulationBench
       new  ab04f2d   Fix switch/case warning
       new  ccb86e8   Add sfcgal_triangle_set_vertex_from_xy(z)
       new  606e947   Add sfcgal_triangle_set_vertex_from_xy(z)
       new  493a76f   Rename triangulate functions
       new  fcab867   Fix SFCGAL types
       new  df49eeb   Fix SFCGAL types
       new  035620e   Add an sfcgal-config executable
       new  acb38a8   Add tesselation algorithm
       new  041fa9b   Fix a switch/case warning
       new  3cb64fd   Fix a unit test
       new  8d399f8   Fix C API for tesselate
       new  320298e   Merge branch 'experimental'
       new  7a90694   Add a ForceOrderPoints that reorder points of a surface 
given an orientation
       new  4fa1e1a   Add force_lhr
       new  2c08184   Add version function
       new  3477558   Change Oslandia's contact email
       new  1869748   Change Oslandia's contact email
       new  424194b   Add version function
       new  954da2a   Fix geometry_set decomposition for empty geometries
       new  f8b8cf4   Fix function names
       new  c6bb326   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  65621ac   Bump up version
       new  2ab4fe4   Set version number for devel version
       new  70ff742   Set version number for devel version (again)
       new  2824006   Add a more complete sfcgal-config
       new  0515db2   add quotes
       new  673b024   Add a libtool file generator
       new  a0c3957   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  22ccefb   fix triangulation bench
       new  8cedb44   Add optional autoOrientation in 
algorithm::straightSkeleton (refs #161)
       new  8420b6a   Merge pull request #12 from mborne/master
       new  a1df8a6   Improve distance (issue : Invalid Line make distance 
function to crash). Allows lineString.numSegment() on single point LineString 
(returns 0) and replace exception in distance by infinite value
       new  881759d   Improve distance3D (issue : Invalid Line make distance 
function to crash)
       new  af86a0a   distance/distance3D : check and comment empty geometry 
       new  41e517f   Merge pull request #14 from mborne/master
       new  825c61f   fix problem in distance3D(gA:Point,gB:Triangle)
       new  00fc77d   add regression test for distance (taken from PostGIS)
       new  b3059e4   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  b3918d0   Merge pull request #15 from mborne/master
       new  aa47ce6   specific WKT for triangle (previously serialized as 
       new  73e92ca   add distance test
       new  4247131   Merge pull request #16 from mborne/master
       new  b527be9   force orientation for outer ring in 
CGAL::Polygon_with_holes_2<Kernel> Polygon::toPolygon_with_holes_2() const
       new  65ea3b8   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  02d5607   fix crash for extrude with closed surface
       new  1e02ffb   Merge pull request #20 from mborne/master
       new  6371e53   [test]add test for 
       new  ec4222e   [convexHull]restore triangle for 2D convexHull, add 
missing test case for 2D convexHull (point,c olinear, triangle and polygon), 
fix problem with empty in 3D
       new  3e82a6c   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  65f2dc3   update todo for extrude
       new  f30c621   [algorithm::force3D]add tests and complete comments for 
doxygen, fix behavior for empty point
       new  a0e9284   [algorithm::force3D]add tests and complete comments for 
doxygen, fix behavior for empty point
       new  b4192ab   [algorithm::distance]add some tests
       new  548757f   [algorithm::offset]add some test cases
       new  4070f3c   [algorithm::orientation]add some test case
       new  3db0625   [Triangle::reverse]simplify function and simplify testing 
(startPoint/endPoint remains unchanged, same as polygon)
       new  99ec486   [algorithm::straightSkeleton]add orientation insensitive 
test, add support for triangle, mark todo for TriangulatedSurface, 
PolyhedralSurface and M coordinate
       new  0593ca6   [algorithm::translate]ignore empty geometries
       new  0827452   [algorithm::translate]prepare translate test (empty 
       new  d7c0e69   [detail::ComplexComparator]add unit tests
       new  73d052e   [Point]Add XYZM constructor, add tests and fix 
       new  d5befda   [Geometry]remove Geometry::fromSFCGAL
       new  d1f6a1f   add todo for envelope (asText)
       new  f73f33e   sort geometry test and mark test for subclasses
       new  0de9faa   [Point]add tests
       new  663b725   [LineString]add tests
       new  f781f80   [algorithm::area]add test for polygon with holes, fix 
       new  2485903   [LineString]add optional parameter in 
LineString::toPolygon_2( bool fixOrientation = true )
       new  a683f8f   [Polygon]add optional parameter in Polygon::toPolygon_2 
and Polygon::toPolygon_with_holes_2 ( bool fixOrientation = true )
       new  4f80d5d   [Triangle]add tests
       new  11716d2   [numeric]add test for NaN/isNaN
       new  f7f1760   [Triangle]fix test for empty bbox
       new  2bb2349   [algorithm::orientation]simplify 
isCounterClockWiseOriented( const LineString& ls ) and fix problem with empty 
       new  2b1cb1f   [Polygon]add constructor with CGAL::Polygon_2
       new  f5959be   [Geometry]return auto_ptr< Geometry* > in boundary() 
instead of Geometry*
       new  0e06985   [Polygon]add tests
       new  92e3862   [GeometryCollection]add test
       new  f3bf2be   [Solid]clean test
       new  4c2263b   [boost]fix behavior between 1.46 and 1.48 (include 
boost/format.hpp) in SFCGAL/Exception.h
       new  59e7a45   [boost]optional boost components (reduce dependencies for 
core library and tests)
       new  8705ec9   [cmake]date_time as default boost dependency
       new  ace3247   Merge pull request #21 from mborne/master
       new  6f731d8   fix moc bug (BOOST_JOIN)
       new  0310e2b   mark graph as private (will probably turn to a typedef on 
       new  3d9275b   rename TINTest to TriangulatedSurfaceTest
       new  00179f7   [TriangulatedSurface]source format
       new  4eb08c8   [Envelope]add convenience method to produce test data 
(toRing, toPolygon, toShell and toSolid)
       new  d446977   [TriangulatedSurface]add tests
       new  b63bd50   [MultiPolygon,MultiSolid]add unit test
       new  f88bdbc   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  3ac4aad   [DLL]prepare dll building for windows (SFCGAL_API : 
       new  ef90e30   complete export for DLL on windows
       new  b0f76b5   disable export for inline
       new  6a01a7a   [DLL]add missing exports
       new  ddad3fc   [DLL]add missing SFCGAL_API export/import
       new  2aa5da3   Update
       new  c55814f   [cmake]fix regress dependencies
       new  2d622ee   Add first difference implementation
       new  24558ae   merge
       new  312ecb2   Update
       new  6dca02c   Update
       new  b88f976   Update
       new  acc48a7   Update
       new  9a0832b   [DLL]add missing SFCGAL_API
       new  3a6050f   Merge pull request #23 from mborne/master
       new  339ff88   API Clean up : move things to detail/ (no namespace 
renaming yet)
       new  514f4d4   API cleanup: add things into the detail:: namespace
       new  f2bb39c   Include classes from detail/io/* into detail::io:: 
       new  5ce82b0   add missing include
       new  a30f1a9   added the structure for isValid implemented the test for 
       new  108d4b7   increased the number of tested geometries
       new  df9f7d0   removed info already provided by boost macro msg
       new  8c3b14d   Add Doxygen annotations to the C API
       new  6a7fafd   Fix a namespace
       new  21392cc   added Validity class and modified isValid accordingly
       new  00a2bf1   Add some validity checks
       new  5f2176c   added type checks in capi (dynamic_cast)
       new  ae240f4   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  f81987f   implemented isPlane(Linestring) do not compile yet
       new  dd8ac88   now build, but doesn't pass the tests
       new  7b057db   finished isPlane and unit test, works fine!
       new  fe8213a   added unit test of capi for wrong type check
       new  0be22f8   added sqrt to really have a distance.
       new  2557370   changed interface of isPlane to accept any geom, 
GetPointVisitor is used in there now.
       new  0f18aae   Clean the C API unit test
       new  b064d84   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  1fc6300   implemented isValid(Polygon) fixed missing template 
declaration for isPlane moved selfIntersects to algorithm/intersects
       new  d244f73   implemented partially self intersection the only function 
needing implementation is the intersection between two line segments
       new  d91be97   completed polygon test, IsValidTest doesn't pass yet 
added vtk output of polygon to view degenerated (non plane) polygons in paraview
       new  e70f07e   added isValid(MultiLineString), fixed bug in test
       new  865ba9b   added implementations for MultiWhatever
       new  e393125   remove isConnected: useless since connection /vtx only
       new  044b4d5   add base for connectivity check, improved isValid
       new  3d681ae   Add a 'coversPoints' function used for polygon validity 
       new  c51e338   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  493a259   removed french comment that where just there as reminder
       new  9eccbca   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  eec4043   added partial implementation of connectivity algo added 
support for ctest (runs unit test) but won't fail since boost test suite 
aparently returns 0 even on failure
       new  f99448b   moved vtk output to its own file, completed connection 
created base for connected test
       new  1f2ae78   remove IsConnectedTest
       new  44e64f0   restructured connection and implenetd for tin
       new  60eb43f   finished test for connected.
       new  f3ec42a   added try/catch for inconsistent orientation
       new  0c73a00   changed invalid orientation throw toward isValid in 
PolyhedralSurfaceGraph. changed Validity to allow copy and assigment.
       new  64cad5e   Merge pull request #24 from mborne/api_cleanup
       new  479d59c   Move Intersects regress test to unit tests
       new  a390340   finished implementation of surface self intersection all 
test pass, but PolyhedralSurface and Solid not tested in IsValidTest
       new  14dd767   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  359f690   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  ba30069   added test for polyhedral surface (same as TIN)
       new  874bf65   added test for solids and completed for PolyhedralSurface 
assertion that no interior shell is present, otherwise isValid is completed
       new  6892827   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  943a4ca   Complete intersects unit tests
       new  6942e07   fixed self intersection removed checkValid to have a 
macro that calls directly BOOST_THROW in order to know in wich algo the invalid 
geom is detected (without debugger)
       new  37a8cbd   changed the geom validity macro to have the reason 
printed before the geometry since the exception printed msg is limited in 
length and the reason is more important to read IMHO than an incomplete geometry
       new  01adbac   fixed bug in isConnected fixed invalid geom in ExtrudeTest
       new  ff7988c   fixed offset test added MultiPolygon vtk output removed 
debug output (std::cerr and vtk)
       new  b75a6dd   Distinguish 2D/3D validity
       new  943a74d   Rework intersection uni test (in progress)
       new  ecc9106   added base for garden test the functions of the c++ api 
called from posgis are listed at the bottom of garden/main.cpp
       new  3bdf894   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  158f9dd   Complete intersection unit tests
       new  244e6a3   Fix regression test file access issue
       new  e89ada2   Fix linestring in polygon hole intersection bug
       new  69efcae   improved garden tests, testing on classes and members 
completed, testing of algorithm::* will be the next step
       new  ba3fbc5   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  5b63a43   Fix crash on intersection polygon|tin|polyhedral x solid
       new  091f807   fixed distance test by adding a relative difference of 
1e-13 reintroduced macro in isValid instead of functions to have the place of 
failure thanks to BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION all regression test pass, but the 
distance test takes 2min10s while all the other regress test take 6s (bug?)
       new  02219e0   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  e6ebac3   improved garden test, not functionnal for the moment
       new  8ff29da   Fix intersection3D on volume' surfaces
       new  9e7337e   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  3ba237f   -added exception types for NotImplemented and 
InvalidGeometry -added validity test in  triangulatePolygon -catch 
NotImplemented and InvalidGeometry exceptions in garden test
       new  941ab93   prepare unittest for SFCGAL::algorithm::tesselate
       new  b6c2f99   mark missing test as @todo unittest
       new  a456ab6   - debugged stuff found by garden test - the test still 
doen't pass du to problem in intersection - added proper namespaces in io/vtk.h 
- changed the return type of minkowskiSum to Geometry to allow returning   
first input geom when second input geom is empty (covolution with   empty)
       new  9a41d49   Minor : add (failing) test cases for covers
       new  aa8018a   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  ba69a7b   - garden test doen't crash (removed tesselate to achieve 
that) - added check of return value in cgal straight skeleton (can be null) - 
fixed invalid geometry in distance test (test is still slow)
       new  a35c729   - fixed invalid geom in tests
       new  95b9be5   Raise an not implemented exception for intersection2D on 
polygon with touching hole
       new  596acba   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  30aa6f6   - fixed bug for tesselate(Solid) - improved garden test 
output - added a couple of geom to io::vtk
       new  f214c04   add tesselate test (ignore solid in tesselate)
       new  c915b48   fix comments
       new  2c0c3c1   Add a variant that do not check validity for each 
algorithm. Use it in distance
       new  18fc2d8   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  bb87d70   - fixed invalid geom in test/regress/standalone - added a 
bunch of @ingroup public_api - beautified isValid.cpp (astyle 
--style=stroustrup --indent=spaces=4)
       new  4b1bb63   add test
       new  97d240c   merge
       new  ea09adf   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  f91495a   - fixed test (invalid geom)
       new  d888b46   add missing SFCGAL_API, fix tesselate (duplicated SOLID 
       new  f7bf1c7   merge
       new  e580194   fix isValid(Polygon), mix between ri/rj
       new  9ec4af8   fix algorithm::tesselate( Solid ) (create 
GeometryCollection with empty elements)
       new  9a6e3d7   - fixed bug in distance3D (intersects was called instead 
of intersect3D) - changed exception type to InappropriateGeometryException in 
extrude - fixed bug in isValid(Polygon) - replaced 
straight skeleton (since projection in the xy plane invalidates 3D geom) - 
added on formelly bugged case in DistanceTest as a result, only one test fails 
in garden test, all test pass in unit and regress/standalone
       new  0bbb7e3   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  66b08d7   - modfify straight skeleton to work around bug in CGAL 
with polygons   with touching holes - added polygon with hole and polygon with 
touching holes in   StraightSkeletonTest - removed leak (bug maybe introduced 
intermittent bug) in   IntersectionTest
       new  7bc3388   fix build MinGW (missing include in SFCGAL/io/osg.cpp)
       new  c65083e   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  e863974   - fixed all warning (now compiles with -Werror) - changed 
operator = to copy&swap idiom (avoid risky/buggy copy to self) all tests pass
       new  18ea963   - fixed warnings in release
       new  d433405   - fixed uninitialized value in GeometrySet - fixed leak 
in GeometryCollection unit test run with ZERO LEAK, regress/garden and 
regress/standalone run fine
       new  21fd413   - added simple pruning in distance computation - added 
possibility to run just one line in DistanceTest
       new  c4755f2   [SFCGAL::Geometry]fix warning (unused parameter)
       new  4e11a7b   [triangulatePolygons]fix for GeometryCollection (infinite 
       new  e0001a8   [polygon_triangulator]add option to force2D
       new  c48a052   fix warning
       new  44b8b59   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  891fe76   merge
       new  8b32609   add cmake option SFCGAL_BUILD_FAILED_ON_WARNING
       new  0e11865   improve building example
       new  94b5893   SFCGAL_BUILD_FAILED_ON_WARNING default to OFF
       new  6147d3e   remove internal boost/CGAL warnings (-isystem instead of 
       new  650fe90   Merge pull request #26 from mborne/api_cleanup
       new  871e4f7   commented out unused typedefs (warning on gcc 4.8
       new  9b23928   -added warning flags -fixed warnings
       new  7bf6d54   Fix the random bug on intersection3D thanks to update 
from CGAL
       new  9c2575b   - fixed stange output in Logger - fixed unconnected 
interior detection in isValid - added test for connected/unconnected interior 
with multiple touching   rings
       new  9b68c71   [MinGW]mark problem with conversion to nef polyhedron 
with MinGW
       new  d18f784   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  7eeef8e   merge
       new  3469205   [warning]remove useless typename
       new  dc54ab9   - added triangulation and PreparedGeom to garden test - 
fixed triangulation (validation of geom) - fixed triangulation test - fixed 
typo in isValid
       new  0a6d2e3   Fix covers()
       new  8e9cd92   Fix covers and clean intersection outputs
       new  118097b   - added throw if non finite values are used for point 
coordinates - accessing x, y or z of empty point now throws - modified Grid to 
use x,y,m instead of x,y,z - added check for finite values in extrusion and 
       new  cfb04b2   Fix intersection3d : ensure volumes in a geometry set are 
       new  01f4e16   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  3f6d51b   - added try/catch on ctors (actually nearly everywhere)
       new  06ca7a6   fixed unused param in release for jenkins build
       new  43648d5   - added min cgal version - added version test in FindCGAL
       new  82d690a   - added reversed cube (inside/out) to be tested in 
IsValidTest and   garden test (everything is fine, at least in release)
       new  0c4f16a   remove toNef_Polyhedron_3
       new  dd04cc6   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  45d46ff   Add modified version of a CGAL header that fixes a memory 
       new  8ed3a56   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  c56363d   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  abe9891   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of 
into api_cleanup
       new  126e4db   Move CGAL header file
       new  046f69d   - added volume computation
       new  20430e1   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  162201b   Use the NoValidityCheck call of tesselate
       new  418a731   Fix intersection3D with revered solids (ignore 
       new  abcd863   - fix clang build
       new  818314a   Fix clang warnings
       new  b9bc620   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  a699d26   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  89085b3   Merge pull request #27 from mborne/api_cleanup
       new  9b500ad   Fix doxygen generation
       new  6a1af1c   Bump up version to 1.0.0 for release preparation
       new  dbaf389   Merge branch 'api_cleanup' of into api_cleanup
       new  118197c   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  fb9e94a   Remove search engine generation in doc
       new  e284592   Apply astyle
       new  33138b4   - added testing/fixing script for style
       new  06b22e9   Remove all.h
       new  02231d2   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  d7d9687   - fixed macro calls to get along with astyle
       new  4adb33c   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  2c0f4ec   Update
       new  9197a4f   Doc fix
       new  8038424   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  29fb408   Fix CMakeLists.txt
       new  aab440a   Force default build type to Release
       new  a913cc0   - moved garden test - removed options (merged them 
together) - fixed missing include
       new  f21c966   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  37a4526   - oups, forgot the add
       new  97ba8dd   Merge branch 'master' of
       new  2311354   fix headers, remove template params for 
       new  50d7572   Merge pull request #28 from mborne/master
       new  3928ae3   fix SFCGAL/all.h in example
       new  513be5d   - fixed include all.h in offset example - astyle in the 
rest should be the very last commit before tag 1.0
       new  1b8c0d9   [MinGW]fix missing SFCGAL_API
       new  b7db13f   Merge pull request #30 from mborne/master

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