On 06/19/2015 01:23 PM, T. Dinter wrote:
> Dear Debian GMT maintainer,
> since GMT Version 4.5.7 the GMT tools are not usable because of
> the bugs with the numbers #758685, #723089, and #717074. This problems
> are widely discussed in the GMT forums also by the committed developers
> Paul and Joaquim.

Do you have some links to discussion outside the aforementioned bugreports?

Ross Gammon and myself recently started to work on the gmt package as
its one of the few remaining Debian GIS packages that is very outdated
compared to recent upstream releases. I haven't delved into the existing
bugreports too much yet, because most of my time is occupied working to
get the GDAL and SpatiaLite transitions moving to resolve the segfauls
related to the deprecated spatialite_init() method.

> The problems came clearly from the package building
> site, because there are no problems with self compiled GMT
> versions. They sounds really frustrated, because their seems to be no
> efforts from the Debian maintainer to solve this problems. I think
> they willing to help you with building a usable Debian package. 
> May it is time to switch to GMT5 ? :-) 
> Thanks for your efforts and your work in Debian,

Packaging for GMT 5 is almost ready, yesterday the new gmt-gshhg &
gmt-dcw packages were accepted into the Debian archive, so we can now
built the gmt 5 package with these new dependencies.

Have a look at the GMT thread on the debian-gis list about the recent
work on the gmt package:


Since I don't use the gmt package myself, more contributors to the
packaging effort by actual users and/or developers is very much
appreciated. The gmt package was very outdated because no-one with
sufficient time decided to contribute to the gmt packaging.

Kind Regards,


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