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On 19/06/15 14:40, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> The mips* FTBFS are a recurring problem for the mapnik package, previous
> builds were no different. I'll try to get it to build on a porterbox,
> but I expect intervention from the buildd admins will be required like
> last time to make sure only the buildds with the most resources try to
> build mapnik.
> See: https://bugs.debian.org/742149
>      https://bugs.debian.org/729121

I'm not sure there are buildds with more RAM. Note that the package failed in
the exact same way on kfreebsd-i386, which has 3GB of RAM + 4GB of swap. Since
all these arches are 32bits, more memory is probably not going to help.

Instead, perhaps you can make the build take less memory, e.g. by reducing the
optimizations (-O1?) or using some flags such as the linker's --no-keep-memory.


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