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Hi Nikolaos,

I am sorry nobody has responded to this bug so far. We are in the
process of packaging a new version of gmt for Debian (5.1.2), and I am
unable to get to the point where I can confirm the bug in Debian Jessie
against (gmt 4.5.12) because the script attached to the upstream bug
report fails.

I have downloaded the script and the small.grd file from the
upstream bug report. I had to add paths (/usr/lib/gmt/bin) in front of
the commands in the script, and install gmt-gshhs-high. Unfortunately,
the script borks with Error: /undefined in PSL_font_encode

Are you able to confirm whether the problem still exists for you in
version 4.5.12 of gmt in Debian Jessie? And if so, would you be able to
test with the version in Debian Experimental (5.1.2 - you might want to
do it in a Virtual Machine based on Debian Unstable)?

Otherwise, a working script (or set of instructions) attached to the
Debian bug would be useful.



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