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Dear Release Team,

libdap (3.14.0-1) was uploaded to unstable on the 26st, and it
apparently contains a SONAME bump. An automatic transition tracker has
already been created for this uncoordinated transition.

The libdap update was picked up by the gdal (1.10.1+dfsg-9) upload to
unstable today. The gdal update contains a patch to fix a FTBFS with
MySQL 5.6 which was uploaded to unstable recently too.

The only other libdap reverse dependency is grads (2:2.0.2-3) also
maintained by Alastair, which makes this a rather limited transition.

On mips, powerpc & s390x libdap (3.14.0-1) failed to build due to test
failures. Those will need to be fixed before the packages involved in
the libdap transition can migrate to testing.

Kind Regards,


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