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a_valentino-guest pushed a change to annotated tag debian/2.3_dev20140814b-1
in repository epr-api.

        at  bdd71e4   (tag)
   tagging  8641d72c6a9cdba0d7d325d42ad8525ac3219393 (commit)
  replaces  debian/2.2-1
 tagged by  Antonio Valentino
        on  Sun Mar 22 18:17:52 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
epr-api Debian release 2.3~dev20140814b-1

Antonio Valentino (60):
      Install images for html docs
      Quilt dependency is superfluous with source format 3.0
      Fixed watch file
      Copyright file converted to DEP5 format
      Policy bumped to 3.9.2
      Chancelog file updated for a new release
      Fixed unversioned copyright format uri
      Copyright file checked with cme
      Fixed formatting of the package description
      Standard version bumped
      Control file checked with cme
      Reverted last change on Provides and Conflicts fields
      Patches regenerated with gbp-pq
      New patch for generating the static library
      Provide a static version of the library
      Rename the -dev package into libepr-api-dev
      Added missing conflicts field
      Imported Upstream version 2.3~dev20130813
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.3_dev20130813'
      New updtrean snapshot and patch refresh
      Updated copyright file
      Changelog file update to merge ghanges from version 2.2-3 (never released)
      Standard version bumped to 3.9.4
      New patch for setting the SOVERSION
      Link test programs with libm
      Use canonical URL for VCS fields
      Set compat to 9
      Switch from cdbs to dh (debhelper command sequencer)
      Fix changelog installation
      Improved package description
      Fix lib installation
      Better fix for missing link with libm
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.3_dev20130815'
      Imported Upstream version 2.3~dev20130815
      Remove all patches (applied upstream)
      Added symbol file
      Imported Upstream version 2.3~dev20130907
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.3_dev20130907'
      Updated symbol names after the upstream change
      Imported Upstream version 2.3~dev20140322
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.3_dev20140322'
      New upstream release
      Standerd version bump
      Fixed the  dependency string of the -dev package
      Update copyright date
      Added a libepr-api2-dev dummy package
      Standards version set to 3.9.4
      Revert "Standards version set to 3.9.4"
      Fixed libepr-api-dev dependencies
      Updated copyright file
      Imported Upstream version 2.3~dev20140814
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.3_dev20140814'
      New upstream snapshot
      Imported Upstream version 2.3~dev20140814b
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.3_dev20140814b'
      New upstream snapshot
      Policy version bumped to 3.9.6
      Fix Vcs-Browser URL
      Ready for a new release

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (2):
      Moved to policy 3.9.5, no changes required.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Ross Gammon (1):
      Fix watchfile


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