On 07/14/2015 09:22 PM, Moritz Lennert wrote:
> I can confirm the bug with 2.8.2+dfsg-2+b1.
> Even after installing qgis-dbg, all I get in a console is:
>> qgis

You need to run qgis via gdb:

 gdb qgis.bin

In the gdb prompt type 'run' to start the executable:

 (gdb) run

When you get the segfault type 'bt' to get the back trace:

 (gdb) bt

> Anything else I can do to debug, or is this the spatialite bug and I
> just have to wait for a new version to get into testing ?

Please try to above so we can find out if the deprecated
spatialite_init() method is causing the segfault.

Today the spatialite transition started so we'll soon have SpatiaLite
4.3.0 in testing, this is part of the solution to the spatialite_init()
related problems. Another part is the upcoming transition to GDAL 1.11,
and for QGIS we'll need the next LTR (2.8.3). QGIS 2.8.2 doesn't have
the spatialite_init() related fixes yet.

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