On 06/25/2015 07:49 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 06/25/2015 03:53 PM, Chris West (Faux) wrote:
>> Package: mapnik-vector-tile
>> Version: 0.5.1+dfsg-1.3
>> [...]
>> I believe this is due to libmapnik-dev pulling in mapnik 3.0.
> For mapnik 3 support mapnik-vector-tile v0.7 or later is required,
> Jérémy updated the packaging in git to 0.8.0 recently but this hasn't
> been uploaded yet. Uploading that probably resolves this issue.

mapnik-vector-tile (0.8.0+dfsg-1) fails to build with mapnik
(3.0.0+ds-2) as well. It's missing clipper.hpp:

 In file included from ../src/vector_tile_processor.cpp:2:0:
 ../src/vector_tile_processor.ipp:38:23: fatal error: clipper.hpp: No
such file or directory
  #include "clipper.hpp"
 compilation terminated.
 gyp/mapnik_vector_tile_impl.target.mk:152: recipe for target

This appear to be provided by an external dependency, that was added to
the Makefile in v0.8.1. That release also adds a dependency on a MapBox
specific pbf.hpp, so there are two missing build dependencies for

 1. https://github.com/mapnik/clipper
 2. https://github.com/mapbox/pbf.hpp

These build dependencies will need to be packaged before
mapnik-vector-tile can be fixed.

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