On 07/03/2015 03:10 PM, Matthias Klose wrote:
>  - If a library transition is needed, please prepare for the change.
>    Rename the library package, append "v5" to the name of the package
>    (e.g. libfoo2 -> libfoo2v5). Such a change can be avoided, if you
>    have a soversion bump and you upload this version instead of the
>    renamed package.  Prepare a patch and attach it to this issue (mark
>    this issue with patch), so that it is possible to NMU such a
>    package. We'll probably have more than hundred transitions
>    triggered. Then reassign the issue to release.debian.org and
>    properly tag it as a transition issue, by sending an email to
>    cont...@bugs.debian.org:
>      user release.debian....@packages.debian.org
>      usertag <this issue> + transition
>      block <this issue> by 790756
>      reassign <this issue> release.debian.org

I'm not entirely sure if the changed symbols are part of the public API,
so I'll be conservative and assume that the library is incompatible.

I've pushed a gcc5 branch with changes to append v5 to the library
package names, but I don't think I'll upload these changes to
experimental soon.

The GEOS 3.5.0 release is expected in the near future, so we may not
need the v5 renames and tag along with the new SONAME. But that assumes
GCC 5.2 is moving from experimental to unstable soon. In what time frame
do you expect the switch to GCC 5 to happen in unstable?

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