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sebastic pushed a change to tag v1.0.0
in repository osmium-tool.

*** WARNING: tag v1.0.0 was deleted! ***

       was  06bcd2c   Set version to 1.0.0.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  06bcd2c   Set version to 1.0.0.
  discards  4ef5dd5   New FindOsmium CMake script from libosmium repos.
  discards  893f55d   Remove now superfluous cmake script to find libcrypto++.
  discards  3388d65   Use CRC32 instead of SHA checksum.
  discards  5c41d85   Fix appveyor build.
  discards  678d003   Add compiler and linker flag settings.
  discards  265a9d1   Fix path and use lowercase for all commands in appveyor 
  discards  9bd1dca   CMake workaround: Set CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES before 
  discards  778f08d   Update appveyor conf similar to the one from libosmium.
  discards  d2302bf   Update FindOsmium.cmake from libosmium repos
  discards  3fa8ae4   Only run test that needs man pages if man pages are built.
  discards  7cdae9d   Fix travis script.
  discards  60f84ad   Call ctest in travis build.
  discards  44acba1   Make it compile with very strict warnings.
  discards  724dd3b   Set MANPATH before running tests.
  discards  1fb7cf8   CMake: Add option to build with or without libcryptopp.
  discards  e10755b   Provide some simple test cases.
  discards  146995d   Revert "Use non-mutable lambda in the hope that this will 
work with MSVC."
  discards  2a08b01   Revert "Another try to make MSVC happy."
  discards  d955ad1   Add wrapper script for uninstalled osmium. Simplified man 
page building.
  discards  4a1f621   Document that SHA support might not be available.
  discards  3597ff2   Bugfix: Don't show that a file has multiple object 
versions if it is unordered.
  discards  42f0e98   Update copyright date in man pages.
  discards  9d63d2b   Another try to make MSVC happy.
  discards  d85b715   Use non-mutable lambda in the hope that this will work 
with MSVC.
  discards  248d4d2   Remove unused vars from appveyor config.
  discards  9230141   Workaround for MSVC bug.
  discards  d574c7e   Do not set -std=c++11 option for MSVC.
  discards  e72e224   Remove unneeded definitions from CMake command line for 
win build.
  discards  bedcb4c   Tweak travis build, update README.
  discards  0a4788e   Extend output of --version with copyright and build info.
  discards  7ab2dc6   Move namespace alias into smaller scope.
  discards  5c0e028   Add YouCompleteMe vim plugin config.
  discards  914e103   Build fixes: Dev build, Windows build. Cmake config 
  discards  943e857   Updated copyright date.
  discards  c119033   Simplified configuration. Removed need for config.hpp.
  discards  25fb567   Simplified libcryptopp check and make use of lib optional.
  discards  0bddb0b   Updated FindOsmium.cmake from upstream (libosmium 
  discards  6ac81b8   travis build: fix install of dependencies
  discards  2b0b701   Add appveyor build badge to README.
  discards  70fb845   Add travis and appveyor config.
  discards  be9c27a   Updated FindOsmium.cmake from upstream (libosmium 
  discards  565b547   Get FindOsmium.cmake from upstream.
  discards  ab1b70e   Remove superfluous std::move().
  discards  3e69fd8   CMake config: Formatting.
  discards  3355bf8   CMake config: Add threading support for all IO functions, 
not only PBF.
  discards  63af431   Add 'Dev' build type. Remove need for OsmiumOptions.cmake.
  discards  0fe5d56   Fix .gitignores.
  discards  8d84ffe   Make CMake config work with older versions of CMake.
  discards  ad49155   Detect if objects in OSM file are ordered and if there 
are mulitple versions.
  discards  2c73fea   Small updates to wrapper Makefile and README.
  discards  98299d9   Move essential compile options from OsmiumOptions.cmake 
to FindOsmium.cmake.
  discards  bd43cc1   Change cmake config to allow specifying C++ version to 
  discards  34effba   Improved cmake config.
  discards  6e0c6a3   Updated cmake config.
  discards  9d0cce4   Add Makefile for simpler builds, update build 
instructions in README.
  discards  a1344c1   Fix include order. This fixes build problem on OSX.
  discards  588b629   Only output time range for fileinfo if there are objects 
in the file.
  discards  4abfe76   Formatting includes.
  discards  7d1bad3   Merge pull request #4 from alex85k/mingw
  discards  3424e40   reorder libraries and add ws2_32 for MinGW
  discards  8cc540c   Use value instead of reference captures in lambda.
  discards  83481e2   Make "osmium" command work on Windows, too.
  discards  5efff76   Fix indentation/spacing.
  discards  69b9247   avoid {} initialization
  discards  1e9a1e6   fix includes for MSVC
  discards  c9a4464   minimal fix for windows compilation
  discards  af1f7b7   Fix typo.
  discards  3e87a7b   Extra checks for missing libraries.
  discards  d9dc67a   Ups. Sorry. Include order updated again.
  discards  5b233a5   Fix include order so that USE_CRYPTOPP macros is included.
  discards  89ea2bb   Fix zsh completion for osmium command.
  discards  7b762b0   Add ZSH completion rules.
  discards  97ac6f0   Only install in debian, not on "make install".
  discards  24fae05   Various cmake build, debian packaging, and doc updates.
  discards  110e504   Add 'format' target to cmake makefile.
  discards  fa3b5f8   Improved cmake setup.
  discards  73c960f   Update mailinglist link for manpages.
  discards  3d8c243   Add cmake build stuff.
  discards  ca73b07   Update debhelper version.
  discards  7acc96b   Build and debian packaging fixes.
  discards  bdbbf7a   Improve man pages.
  discards  f9a067f   Option to "osmium cat": Only write out specified object 
  discards  43be77e   Add/improve verbose output for some commands.
  discards  1a1b509   Added new and improved existing man pages.
  discards  2ff8fdb   Also report number of changesets for fileinfo -e.
  discards  70061c5   Add first and last timestamp to fileinfo output.
  discards  85f1f5f   Rename osmium::Object to osmium::OSMObject in libosmium.
  discards  5efd806   Remove defunct ostream.hpp include.
  discards  86efe92   Fix osmium-subcommand command names.
  discards  8c14f3c   Some subcommands can't handle changesets, so make sure we 
don't read any.
  discards  6751c8e   Track libosmium changes.
  discards  8df46a8   Update because libosmium moved some classes out of the 
'osm' namespace.
  discards  a5deede   Use new overwrite flag in libosmium.
  discards  0f9b876   Add output-header option to osmium cat
  discards  5eaadf5   BBox rename in libosmium
  discards  159a100   First commit

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