On 03-07-15 15:13, Matthias Klose wrote:
>  - If a library transition is needed, please prepare for the change.
>    Rename the library package, append "v5" to the name of the package
>    (e.g. libfoo2 -> libfoo2v5). Such a change can be avoided, if you
>    have a soversion bump and you upload this version instead of the
>    renamed package.  Prepare a patch and attach it to this issue (mark
>    this issue with patch), so that it is possible to NMU such a
>    package. We'll probably have more than hundred transitions
>    triggered. Then reassign the issue to release.debian.org and
>    properly tag it as a transition issue, by sending an email to
>    cont...@bugs.debian.org:
>      user release.debian....@packages.debian.org
>      usertag <this issue> + transition
>      block <this issue> by 790756
>      reassign <this issue> release.debian.org

We'll need a transition for netcdf, but I don't want to transition to v5
libraries for netcdf (1:4.1.3-7.2). I strongly prefer to transition to
the new netcdf packages we have in experimental for some time now.

The biggest change in those packages is the split into language specific
packages instead of bundling them all in the netcdf package.

There are two new NetCDF C++ packages: netcdf-cxx & netcdf-cxx-legacy.

The netcdf-cxx package provides libnetcdf-c++4-1 (libnetcdf_c++4.so.1)
which has a new API.

The netcdf-cxx-legacy package provides libnetcdf-c++4
(libnetcdf_c++.so.4) which has the old API compatible with the netcdf
4.1.3 packages in Debian.

Since all the new netcdf packages change the library package name, we
won't need to append v5. Because of the new -dev package for the
language specific packages, most reverse dependencies will need to
change their build dependencies and a source upload, binNMUs won't do
most most or even all of the reverse dependencies.

We're not quite ready for the netcdf transition yet, we still need to
complete a round of rebuild of all reverse dependencies, and file bugs
with patches for the changes required for the new netcdf packages. I'll
usertag those bugs with netcdf-split-c-f-cxx for easy reference.


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