On 30-07-15 14:00, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 29-07-15 16:23, Youhei SASAKI wrote:
>> I'll prepare new upstream release ASAP.
> ruby-netcdf ( no longer fails the main() check, but it doesn't
> accept the 4.4.0-rc version we currently have in experimental:
>  extconf.rb:55:in `<main>': Invalid netcdf version: 4.4.0-rc. Use
> --with-netcdf-version= (RuntimeError)
> Patching the version check regex to support an optional -rc suffix
> allows the build to start (patch attached), but it fails to find the
> HDF5 libraries:
>  [...]
> This is a common problem with the new netcdf packages in experimental.
> I'm not sure all affected reverse dependencies need to specify the hdf5
> library themselves, we should probably fix this in libnetcdf-dev by
> patching nc-config & netcdf.pc.

The netcdf rc version patch is still required to build successfully with
the new netcdf packages in experimental, but no changes are required for
the HDF5 linking issue.

In netcdf (1:4.4.0~rc2-1~exp4) I've patched nc-config and netcdf.pc to
include the HDF5 library & include paths. That solves the linking issue
for all affected packages.

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