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On 24-01-15 23:32, Ross Gammon wrote:
> To build with parallel I/O requires hdf5 to be built with parallel
> enabled.
> We are currently packaging the soon to be released netcdf v4.3.3,
> and I can see that netcdf (~rc3) is now detecting parallel
> automatically during the build.

After the recent discussion with the HDF5 maintainer, it became clear
that we cannot build netcdf with the HDF5 MPI variant only, we must
also build with the HDF5 serial variant for non-MPI applications.

Because we are under pressure to get the new netcdf packages ready for
the transition (#791215), I've reverted back to build netcdf with only
the HDF5 serial variant. After the GCC 5 related transitions, we'll
update the netdcdf package to provide a netcdf library built with the
HDF5 MPI variant in addition to the serial variant.

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