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Hi Frederic,

On 06-08-15 16:50, Frederic Junod wrote:
> Can you please consider enabling memcache support in mapcache?
> See attached patch.

We should have a recent enough apr to support it, so I've applied your
patch in git and the memcache support will be included in the next
upload. That will take a little time because the mapcache build
dependencies are currently uninstallable due to the ongoing GCC 5
related transitions.

Please note the comments from the MapCache documentation:

 Memcache support requires a rather recent version of the apr-util
 library. Note that under very high loads (usually only atainable on
 synthetic benchmarks on localhost), the memcache implementation of
 apr-util may fail and start dropping connections for some intervals of
 time before coming back online afterwards.

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