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  replaces  upstream/7.0.0
 tagged by  Johan Van de Wauw
        on  Sat Aug 1 22:12:46 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 7.0.0-1~exp2~trusty3

Bas Couwenberg (120):
      Merge tag 'upstream/6.4.4'
      Add gbp.conf to use pristine-tar by default.
      Refresh patches.
      Restructure control file with cme, remove duplice section 'science', add 
${misc:Depends} for grass.
      Remove obsolete ored build dependencies.
      Add myself to Uploaders.
      Use {build,install}-arch targets in rules file.
      Don't use hardening-includes, but dpkg-buildflags only.
      Pass CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS to configure for their hardening flags.
      Add lintian overrides for hardening-no-fortify-functions false positives.
      Move image files to /usr/share, symlink them from /usr/lib.
      Add lintian overrides for image-file-in-usr-lib false positives.
      Set urgency to medium.
      Run dh_lintian in binary targets.
      Update copyright file using copyright-format 1.0.
      Add wxpy3.0-compat.patch for wxPython 3.0 support, adapt for 6.4.4.
      Remove extra license files.
      Add patch headers.
      Add patch to remove the sheband from animate.tcl which is source instead 
of executed.
      Fix executable-not-elf-or-script issues with tcl files.
      Add upstream metadata.
      Add Donation & Screenshots fields to upstream metadata.
      Disable Bug-Submit in metadata, requires login.
      Update gbp.conf and Vcs-Git URL to use the experimental branch.
      Update watch file for GRASS 7.0.
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_beta1' into experimental
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_beta2' into experimental
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_beta3' into experimental
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_beta4' into experimental
      New upstream beta release.
      Drop build dependencies for Tcl/Tk, add build dependencies: python-numpy, 
libnetcdf-dev, netcdf-bin, libblas-dev, liblapack-dev
      Update Vcs-Browser URL to use cgit instead of gitweb.
      Update paths to use grass70.
      Add configure options: --with-netcdf, --with-blas, --with-lapack, remove 
      Update patches for GRASS 7.
      Use spaces instead of tabs.
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_rc1' into experimental
      Refresh patches.
      New upstream release candidate.
      Disable for removed Tcl/Tk scripts.
      Fix install prefix, now lowercase.
      Update man page name from grass6 to grass7.
      Update man page paths.
      Update helper scripts installation for Python rewrite.
      Update custom installation for GRASS 7.
      Use /usr/lib instead of /usr/bin for BINDIR.
      Delete all .pyc files using find.
      Install grass7 wrapper script.
      Install tools into -dev package using install file instead of d/rules.
      Add shlibs & python Depends for tools in grass-dev.
      Add false positive to lintian-overrides.
      Sort install files.
      Add lintian override for manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry & 
      Move image files from /usr/lib to /usr/share.
      Fix unknown substitution variable warnings.
      Update copyright file.
      Add patches for various typos.
      Update hardening-no-fortify-functions lintian overrides.
      Add debian/* to copyright file.
      Fix license shortname for LGPL-2.0+.
      Add explicit python dependency for grass-dev.
      Update parameter typo patch.
      Fix desktop file with patch instead of d/rules.
      Add explicit python dependency for grass-dev in too.
      Use minimal dh rules.
      Remove obsolete
      Remove empty directory.
      Drop animate-wish.patch, TCL GUI no longer included.
      Drop help_about_names patch, applied upstream.
      Drop xterm patch, grass-xterm-wrapper no longer included.
      Drop htmlgen-fakeroot patch, obsolete.
      Port check4dev patch to Python.
      Add patch to fix 'allows one to' typo.
      Move appstream metadata fix from rules file to patch.
      Use dh_install --list-missing.
      Don't chmod, script removed.
      Mark typo patches as Forwarded.
      Remove files not installed or installed by debhelper.
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes.
      Mark typo patches as Applied-Upstream.
      Use dpkg-maintscript-helper to replace directories with symlinks.
      Update my email to use address.
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_rc1+ds1' into experimental
      Repack upstream tarball, remove precompiled Python objects.
      Set distribution to experimental.
      Add patch to treat Hurd & kFreeBSD like Linux in SC_CONFIG_FLAGS.
      Update control file to match generated.
      Add patch to fix Python ctypes conversion for stat64 struct on Hurd.
      Add patch to prevent build failures by ignoring HTML description errors.
      Mangle debian version in watch file.
      Set distribution to experimental.
      Remove additional Doxygen files on clean.
      Drop upstream tarball repacking, fixed upstream.
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0_rc2' into experimental
      New upstream release candidate.
      Drop patches applied upstream, refresh remaining patches.
      Add build dependencies on: zlib1g-dev, python-ply, python-pil.
      Update copyright file, update copyright years.
      Set distribution to experimental.
      Update python-ctypes-ternary.patch to use if/else instead of and/or.
      Add additional Applied-Upstream header for second changeset.
      Mark www-browser patch as Applied-Upstream.
      List revision explicitly in www-browser patch.
      Mark wxpy3.0-compat.patch as Applied-Upstream.
      Mark Forwarding of check4dev patch as not-needed, distribution specific 
      Drop check4dev patch, rely on upstream check.
      Mark Forwarded for appstream.patch as not-needed, distribution specific.
      Add build dependency on libpq-dev to grass-dev for libpq-fe.h.
      Merge tag 'upstream/7.0.0' into experimental
      New upstream release.
      Drop patches applied upstream, refresh remaining patches.
      Update symlinks for images switched from jpg to png.
      Set distribution to experimental.
      Use upstream grass startup script, and install custom x-grass7 as 
      Fix x-grass70 install.
      Fix typo BASENAME instead of BASE_NAME.
      Add Conflicts to the grass70* packages provided by upstream.
      Update Conflicts for grass7 upstream packages.
      Reinstate (x-)grass symlinks to (x-)grass70.
      Also Conflict with upstream grass7-daily packages.

Francesco P. Lovergine (6):
      Restored debian/grass.desktop and provided a better set of deps for 
      Updated a couple of b-ds.
      Merge tag 'upstream/6.4.2'
      Regenerated debian/control after upstream merge.
      Removed duplicated comment in changelog.
      Restored Hamish changes erroneously done in debian/control.

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (188):
      Creating trunk
      Moving into trunk current devel tree
      Creating branch 6.1 for development tree
      Branching from current dev tree of 6.0
      Managing requirements for grass package, previuosly
      Reissuing, fixing a little bug, mainly to remove .svn stuff
      Changing priority
      First import for 6.1 branch
      True merge from 6.0 trunk. Also fixed one patch description.
      Branching for 6.2~beta1
      Update to build-up 6.2~beta1
      Creating 6.2.0 branch
      commit b14b252bde3e4fe5591e6664d8ec3c50f05649f0
      Starting new trunk from 6.2.0 brach
      Starting 6.2.1 cycle
      Updated for gdal 1.4.0
      Releasing 6.2.1-1 in experimental
      Fixing grass61 -> grass62
      Targetting changelog to UNRELEASED.
      Added grass.pc installation for grass-dev
      New patch for default browser
      Added pager patch
      Fixed patch www-browser to use x-www-browser, not the text-mode one.
      New patches revised.
      Preparing for releasing 6.2.1-2 in unstable
      Fixed www-browser patch
      New upstream release 6.2.2
      Set proj shared data dir
      Changed a bit gdal build-dep
      Merging from 6.2.1-4
      Fixing grass.conf path
      New upstream pre-release, silly update.
      Misc fixes for 6.2.2
      Releasing 6.2.2-1
      Sigh missing patch added
      Adding missing debian/grass.conf file
      Missing files.
      Changing priority.
      Fixes for 6.2.2-2
      Init 6.3 branch for development only tree
      First issue of the development branch
      New homepage field in control
      Added home page field
      Updating obsolete dpkg var
      Fixing minor lintian error
      Fixes for a new snapshot
      Moving to Tcl/Tk default packages as recommendend in current Tcl/Tk policy
      Fixing for Tcl/Tk policy and backports compatibility.
      Minor changes for mysql
      Chaning policy version.
      Moving to svn-buildpackage merge mode
      New upstream version
      Fixing #458232
      Ack #434897 fix
      Fixating merge
      Fixating changelog
      Minor changes
      Fixating rules
      Moved to grass-preview
      -preview flavor commit
      Some wx related fixes and changed grass-preview-doc to conflict with 
      Removing temporary files uploaded due to oversight
      Now 6.4 is the new development branch.
      First round of changes for incoming stable.
      New grass, round 2
      New grass, round 3
      Fixating residual dirs
      Added instdir patch
      Adding a patch for INST_DIR and links.
      NEWS file dropped because obsolete.
      Fixed htmlgen-fakeroot, wrong in 6.3+
      Added a useful link for grass.pc
      commit 2d17d899e1dbd432c641835a1714cbdc86065fc2
      Fixating some missing build-deps.
      Missing prop set
      Just released.
      Fixed instdir.dpatch
      Fixed obsolete directory.
      commit 02bc7121db7625c45884c5df36366bd644a45ac9
      A better watch file
      commit c13474296ecd2d335875728740424277b31eeabe
      Other Suggests.
      Proj transition.
      Fixed section
      r.external and v.external now work.
      Fixed symlink
      Updated to use templates.
      Updated changelog
      Minor changes.
      Minor changes
      Updated control
      Minor fixes.
      Python related changes.
      commit 29df8cc2a2f24c5d4345577033bc8b7917a151cf
      Minor fix
      Proper fix of gprojects.h requirements.
      Fixed control
      Added one more build-dep.
      Added GCC 4.4 patch
      Some fixes due to tbm.
      commit e17a014da6af80bcd236642ecbc342a65a8a83ee
      commit f9de0bf2f38efacf2d2605ec939cde582f3ac6d5
      commit a33bbc447ffff63519e3fe878a15ee09cf8b7872
      commit 1b40514b0d1ff4ff20c9346e4cab99f37b34f1fa
      Added a useful wrapper and other changes
      Some minor fixes for menu
      Added x-grass installation
      Minor fixes.
      Minor changes for x-grass
      Useful patch
      Fixed forward decl in newlocation patch.
      New ABI versioning to force inter-package coherence
      Ready for uploading
      Fixing swig problem with a temporary hack.
      New snapshot.
      Minor fix.
      Fixed missing localization.
      Close bug for localization.
      New snapshot.
      commit 885b3ba30f5e9df682f2c6aa3cfc1f670d1ae814
      commit f043fe50ed55aa71b674aac15ef75ef659bf1bb8
      Update for RC6
      Set priority to medium.
      New snapshot
      Changelog update.
      Some fixes taken from 6.4.0
      New script added
      Script fixes stolen to 6.4.0.
      Fixed documentation issues.
      Minor change to changelog.
      Some fixes taken from 6.4 final.
      More patches.
      Better changelog.
      Avoid compressing AUTHORS file.
      Fixating release version.
      Merge trunk and experimental to migrate to 6.4.0 final.
      Minor change in changelog
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Merge commit 'upstream/6.4.0'
      Moved to source format 3.0 and quilt.
      Change Vcs-* field and cleaned up patching rules.
      Manages better autoconf aux files.
      Better comments in changelog for merging sid+exp.
      Merge commit 'upstream/6.4.1_rc2'
      Initial merge of 6.4.1RC2
      Removed obsolete swig patch.
      Fixed version number.
      Fixed upstream version.
      Re-generated template
      Merge branch '6.4.1_rc2'
      Fixed a few changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fixed template
      Added wxvdigit support still missing in 6.4.0+
      Removed again vdigit support.
      Merge commit 'upstream/6.4.1'
      Regenerated templates.
      Moved to dehelper level 8 and changed recommendations.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fixed a FTBS.
      Annotated #655799 fixing.
      Added python-support support
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Re-removed swig build-dep
      Annotated changelog about package-installs-python-bytecode
      Added ${python:Depends} dependency.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Minor change for b-d.
      Unapplies last patch.
      Added b-d on python-dev.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Removed duplicated b-d.
      Re-applying iostream patch.
      Removing redundant license files.
      Undoing change about license removing.
      Fixating #675514
      Fixed for new tiff migration.
      Missing b-d on hardening-includes added.
      Changed libtiff-dev b-d (again)
      Annotated changelog for bug closing.
      Some minor cleanup and new b-d.
      Incorporating changes to fix ia64 and s390x/ppc64 ports.
      Minor changes on the d-policy side.
      Set target to release.
      Added a lintian override.

Hamish Bowman (27):
      Build-depends changes:
      primary homepage moved to
      primary homepage moved to
      sync with latest from GRASS SVN,
      new branch for 6.4
      update 6.3 to 6.4, new URL/address in copyright
      enable cairo support, new wx vdigit module requires python (build-deps 
for that?)
      bump version number
      patch descriptions
      suggest gpsbabel for and v.out.gpsbabel
      correctly point to wx-config(2.8). should fix bug #526200
      linewrap at 80
      rm dupe suggest for grass-doc
      add menu item (will use saved GUI mode). not sure
      use VERSION macro
      Experimental prototype for ~/Desktop/ icon control file.
      suggest netpbm used by NVIZ max ppm export
      desktop icon cleaning, still needs testing and grass.desktop needs 
patching for final Icon= file/dir and possible renaming to grass64.desktop
      more desktop icon cleaning; pkg recommends/suggests tweaking for wx.psmap
      suggest python-rpy2 for v.kridge
      suggest python-rpy2 for v.kridge
      icon fixes; g.extension fixes; line wrap
      g.html2man wasn't happy with ${INST_DIR} as grass-6.4.1/
      recommends things needed to make g.extension work
      move 48x48 icon into correct dir
      reflect new upstream install location for helper script
      proposed binary package reorganization

Johan Van de Wauw (3):
      Use wx2.8 for trusty
      Grass 7 build for ubuntugis trusty
      Imported Debian patch 7.0.0-1~exp2~trusty3

M. Hamish Bowman (73):
      begin process of packaging 6.4.2; major reorganization, introduce new 
grass-core, grass-gui, grass-dev-doc binary packages (..First pass..Completetly 
      netpbm is used by r.out.mpeg too
      move programmers' manual into its own package
      rename main contents pkg to grass-core
      move over dirs for the grass-gui pkg; patch to show user hint that 
g.extension needs the grass-dev pkg; use upstream's app.desktop file
      fix patch target
      fix programmer manual install target
      update TODO, control pkg Description cleaning, make grass-gui directly 
depend on things it ships depend on instead of indirectly depend on them 
through the -core pkg
      sync control and
      Remove outdated cruft from and alpha-sort files in debian/
      +comment about a better way to edit inplace
      adjust to current file list, try for fix of gui removal from core pkg
      take care of more lintian warnings;
      reflect changed pkg name in menu file
      reflect changed pkg name in rules, ignore a hybrid tcl script warning
      register with doc-base
      restore man page, add symlinks for exe aliases, add a readme about how to 
run without a GUI
      another pkg name migration
      install symlinks for wxGUI Help->About
      more moving of GUI library depending stuff into the grass-gui pkg
      use system's copy of jquery.js
      libmysqlclient-dev replaces libmysqlclient15-dev (closes #650361)
      Use xdg-open for GRASS_HTML_BROWSER when available (patch from Thibault 
Lemaitre; closes #615667)
      std changelog close bug style
      move jquery.js cleaning to more appropriate place
      move jquery.js cleaning to more appropriate place
      fix www-browser patch
      Policy bumped to 3.9.3, using metapackages archive section for 'grass'
      install full programmers' manual
      more programmers manual install updates
      more programmers manual install updates
      quantify savings
      stray command
      todo: parallel builds
      re-add autoconf2.13 (even if not used by debian/rules right now, that 
version of it is mandatory), re-comment out optipng (unused)
      simplify using 'sed -i', minor whitespace for readability
      fix more forgotten .in files
      simplify name
      allow older distro users to use the same pkg controls unmodified
      allow older distro users to use the same pkg controls unmodified (.in)
      prototype code for python-bytecode.prerm scripts (copied method from 
      Add patch to fix C++ FTBFS for gcc 4.7.0; fix -dev pkg warning message 
patch, was giving false negatives for previously-installed but now removed pkgs
      bump changelog
      Support for dh_python2, byte-compile .py at postinst.
      fix filename refs in patch
      add back python-dev dep
      build-depends on libpng-dev for their transition
      minor whitespace
      grass-dev needs to depend on libfreetype6-dev to build addon modules
      avoid hardcoded version number
      Enable GEOS support
      Build-Depends on libmotif-dev for Motif transition (#714679)
      escape minus signs which are command line options (not hyphens) to make 
lintian happy
      add hardening flags, but keep format-security non-fatal for now
      add patch for 6.4.3 barscale set options traceback #2054 (deactivated 
until 6.4.3 is master), note previous hardening flags partial-enable in 
      prepare for 6.4.3
      update from 6.4.3 source tarball
      Subversion 1.7 changed strings on us, adjust tests to match new behaviour 
(grass ticket #587)
      add (commented out) build flags needed for building Wheezy-backport with 
hardening enabled
      autoconf isn't run by rules, so patch configure too
      Prepare for libtiff-dev transition. Keep libtiff5-dev first in the OR 
series otherwise it auto-pulls in libtiff4-dev which doesn't support BigTiff. 
(see http://debian-release/2013/05/msg00127.html)
      Sort out watch file
      updates for 6.4.4 release
      updates for 6.4.4 release
      sync with upstream icon .desktop file modifications
      urgency back to low
      provides the current ABI version
      add patch to fix help-about name parsing, change my email addr


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