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 tagged by  Chris "Koying" Browet
        on  Sun Feb 6 16:04:32 2011 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
0.17.1 release

Chris "Koying" Browet (347):
      CHG : Move the "File-Render" menu to "File-Export-Raster/SVG"
      FIX : crash when coming from "Separate move mode" and a feature is 
      FIX : speedup node moving by disabling virtual nodes and index updates 
during drag
      FIX : attempt to solve the 'freeze at download' symptom
      FIX : Further virtual node fix for documents
      FIX : When nodes are hidden,do not put them in the way of selecting roads
      FIX : OSX enhacements (by Aleksandar Topuzovic) (closes #2774)
      ADD : Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Marcio Moraes)
      FIX : When merging contiguous nodes in the same way, check that we don't 
add the same node twice (fixes #2771)
      FIX : Cannot cleanly copy tags from one relation to another (fixezs #2746)
      FIX : RELEASE mode tweaks
      FIX : roads not always refreshed when changing type or properties (fixes 
      FIX : .pro fixes
      ADD : TODO file
      FIX : Do not updateindex() if the feature is deleted
      ADD : Allow to zoom on the location of a GeoTIFF image
      FIX : Only allow virtual node updates after relations resolution (by 
Trav)(closes #2782)
      FIX : OSX Qt system translations location (by Aleksandar)
      FIX : Do not count deleted parents when removing children nodes (fixes 
      FIX : think, man, think... (closes #2785)
      FIX : make sure polygons are at least 1 pixel wide when drawing them at 
creation time
      FIX : delete a way when its second to last node is deleted (fixes #2786)
      ADD : add the possibility to show a lat/lon grid
      FIX : do not show grid if not asked to
      FIX : dynamic_cast rather than static cast (fixes #2793)
      CHG : hardcode "google" projection.
      FIX : Experimently remove features destructor cleanups that shouldn't be 
necessary and lead to crashes
      FIX : crash when switching to google projection
      FIX : problem when joining ways
      ADD : support for WMS-C servers (see 
(closes #2598)
      FIX : TMS problem with lat or long < 0
      CHG : rework "Zoom lock" and move it to the view menu
      ADD : Allow to tile (and cache) arbitrary WMS'es (only EPSG:4326 and 
google projection supported)
      FIX : abort tile downloading when zooming
      ADD : allow google maps links in goto and download dialogs
      FIX : allow all openlayers permalinks
      ADD : add a projection editor
      FIX : Use system Boost by default on linux
      FIX : non-wheel zoom not working
      FIX : solves a problem when hovering large relations
      ADD : allow to re-order relation members (closes #2759)
      ADD : Templates xsd (by Jonathan Bennett) (closes #2809; closes #2707)
      CHG : Allow importing geotagged photos when no track layer is present 
(closes #2827)
      FIX : crash when closing layers containing photos (fixes #2828)
      ADD : show geotagged photos on the map (disable via 'view-Show Photos on 
      FIX : Do not take closed layers into account when choosing photo layer 
(fixes #2823)
      FIX : use gpsd api and implement gpsd-ng (but loose file logging for now)
      FIX : as gpsd is now an external dependency, make it optional. Specify 
GPSDLIB=1 to use the lib from the gpsd package. The default is to use the old 
direct connection, which is only compatible with gpsd 2.3x
      ADD : Allow to save geotagged images
      FIX : Allow to load OS VectorMap District shapefiles
      ADD : Add SHP feature attributes as not uploadable OSM Feature tags (i.e. 
enclosed by '_')
      FIX : GeoTIFF crash
      FIX : TMS fixe with min zoom != 0
      CHG : windows building scripts changes
      FIX : crash when closing layer with virtual nodes (fixes #2858)
      FIX : windows debug qt wix
      FIX : move geotagged photo if hovered (closes #2847)
      FIX : problem with image layer reprojections
      ADD : CSV POI import
      FIX : do not systematically geotag dropped images
      ADD : Feature-Force Delete action (deletes the feature without entry in 
the undo nor upload list)
      FIX : conflicts tweaks + reindex from MDC
      ADD : Import from OSC (osmChange format)
      FIX : problem uploading UTF-8 characters (fixes #2886)
      ADD : Walking Papers backgound plugin + load WP scans as geotagged images
      FIX : windows wix
      FIX : download issue + resolve relations issue
      FIX : possible fix for #2893 (High CPU when moving large ways)
      FIX : remove virtual nodes of all parent ways when moving
      FIX : issue when updating the feature dock while indexing has been 
blocked (fixes #2897)
      FIX : Crash when double-clicking a virtual node in "separate move" mode 
(fixes #2894)
      ADD : Allow to delete features from the context menu of the Features dock
      FIX : only act on left button in 
MoveNodeInteraction::snapMouseReleaseEvent (fixes #2900)
      FIX : splitting roads part of a relation (fixes #2901)
      CHG : Allow tag pasting between different classes of features
      CHG : remove link to external icons
      Merge branch 'master' of 
      remove .svn directories
      remove .svn directories
      FIX : RTree.h and cdecl
      remove Thumbs.db
      not quite at ease with git, yet
      FIX : problem with new relations (fixes #2917)
      Merge branch 'master' of 
      Merge branch 'master' of 
      FIX : Update Feature dock when document content changes (fixes #2923)
      FIX : Allow to "Force Upload" relations, too (fixes #2926)
      FIX : more Feature dock updates
      FIX : Only draw virtual nodes when needed
      FIX : windows build mingw path
      CHG : Use QPainterPath::intersected to clip paths
      FIX : Comment dead code
      FIX : Only recalculate the viewport for WMS'es
      ADD : POC of a Gosmore map adapter
      FIX : Only recalculate the viewport for WMS'es
      ADD : POC of a Gosmore map adapter
      ADD : POC of a Navit map adapter
      FIX : POC linux fixes
      FIX : debugging leftover
      ADD : Preliminary support for OpenStreetBugs (Refs #983)
      FIX : Restrict tag paste to same class only, with the exception of way -
      FIX : Possible fix for display problem with tiles on linux (refs #2943)
      FIX : flickering WMS with last tile patch
      FIX : QPainterPath::instersected do not always work with non area
      CHG : Move "QRectInterstects" to Utils
      CHG : move encodeAttributes to Utils
      FIX : Make JOSM happy about our .osm export (fixes #2952)
      FIX : mode
      ADD : support for JOSM remote protocol on port 8111
      ADD : support for system-wide proxies (optionally via libproxy)
      CHG : Only allows one instance of Merkaartor (override with "-n")
      ADD : initial support for an "osm://" protocol
      CHG : further painting optimizations
      FIX : forgot debug in previous commit
      FIX : updated translations
      FIX : minor TODO cleanup
      FIX : Generate "content_changed" when a layer is closed/cleared
      FIX : Road buildpath
      FIX : way buildpath optimization
      FIX : Completely solve GeoTIFF issue
      CHG : 60ms per frame won on Qt >=4.6
      CHG : 60ms per frame won on Qt >=4.6
      FIX : tweakings
      FIX : tweakings
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of 
      Merge branch 'master' into dev_master
      Merge branch 'master' into dev_master
      Nodes selectable when they ARE visible
      Merge branch 'master' into dev_master
      CHG : adjust node size depending on zoom level
      Merge branch 'master' into dev_master
      FIX : for consistency, when deleting the end-node of a polygon, don't 
break it (fixes #2983)
      Don't round lat and lon when creating a Coord from a QPointF.
      Merge branch 'master' into dev_master
      CHG : move Merkaartor's config from ~/.config/BartVanhauwaert to
      Background painting tweakings
      Remove unnecessary step when painting background
      FIX : background no refreshing when using keyboard
      release tweakings
      Optimize Node::isSelectable
      CHG : Rename Node and Way "getClass" and adjust templates and styles
      ADD : pseudo-tag key :id, :user, :version, :time to TagSelector
      CHG : Use TagSelector for "Edit-Find"
      FIX : complete fix for WMS/EPSG:4326 problem
      FIX : OSM export missing the first feature
      ADD : Allow to move complete relations
      FIX : disapearing user/password + tweakings
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of 
git:// into dev_master
      ADD : Printing
      Finalize printing
      OSX fix
      FIX : proper PDF/SVG generation
      FIX : problem with "Bottom-left standard" TMS
      FIX: generalize corrdinates display to 7 decimals
      FIX : take relation member into account when calculating a relation 
bounding box (fixes #2915)
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/17' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : Adjust mapnik styles to allow "amenity=place_of_worship" closed 
      FIX : Do not tag-match relation's children unless the type is 
"multippolygon" (fixes #2916)
      FIX : improve scale visibility vs. dark backgrounds
      MapCSS first shot: Make TagSelector accept basic MapCSS syntax
      solve isoneof issue
      add MapCSS tag presence detection construct
      TagSelector: implement comparison operators
      TagSelector: add ':PixelPerM' selector
      TagSelector: unnecessary blank with 'not'
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/24' of 
git:// into dev_master
      remove unnecessary QVector step
      FIX : lat/lon grid fixes for non-othogonal projections
      missing file
      NAVIT not for production
      FIX : implement new Id's as global incremented 64-bits integer (fixes 
      ADD: display nodes sexagesimal coordinates in info dock
      ADD : Re-introduce PROJ4 as a build-time optional dependency for 
projections. It is probably needed for exotic projections...
      Properly cleanup projections
      CHG : Always use Mercator projection (EPSG:3785) for a new session
      Partial revert of previous commit.
      ADD : Allow plugins to save parameters in a .mdc document; allows, e.g.; 
to save the filename of a GeoTIFF
      add proj4 to win32 build scripts
      ADD : "Close" action to Image layers (closes #3085)
      ADD : "Set view projection to layer's" action added to image layers; set 
the main projection to the one of the layer
      FIX : replace EPSG:3785 with proper EPSG:3857 in hardcoded strings
      fix crash when saving documents with "None" image layer
      fix impossibility to edit paint styles (closes #3086)
      Drawing tweaks
      fix projection editor
      FIX : ID issue with documents with numerous new feature (i.e. imports) 
and virtual nodes (fixes #3094)
      FIX : do not upload not-uploadable tags (i.e. the ones starting and 
ending with "_")
      CHG : Start abstracting features
      Finishing : View menu item allowing to highlight "dirty" features, i.e., 
features ready for upload
      FIX : Initial viewport issue
      FIX : Initial viewport issue
      Merge branch 'dev_master' of into dev_master
      ADD : allow to add drawing layers
      FIX : broken language support
      FIX : broken language support
      FIX : allow to shrink properties dock
      Windows build Qt 4.6.3 adaptations
      windows build fixes
      FIX : upgrade .mas style handling
      FIX : Styles: draw icons for ways, too
      ADD : Style Editor: allow to filter the style list
      ADD : double-clicking a feature selects the feature and its children
      ADD : Cut functionality
      FIX : SHP import do not recognize projection anymore
      FIX : When pasting features, make sure everything is copied, including 
incomplete/deleted features
      FIX : Tab selection rotation + do not lock
      ADD : "--importag-tags-as-is" command-line switch to prevent adding 
underscores to imported tags (closes #3102)
      FIX : GPX shouldn't be dirty on import (fixes #3105)
      FIX : Upload problem when removing feature from ways or relations
      FIX : Undo is in reverse order, stupid (fixes #3115 #3104)
      ...and for reversed redo, too
      Start of multiple servers
      ADD : Ability to enter and select multiple OSM servers in preferences 
(closes #3107)
      FIX : "create street numbers" tool working again
      ADD : New preference: "Allow node/way creation in select mode". When 
checked, allows double-click to create a node and double-click on a node to 
start a way in select mode.
      FIX : remove dependency on GDAL data files when importing OSGB36 
shapefiles + correct projection (closes #3119)
      FIX : "Resolve all relations" broken. fixes #3120
      Really fix #3120
      ADD : When creating a way or area, press "C" to close the current way
      ADD : Extrude interaction for ways (JOSM style)
      FIX : Do not save immediately oft changing parameters to setting (fixes 
      FIX : If a document cannot be saved (e.g. is readonly), propose the "save 
as..." dialog (fixes #3125)
      FIX : Re-enable PgUp/PgDown in Geoimage dock (dock must be focused) 
(fixes #3126); coincidentaly, PgUp/PgDown for zooming only works when the map 
view is
      CHG : Geoimage dock: Move "Remove images" action last
      FIX : more 'ASSERT: "parent()" in file Features/Feature.cpp'
      FIX : more 'ASSERT: "parent()" in file Features/Feature.cpp'
      Merge branch 'dev_master' of into dev_master
      add qadastre
      FIX : more 'ASSERT: "parent()" in file Features/Feature.cpp' (fixes #3142)
      FIX: src/revision.h generation problem on Mac OS X (fixes #3140)
      Cadastre ongoing
      Cadastre ongoing
      ADD: French Cadastre WMS plugin
      Added CREDITS
      Fix grabbing
      CHG: Plugins: change interface
      add French cadastre to windows builds
      Make "None" map working again
      FIX: Crash after upload when confirming to save (fixes #3147)
      FIX : Feature paste bugs (fixes #3144; fixes #3148)
      FIX: Layer dock "Map" tab not working
      FIX: Adjust projection menu after a "Set projection to layer"
      FIX : handle timeouts in mapnetwork
      FIX : Crash when editing None.mas (fixes #3145)
      FIX : Dusplicate "Paste Feature" action
      show warning icon when off-downloaded area
      FIX : French cadastre grabbing not working with multiple search results
      FIX : randomid issue when importing OSM with already negative id's
      CHG: Do not save drawing layers in document templates
      minor optimizations
      initial French Cadastre Vector
      ADD : Option to the the french cadastre to switch between tiled and wms
      ADD : Spatialite plugin
      Spatialite cont'd
      CHG : Features are no more descendants of QObjects
      FIX : Paste overwrte do not delete all tags (fixes #3152)
      Spatialite: draw all known tables
      ADD : Vector map layers
      WMS preferences fixes
      Allow imagemanager to return data in addition to pixmaps
      Allow WMS returning vectors
      data crash
      forgot file
      FIX : Yahoo imagery problem
      ADD : Explicitely add GML to the list of supported format (via GDAL)
      Windows installation script update for GDAL 1.7.2
      Add progress dialog to GDAL imports
      Proper fix for FId issue
      GPSD api v5 fixes
      ADD : GDAL raster background plugin
      - GDAL + GeoTiff plugins: force refresh + remove previous files if 
projection changes
      windows wxs fixes
      FIX : Create roundabout crash (fixes #3158)
      FIX : GDAL + GeoTIFF : if a ESRI World File (.tfw, *.wld) is present, 
override file geotransform
      GeoTIFF/GDAL: Save projection in MDC
      Printing: Always print labels, whatever the zoom level, when exporting to 
      ADD : Preliminary Bing Maps plugin
      FIX : glitch with TMS at zoom < 0
      plugin build tweak
      FIX : French cadastre compile issue
      Windows msi build tweaks
      FIX : Crash when iterating over a Document without layers (fixes #3171)
      FIX : Revert to custom icon for move interaction on MAC (fixes #3170)
      CHG : Paste Tags : Allow any<->any pasting but only takes top level 
features into account (fixes #3174)
      Add Bing plugins to windows install
      FIX : cannot save mas style
      FIX : assert when creating a polygon and a source tag is auto-added
      FIX : style editor issues
      FIX : crash on file->new with Bing (fixes #3179)
      FIX : break roads moves node to origin (fixes #3180)
      Compilation error when PROJ=1 is not enabled (fixes #3195)
      FIX : duplicate custom toolbars (refs #3194)
      FIX : toggle ALL toolbars (refs #3194)
      i18n + Add Croatian language
      forgotten file
      ADD : Network timeout preference
      show network timeout in seconds
      Display "zoomed" previous zoom level for TMS, too (ref #3181)
      FIX : Only ask whether to discard changes if they actually weren't saved
      FIX : Only override ESC key behaviour when editing tags (fixes #1791)
      FIX : Properly check for  Ways and Areas
      FIX : over-optimization of indeFind : POI were not draxn when nodes were 
      CHG : POI excludes a list of technical tags
      FIX : Complete proxy problem solution
      FIX : Cadastre issue with 1 digit departement
      FIX : Plugins were not saved in doc templates
      Qt 4.4.x fix
      FIX : Cannot uncheck "Use Language" (fixes #3203)
      FIX : Not download background images while panning in some interactions 
(fixes #3202)
      FIX : crash (on linux 64 bits only?) with empty projections and without 
proj4 (fixes #3204)
      FIX : Cadastre: departements are 2 digits minimum
      FIX : None adapter not working
      FIX : RelationAddFeatureCommand::undo() issue
      CHG : Set default max search results to 999
      FIX : Bug with short osm link
      Self-clipping opt-in via --selfclip
      FIX : Do self-clipping unless Qt is >= 4.7.1 (fixes #3206)
      FIX : Macosx menu issue by Aleks
      FIX : Background image refresh issue when going to tiled from direct
      FIX : Compilation error with WEBKIT=0 (fixes #3224)
      FIX : Make sure new id's are unique (fixes #3223)
      FIX : log2 not available on FreeBSD (fixes #3211)
      FIX : Feature dock: Relations not shown in "All' tab (rel #3220)
      FIX : Only check styles for POI nodes
      FIX : Handle UTF8 in GDAL fields
      FIX : do not create  ~/.merkaartor in portable mode
      FIX : do not save locale info to registry in portable mode
      FIX : Background cache size not limited (fixes #3227)
      FIX : Use "=" rather than "is" in selection dialog (fixes #3218)
      FIX : Remote Protocol: Send back aknowledgment (fixes #3230)
      FIX : Workaround for labels on long ways in Qt > 4.7
      FIX : do not prevent upload of deletion of not-uploadable tags (fixes 
      FIX : Bing maps: Make initial providers request non-blocking to avoid 
NULL document (fixes #3241)
      FIX : Crash with an external MDC with WMS/TMS not defined locally
      FIX : Document bounding box calculation tweak to bypass null coordboxes
      FIX : List index out of range when merging node in relation with another 
node (fixes #3234)
      FIX : Issue when creating nodes when active layer is closed (fixes #3244)
      FIX : Do not simplify (i.e. remove) nodes outside the downloaded area 
(fixes #3246)

Chris "koying" Browet (87):
      ADD : support for "standard" (as in TMS servers
      CHG : Don't autocomplete pure numeric values (fixes #2951)
      FIX : check menu status whene resetting properties dock (fixes #2930)
      FIX : painting optimizations
      FIX : do not overwrite lists with  the ones from OSM user preferences
      FIX : reduce browserimagemanger timeout, improving Yahoo responsiveness
      FIX : CRLF endings
      FIX : move adjustSelection out of painting loop; now reacts to 
      CHG : do not allocate a new QList in layer's getFeatures
      FIX : Make POI's always selectable and rename menu "Show trackpoints" to
      CHG : generalize int -> coord (e.g. coordToAng, ...)
      CHG : use double for coord
      FIX : adjust index
      CHG : ongoing coord -> double
      Merge branch 'dev_master' of into dev_master
      CHG : layer.cpp int->coord
      FIX : Make POI's always selectable and rename menu "Show trackpoints" to
      CHG : generalize int -> coord (e.g. coordToAng, ...)
      CHG : revert to plain double lat/lon for coord (fixes #2979)
      FIX : handle deleted features when adjusting selection
      FIX : do not draw ways if a parent relation has a painter
      FIX : interaction problem in lat/lon projection
      FIX : issue wen "center & zooming" since coods type change
      FIX : also check the way is "closable" (i.e. >2 nodes) when trying to
      debian subdir removed on request of the debian maintainer
      very minor fixes
      possible lat/lon grid truncation
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/6' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : File-New was triggered after arguments processing due to delayed
      Further coords->double fixes
      Force delete tweakings
      FIX slippy map download after move to doubles
      FIX : lat/lon projection & lat/lon grid tweakings
      FIX : Ensure a valid viexport
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/8' of 
git:// into dev_master
      more viewport checking
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/9' of 
git:// into dev_master
      use Qt standard grab icons
      ADD : Hovering on a read-only layer shows details in the info dock
      Decouple generic layer "fromXML" from specific. Allows to properly set
      FIX : definitive(?) solution to proper startup sequence
      FIX : proper tab order in goto dialog
      CHG : Split the view menu into a new "Show" menu
      Show menu tweaking
      FIX : SHP import: fallback mechanism if proj4 is not active
      FIX : When importing SHP, make sure the same feature is not added
      FIX : crash when trying to move nodes with middle button
      FIX : Use the same code for drawing individual ways and relations
      FIX : compilation with 4.4.3 (closes #3026; by gibson)
      FIX : change Show menu shortcut to Alt+h (to avoid clashing with Alt-S -
      FIX : probable fix for recurring post-upload crash
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/11' of 
      ADD : Read-only filter system
      Updated CHANGELOG
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/10' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Updated CHANGELOG for house tools
      Selection by Tag selector start
      fix time selection
      ADD : Add a "Find" button to the Feature dock. Press "Reset" to revert to 
list current features.
      ADD : Add a "portable" mode to merkaartor via command-line ("-p") or
      FIX : Don't overzoom on layer zoom (and don't allow if the bbox is
      FIX : WMS'es in EPSG:4326 not showing
      FIX : Force "C" locale for double
      Start of toolbar customizer
      toolbar editor ongoing
      ADD : Toolbar editor (create/modify tollbars)
      FIX : slippy map widget shouldn't delete the (now global) QSettings
      remove all QSettings delete, stupid!
      FIX : crash when deleting relations
      CHG : Allow to pan with middle mouse button
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/14' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : Draw relations children dashed to avoid multiple parent drawing
      Printing: changed way of tweaking QPrintPreviewDialog
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/15' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/16' of 
git:// into dev_master
      ADD : support for potlach-style TMS url (with "!") and "%x", "%y", "%z"
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/20' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/21' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/22' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/23' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/24' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : Handle empty style list in editor (fixes #3079)
      FIX : Compilation under Qt 4.4.x, 4.5.x
      FIX : Qt < 4.6 url default osm url
      FIX : Crash when restoring shortcuts of disappeared actions (fixes #3205)

Chris Browet (167):
      CHG : move encodeAttributes to Utils
      FIX : Make JOSM happy about our .osm export (fixes #2952)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      CHG : use "git describe" if svn revision cannot be found
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      FIX : fixes ASSERT in RTree.h
      FIX : Problem with EPSG:4326 thru ggl (fixes GeoTIFF issue)
      updated translations
      ADD : Hungarian translation by Peter Sulyok
      Fix "Show Downloaded areas" toggle not working anymore
      Problem with initial projection
      ADD : If a shapefile do not provide its projection, ask the user for it 
and do not crash (fixes #3087)
      Really allow standard (epsg:...) projection in chooser
      FIX : Use "GPX track width" setting even when not in "Simple track appeara
      FIX : empty filter name returns first filter from the list
      remove unnecessary variable
      Merge branch 'dev_master' of into dev_master
      FIX : Even if read-only, always display waypoints and POI's (fixes #3097)
      FIX : CSV import bugs
      CHG : Find dialog: allow 0 as maximum returned results (=no maximum)
      FIX : notify parents when a feature was added/removed (for bbox/metadata 
      FIX : Do not export incomplete features
      ADD : View menu item allowing to highlight "dirty" features, i.e., 
features ready for upload
      CHG : Move layer tab bar back to top, leaving more vertical room for
      Start of Layers renaming
      ADD : Allow to rename a layer by double-clicking on its name
      Start of Frisius mode
      ADD : ":dirty" and ":uploaded" pseudo tags for finding/filtering
      ADD : Support for XAPI
      Finish removal of "Dirty" and "Uploaded" layers
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Cut cont'd
      Finish Cut functionality
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      missing icon
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Use Nominatim ( for place name lookup 
due to gazetteer closure
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Sort geo lookups results by distance to current viewport
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Style Navit adaptor
      FIX : problem restoring .mdc with Yahoo layer
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Start of mobile experimentation
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      ADD : "!=" operator to tag selector
      MobileMerk cont'd
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Start of Filter as Layers
      Filter layers cont'd
      Finish initial Filters as layers
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      added .gitignore
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      FIX : crash when double-clicking in empty map area (refs #3106)
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      remove debug
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      FIX : possible crash when "File-New" (refs #3106)
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Possible crash if multiple MouseReleaseEvent are sent without 
MousePressEvent (refs #3106)
      MobileMerk: view
      FIX : Rounding problem at high zoom with libproj (fixes #3116)
      FIX : problem when applying Qt style on linux
      Multiple servers cont'd + allow both server URL and host
      ADD : Snap to angle functionality when creating way: keeping "o" pressed 
snap to 45° angles, "h" snap to 30° angles
      ADD : Double-click creates a node; Double-clicking a node starts a new way
      Start of segment notion
      ADD : Way segments: Keeping ALT depressed allows to move way segment
      trying various double-click actions
      - Move "Extrude" to "Edit" menu
      start of parallel way drawing
      ADD : When creating a way or area, press "P" to snap the current segment 
as a parallel of the closest existing segment with the same general direction
      CHG : Split Rotation interaction between pure rotation and scale
      FIX : Make virtual nodes not selectable if they are hidden.
      ADD : Selector helper dialog to style editor
      FIX : Workaround for too wide tag columns (refs #3129)
      ADD : New CL options: "--ignore-preferences" && "--reset-preferences"
      Color preferences issues
      ADD : Allow to start merkaartor with a document template specified in 
      Have "File-New" follow doc template preferences
      Fix merkaartor site url in about
      FIX : Remove tags from autocomplete suggestions when cleared from 
features (fixes #3113)
      FIX : Filter out invalid value for first Tag list column width (fixes 
      FIX : remove code references to 0.5 api
      ADD : Auto-add "source" tag when drawing over a background map; define 
the value in the WMS and TMS editors
      ADD: "SPOTMaps (France)" to the default WMS servers
      macosx: allow to find boost installed by macports (closes #3136)
      FIX: Crash when undoing GPX changes from MDC
      FIX: Undo "Remove features" label when removing >1 feature
      ADD : Proper User-Agent for network requests
      Template document bugfixes
      ADD : Provision for a license term url to be agreed for map backgrounds
      FIX: Problems with TMS & WMS-C in EPSG:4326
      CHG : Do not wait for "CLOSE changeset" response
      FIX : Infloop on next/previous image when none visible (fixes #3135)
      ADD : French cadastre plugin
      FIX: Layer zoom for GDAL/WP + Do not hardcode PROJ4 lat/lon
      ADD : Macos specific files (closes #3141; closes #3143)
      FIX : Crash (fixes #3131)
      ADD : Allow to specify the Nominatim url in preferences
      ADD : Do not allow to delete OSM nodes in non-downloaded areas (refs 
      Be smarter about the input WMS url's in the editor
      Further WMS tweakings
      CHG : Replace feature id's by int64
      Memory optimizations
      QTransform/rotation experiments
      ADD : Allow "[*] is xxx" (or "*=xxx") construct in tag selection. Means a 
feature match if any of its tags has xxx as a value (fixes #3146)
      Drawing optimization
      Optimizations + Actually use spatialite spatial indexes
      Spatialite fixes
      English errors in strings (rel #3155)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      CHG : When opening/importing, always fallback to GDAL if available. 
Allows to open most GDAL supported geomtery files.
      ADD : show GDAL/PROJ versions in About
      FIX : make About dialog with readable font size on macosx (fixes #3138)
      id issues
      Disable network data map layer for now
      ADD : Bicycle style by Markus Straub
      Bugfixes (fixes #3084)
      FIX : WMS Editor - Handle Styles properly
      FIX : Cannot access TMS servers that Min-zoom equals Max-zoom (fixes 
      FIX : Drawing extremely slow with large ways with labels (fixes #3159)
      For printing, do not dim readonly features
      FIX : permit to show nodes in image layer
      default mas styles tweakings
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/27' of 
into dev_master
      Avoid OSB crashes and move OsbLayer to own files
      ADD : Printing: Add option to show/hide unstyled features
      Add auto source tag to Cadastre-Fr and Bing
      FIX : Proper(?) fix for slow drawing with labels (refs #3159)
      FIX : Save dialogs puts default extension on linux, too
      FIX : GeoTIFF + GDAL backgrounds: Allow to specify an automatic "source" 
tag via the plugin menu
      FIX : Create Polygon broken (fixes #3165)
      FIX : Extrude does not work as expected (fixes #3166)
      Backport of completed Bing Maps
      FIX : Allow creating a way in non-separate move mode with a virtual node 
selected (fixes #3172)
      .gitignore *.po
      Do not show watermark if the layer is hidden
      FIX : Locked zoom was bugged since passage to real pixel per Meter (fixes 
      FIX : When loading history from MDC, do not import the command if the 
layer is not found + save layers dirty level in MDC (fixes #3176)
      French Cadastre: Gracefully abort if the cadastre is in image format 
(fixes #3184)
      CHG : Move handling of Tag strings list to Global
      FIX : Do not consider aborted http requests as errors
      FIX : style is not applied when changed in preferences dialog (fixes 
      FIX : Crash if cannot reload the background plugin from MDC
      FIX : layout issues on Mac (by Aleksandar Topuzović; fixes #3193)
      ADD : Allow to align background image with <SPACE>+pan
      FIX : Setting application-wise proxy causes problem (fixes #3196)
      FIX : Issue in Import CSV when disabling some fields (fixes #3201)
      ADD : Show the Background adjustment (if any) and the m/pixel (useful for 
styles) in the statusbar

Daniel "Dantje" van Gerpen (1):
      FIX : Case type in #include statement

Daniel van Gerpen (1):
      FIX : Crash drawing lat/lon grid at 180 lon

Gunter Grau (7):
      FIX: handle restriction relations correctly if splitting members
      rewrite of focus, hover, highlight features
      fixed some compiler warnings
      use Q_UNUSED on some unused parameters
      FIX: Crash when removing last filter
      FIX: snap window and bounding path now the same in all projections
      Use poligon instead of rect for bounding box

James Hogan (28):
      Add parentheses around preprocessor macro parameters
      Fix startup when zoom locked to tiled background.
      Mouse wheel zoom speed and zoom range limits.
      Added subdivide, area split, and spread nodes.
      Added simple terracing tool.
      Disable terracing actions when impossible
      Terrace tool: Dialog for house numbers.
      ImageMapLayer: Fix drawing transparent tiles.
      TerraceDialog: Add missing header and cpp files.
      Fix WayRemoveNodeCommand reversibility.
      Fix reappearance of deleted features.
      Fix removal of multiply included features.
      Fix several issues with features dock.
      ADD : Join areas tool
      ADD : Tool to align edges to regular angles.
      Join Areas: override deleteChildren discardable message
      Merge remote branch 'main/master' into mr/alignaxes
      Axis align: default to guess of number of axes.
      Axis align: Display error when unable to complete.
      Axis align: Remove repeated nodes beforehand.
      Axis align: Iterate to handle shared nodes better.
      Axis align: Undo correctly when failing.
      Axis align: Work with relations.
      FIX : Fix scale bar to take latitude into account.
      Axis align: Handle shared nodes.
      FIX: Improve terrace dialog wording and resizing
      FIX : fix breakRoad/splitArea abort if node/area has tags
      FIX : Fix join areas feature type check

Jonathan Bennett (1):
      Changed operation of remote control server to close the socket 
immediately after receiving a request. This prevents it triggering the error 
detection code recently deployed on (closes #3173)

Richard Brinkman (2):
      FIX: removed 1 compiler error and several compiler warnings
      FIX: Resolved a compiler error

Toby Speight (33):
      Add support for multiple property delete.
      Center map from GeoImage dock.  (closes: #2848)
      Accept mlat/mlon links (e.g. from mkgmap error messages)
      Update year; add self.
      Add support for {min,max}{lat,lon} form
      Simplify OsmLink and add some error checking.
      Allow ways to be joined if their ends are on coincident distinct nodes.
      Avoid divide-by-zero crash.
      Fix for #2926: Force Upload doesn't work on relation
      Allow setting selection from multiple relation members.  Previously,
      Extend and rework shapfile importer (fixes #2932).
      Protect against NULL dereference.
      Set the correct range on the progress meter before use (fixes #2934).
      Force a minimum size for lat/lon URL input (useful for links from 
      Add 'Simplify' action to 'Roads' menu.
      Perform downwards moves from bottom, so that earlier moves don't
      Accept JOSM-control URLs.
      Accept JOSM-control URLs.
      Stop the annoying context-menu appearing every time I zoom in.
      Allow drag-select to replace selection.
      Refactor modifiers tests to clarify what we use.
      Enable Simplify action only when one or more ways selected.
      Add hints to Simplify action
      Accept JOSM-control URLs.
      Don't permit joining if three or more selected ways meet at one node.
      Allow joining of a single way whose ends touch at coincident nodes.
      Don't clear selection when click misses object.
      Make Join more predictable and consistent.
      Click in empty space should cancel selection; drag in empty space
      Really fix clearing selection.
      A closed way needs 3 or more distinct nodes.
      Fix segfault in reversePoints().
      Improvements to way manipulation: Reverse now supports operating on 
multiple ways; Join now accepts and ignores points where three or more selected 
ways meet.

unknown (2):
      FIX : Better WMS url handling
      FIX : When switching languages, not all widgets switch over without


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