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        at  dc34037   (tag)
   tagging  6f01dfe126022fef6c47f9bbbc24216ffd6b7cb0 (commit)
  replaces  0.14
 tagged by  Chris Browet
        on  Wed Jun 23 18:21:34 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
0.15 release

Chris "Koying" Browet (74):
      FIX : fixes building Merkaartor 0.14 with the
      FIX : allow non-uploadable nodes to be uploaded when they are part of of 
a created road (fixes #2175)
      FIX : Handle latlong projection in SHP files (fixes #2183)
      ADD : Allow all platforms to connect to a gpsd backend
      ADD : Set trunk version to 0.15
      FIX : Force custom Qt style if Qt runtime version < 4.5.1 (fixes #2204)
      ADD : Mac OS X icon (closes #2254)
      FIX: typo (closes #2254)
      FIX : Align nodes patch by Chris Baird (closes #2296)
      FIX : Tiles network patch by Tom Verbeure (refs #2316)
      FIX : crashes on editing style None.mas by Stefan (Konink?) (fixes #2200)
      FIX : Do not add the oneway tag on roundabouts (implied)
      FIX : assert when drawing scale (fixes #2347)
      FIX : compile error
      FIX : crash with self-intersecting polygons (fixes #2317)
      ADD : NearMap Austalian TMS to the default list
      ADD : Re-added tiled Yahoo! imagery as a plugin
      FIX : WMS projection related bugfixes
      FIX : speedup epsg:4326 projection
      ADD : windows wix svn build
      CHG : Only generate log files on request (--log) on release builds
      ADD : Allow to move node in Node creation mode (closes #1910)
      ADD : Virtual nodes allow fast creation of intermediary nodes (closes 
      FIX : Export trackpoints time when exporting GPX (fixes #2594)
      FIX : URL's in about dialog (fixes #2606)
      FIX : compile error on unix due to DEFINE escaping
      FIX : do not reindex() virtual nodes (fixes #2615)
      FIX : actual (hopefully) fix for #2615: update virtual when road changes 
layer + do not update virtuals (in is Coastline()) after features are selected 
(fixes #2615)
      CHG : Simplify code by replacing the feature sorting by a QMap
      FIX : Code cleanup & optimization
      ADD : Automatic SVN revision number in about dialog and elsewhere (closes 
      FIX previous commit
      FIX : Translations
      FIX : Translations
      ADD : Add a preference disallowing selection of relations when hidden
      FIX : do not count virtual nodes in dirty layer size
      ADD : "Zoom lock" mode. Zoom steps are locked to TMS ones and projection 
is locked to Mercator
      FIX : Virtual nodes
      ADD : When in "single mouse button" mode, allow to cancel most operation 
with a right-click
      ADD : Grabbing hand icon in signle mouse mode
      ADD : GeoTIFF background plugin (closes #1025)
      FIX : Do not crash if undo Index in mdc is wrong (Refs #2644)
      CHG : Keep directional arrows blue for oneway roads in "Show directional 
arrows - Always" mode.
      FIX : speed optimization + virtual nodes display bug
      CHG : Code refactoring to stick to OSM name convention (TrackPoint => 
Node; Road => >Way)
      FIX : Do not select virtual nodes when drag-selecting (closes #2672)
      FIX : MDC layer naming bug
      FIX : 100% CPU usage and Crash on creating roundabout (fixes #2659)
      FIX : Undo move doesn't work (fixes #2673)
      ADD : Make the point where nodes are not displayed configurable
      CHG : Rendering code reorganization
      FIX : Move tool moves the currently selected object instead of the object 
you are about to select in order to move (Separate move mode) (Fixes #2691)
      FIX : Handle case of selection being reset during tag editing (fixes 
      ADD : Add GlobeXplorer (DigitalGlobe) to default WMS list (by sim6) 
(closes #2714)
      FIX : Improve tag completion behaviour (by Trav) (closes #2716)
      FIX : compilation on recent GCC
      FIX : In create area mode, dragging to move the map results in adding a 
node (fixes #2717)
      FIX : Joining 2 ways to create an area doesn't create a polygon if the 2 
ways have opposite directions (fixes #2718)
      FIX : remove embedded zlib
      FIX : update parent index after a node move
      FIX : Crash in tag selection with invalid "not" expression (fixes #2722)
      FIX : Stupid Typo (fixes #2726)
      FIX : Crash after coastlines are removed from the document (fixes #2647)
      FIX : Add support for HTTP auth to TMS (by Trav) (closes #2473)
      ADD : Add language to changeset created_by (closes #2369)
      ADD : Show distance measurement during area creation (closes #1640)
      FIX : In about box, the changelog is now properly resized
      FIX : fine-tune enabled menu for areas
      FIX : Use gdal-config instead guessing the library locations (fixes #1782)
      FIX : also remove INCLUDEPATH for gdal
      CHG : 0.15 release
      FIX : revision.h issue
      FIX : 0.15-fixes backport

Daniel "Dantje" van Gerpen (1):
      FIX : Case typo in #include statement broke linux compile

Dirk Stöcker (5):
      updated i18n
      minor fix
      i18n update
      minor fix
      update i18n

Richard Brinkman (1):
      FIX: compile error

Sven Lankes (1):
      Remove Education, Science and Graphics categories from the .desktop-File 
to avoid multiple menu entries for merkaartor on linux


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