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sebastic pushed a change to annotated tag debian/0.15.3+svn20934-1
in repository merkaartor.

        at  e7e63d1   (tag)
   tagging  c8b7ba6667d9e93aa8610762049e22b7d17b11ae (commit)
  replaces  debian/0.15.3-1
 tagged by  Bernd Zeimetz
        on  Mon Apr 19 11:26:34 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.15.3+svn20934-1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Bernd Zeimetz (9):
      Add minimum requirement for libboost to control file.
      Allow debug builds for release builds.
      Merge remote branch 'remotes/origin/upstream-svn/trunk' into 
      Merge branch 'experimental-upstream' into experimental
      Remove debian/
      Remote get-orig-source target.
      Update gbp.conf for experimental.
      Removing backup copy of QMapControl/mapadapter.cpp.
      Updating changelog.

dantje (1):
      FIX : Case type in #include statement

koying (70):
      FIX : 0.15-fixes backport
      CHG : Move the "File-Render" menu to "File-Export-Raster/SVG"
      FIX : crash when coming from "Separate move mode" and a feature is 
      FIX : speedup node moving by disabling virtual nodes and index updates 
during drag
      FIX : attempt to solve the 'freeze at download' symptom
      FIX : Further virtual node fix for documents
      FIX : When nodes are hidden,do not put them in the way of selecting roads
      FIX : OSX enhacements (by Aleksandar Topuzovic) (closes #2774)
      ADD : Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Marcio Moraes)
      FIX : When merging contiguous nodes in the same way, check that we don't 
add the same node twice (fixes #2771)
      FIX : Cannot cleanly copy tags from one relation to another (fixezs #2746)
      FIX : RELEASE mode tweaks
      FIX : roads not always refreshed when changing type or properties (fixes 
      FIX : .pro fixes
      ADD : TODO file
      FIX : Do not updateindex() if the feature is deleted
      ADD : Allow to zoom on the location of a GeoTIFF image
      FIX : Only allow virtual node updates after relations resolution (by 
Trav)(closes #2782)
      FIX : OSX Qt system translations location (by Aleksandar)
      FIX : Do not count deleted parents when removing children nodes (fixes 
      FIX : think, man, think... (closes #2785)
      FIX : make sure polygons are at least 1 pixel wide when drawing them at 
creation time
      FIX : delete a way when its second to last node is deleted (fixes #2786)
      ADD : add the possibility to show a lat/lon grid
      FIX : do not show grid if not asked to
      FIX : dynamic_cast rather than static cast (fixes #2793)
      CHG : hardcode "google" projection.
      FIX : Experimently remove features destructor cleanups that shouldn't be 
necessary and lead to crashes
      FIX : crash when switching to google projection
      FIX : problem when joining ways
      ADD : support for WMS-C servers (see 
(closes #2598)
      FIX : TMS problem with lat or long < 0
      CHG : rework "Zoom lock" and move it to the view menu
      ADD : Allow to tile (and cache) arbitrary WMS'es (only EPSG:4326 and 
google projection supported)
      FIX : abort tile downloading when zooming
      ADD : allow google maps links in goto and download dialogs
      FIX : allow all openlayers permalinks
      ADD : add a projection editor
      FIX : Use system Boost by default on linux
      FIX : non-wheel zoom not working
      FIX : solves a problem when hovering large relations
      ADD : allow to re-order relation members (closes #2759)
      ADD : Templates xsd (by Jonathan Bennett) (closes #2809; closes #2707)
      CHG : Allow importing geotagged photos when no track layer is present 
(closes #2827)
      FIX : crash when closing layers containing photos (fixes #2828)
      ADD : show geotagged photos on the map (disable via 'view-Show Photos on 
      FIX : Do not take closed layers into account when choosing photo layer 
(fixes #2823)
      FIX : use gpsd api and implement gpsd-ng (but loose file logging for now)
      FIX : as gpsd is now an external dependency, make it optional. Specify 
GPSDLIB=1 to use the lib from the gpsd package. The default is to use the old 
direct connection, which is only compatible with gpsd 2.3x
      ADD : Allow to save geotagged images
      FIX : Allow to load OS VectorMap District shapefiles
      ADD : Add SHP feature attributes as not uploadable OSM Feature tags (i.e. 
enclosed by '_')
      FIX : GeoTIFF crash
      FIX : TMS fixe with min zoom != 0
      CHG : windows building scripts changes
      FIX : crash when closing layer with virtual nodes (fixes #2858)
      FIX : windows debug qt wix
      FIX : move geotagged photo if hovered (closes #2847)
      FIX : problem with image layer reprojections
      ADD : CSV POI import
      FIX : do not systematically geotag dropped images
      ADD : Feature-Force Delete action (deletes the feature without entry in 
the undo nor upload list)
      FIX : conflicts tweaks + reindex from MDC
      ADD : Import from OSC (osmChange format)
      FIX : problem uploading UTF-8 characters (fixes #2886)
      ADD : Walking Papers backgound plugin + load WP scans as geotagged images
      FIX : windows wix
      FIX : download issue + resolve relations issue
      FIX : possible fix for #2893 (High CPU when moving large ways)
      FIX : remove virtual nodes of all parent ways when moving

richardbrinkman (1):
      FIX: removed 1 compiler error and several compiler warnings

tspeight (4):
      Add support for multiple property delete.
      Center map from GeoImage dock.  (closes: #2848)
      Accept mlat/mlon links (e.g. from mkgmap error messages)
      Update year; add self.


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