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 tagged by  Bernd Zeimetz
        on  Fri Oct 15 21:23:50 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.17~dev1-1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Bernd Zeimetz (7):
      Merge remote branch 'remotes/origin/upstream-git/master' into upstream
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Updating changelog.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/upstream-git/master' into upstream
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Support the new libqtwebkit-dev package.
      Updating changelog.

Chris "Koying" Browet (86):
      Optimize Node::isSelectable
      CHG : Rename Node and Way "getClass" and adjust templates and styles
      ADD : pseudo-tag key :id, :user, :version, :time to TagSelector
      CHG : Use TagSelector for "Edit-Find"
      FIX : complete fix for WMS/EPSG:4326 problem
      FIX : OSM export missing the first feature
      ADD : Allow to move complete relations
      FIX : disapearing user/password + tweakings
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of 
git:// into dev_master
      ADD : Printing
      Finalize printing
      OSX fix
      FIX : proper PDF/SVG generation
      FIX : problem with "Bottom-left standard" TMS
      FIX: generalize corrdinates display to 7 decimals
      FIX : take relation member into account when calculating a relation 
bounding box (fixes #2915)
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/17' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : Adjust mapnik styles to allow "amenity=place_of_worship" closed 
      FIX : Do not tag-match relation's children unless the type is 
"multippolygon" (fixes #2916)
      FIX : improve scale visibility vs. dark backgrounds
      MapCSS first shot: Make TagSelector accept basic MapCSS syntax
      solve isoneof issue
      add MapCSS tag presence detection construct
      TagSelector: implement comparison operators
      TagSelector: add ':PixelPerM' selector
      TagSelector: unnecessary blank with 'not'
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/24' of 
git:// into dev_master
      remove unnecessary QVector step
      FIX : lat/lon grid fixes for non-othogonal projections
      missing file
      NAVIT not for production
      FIX : implement new Id's as global incremented 64-bits integer (fixes 
      ADD: display nodes sexagesimal coordinates in info dock
      ADD : Re-introduce PROJ4 as a build-time optional dependency for 
projections. It is probably needed for exotic projections...
      Properly cleanup projections
      CHG : Always use Mercator projection (EPSG:3785) for a new session
      Partial revert of previous commit.
      ADD : Allow plugins to save parameters in a .mdc document; allows, e.g.; 
to save the filename of a GeoTIFF
      add proj4 to win32 build scripts
      ADD : "Close" action to Image layers (closes #3085)
      ADD : "Set view projection to layer's" action added to image layers; set 
the main projection to the one of the layer
      FIX : replace EPSG:3785 with proper EPSG:3857 in hardcoded strings
      fix crash when saving documents with "None" image layer
      fix impossibility to edit paint styles (closes #3086)
      Drawing tweaks
      fix projection editor
      FIX : ID issue with documents with numerous new feature (i.e. imports) 
and virtual nodes (fixes #3094)
      FIX : do not upload not-uploadable tags (i.e. the ones starting and 
ending with "_")
      CHG : Start abstracting features
      Finishing : View menu item allowing to highlight "dirty" features, i.e., 
features ready for upload
      FIX : Initial viewport issue
      FIX : Initial viewport issue
      Merge branch 'dev_master' of into dev_master
      ADD : allow to add drawing layers
      FIX : broken language support
      FIX : broken language support
      FIX : allow to shrink properties dock
      Windows build Qt 4.6.3 adaptations
      windows build fixes
      FIX : upgrade .mas style handling
      FIX : Styles: draw icons for ways, too
      ADD : Style Editor: allow to filter the style list
      ADD : double-clicking a feature selects the feature and its children
      ADD : Cut functionality
      FIX : SHP import do not recognize projection anymore
      FIX : When pasting features, make sure everything is copied, including 
incomplete/deleted features
      FIX : Tab selection rotation + do not lock
      ADD : "--importag-tags-as-is" command-line switch to prevent adding 
underscores to imported tags (closes #3102)
      FIX : GPX shouldn't be dirty on import (fixes #3105)
      FIX : Upload problem when removing feature from ways or relations
      FIX : Undo is in reverse order, stupid (fixes #3115 #3104)
      ...and for reversed redo, too
      Start of multiple servers
      ADD : Ability to enter and select multiple OSM servers in preferences 
(closes #3107)
      FIX : "create street numbers" tool working again
      ADD : New preference: "Allow node/way creation in select mode". When 
checked, allows double-click to create a node and double-click on a node to 
start a way in select mode.
      FIX : remove dependency on GDAL data files when importing OSGB36 
shapefiles + correct projection (closes #3119)
      FIX : "Resolve all relations" broken. fixes #3120
      Really fix #3120
      ADD : When creating a way or area, press "C" to close the current way
      ADD : Extrude interaction for ways (JOSM style)
      FIX : Do not save immediately oft changing parameters to setting (fixes 
      FIX : If a document cannot be saved (e.g. is readonly), propose the "save 
as..." dialog (fixes #3125)
      FIX : Re-enable PgUp/PgDown in Geoimage dock (dock must be focused) 
(fixes #3126); coincidentaly, PgUp/PgDown for zooming only works when the map 
view is
      CHG : Geoimage dock: Move "Remove images" action last

Chris "koying" Browet (31):
      ADD : Read-only filter system
      Updated CHANGELOG
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/10' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Updated CHANGELOG for house tools
      Selection by Tag selector start
      fix time selection
      ADD : Add a "Find" button to the Feature dock. Press "Reset" to revert to 
list current features.
      ADD : Add a "portable" mode to merkaartor via command-line ("-p") or
      FIX : Don't overzoom on layer zoom (and don't allow if the bbox is
      FIX : WMS'es in EPSG:4326 not showing
      FIX : Force "C" locale for double
      Start of toolbar customizer
      toolbar editor ongoing
      ADD : Toolbar editor (create/modify tollbars)
      FIX : slippy map widget shouldn't delete the (now global) QSettings
      remove all QSettings delete, stupid!
      FIX : crash when deleting relations
      CHG : Allow to pan with middle mouse button
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/14' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : Draw relations children dashed to avoid multiple parent drawing
      Printing: changed way of tweaking QPrintPreviewDialog
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/15' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/16' of 
git:// into dev_master
      ADD : support for potlach-style TMS url (with "!") and "%x", "%y", "%z"
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/20' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/21' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/22' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/23' of 
git:// into dev_master
      Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/24' of 
git:// into dev_master
      FIX : Handle empty style list in editor (fixes #3079)

Chris Browet (94):
      ADD : Hungarian translation by Peter Sulyok
      Fix "Show Downloaded areas" toggle not working anymore
      Problem with initial projection
      ADD : If a shapefile do not provide its projection, ask the user for it 
and do not crash (fixes #3087)
      Really allow standard (epsg:...) projection in chooser
      FIX : Use "GPX track width" setting even when not in "Simple track appeara
      FIX : empty filter name returns first filter from the list
      remove unnecessary variable
      Merge branch 'dev_master' of into dev_master
      FIX : Even if read-only, always display waypoints and POI's (fixes #3097)
      FIX : CSV import bugs
      CHG : Find dialog: allow 0 as maximum returned results (=no maximum)
      FIX : notify parents when a feature was added/removed (for bbox/metadata 
      FIX : Do not export incomplete features
      ADD : View menu item allowing to highlight "dirty" features, i.e., 
features ready for upload
      CHG : Move layer tab bar back to top, leaving more vertical room for
      Start of Layers renaming
      ADD : Allow to rename a layer by double-clicking on its name
      Start of Frisius mode
      ADD : ":dirty" and ":uploaded" pseudo tags for finding/filtering
      ADD : Support for XAPI
      Finish removal of "Dirty" and "Uploaded" layers
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Cut cont'd
      Finish Cut functionality
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      missing icon
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Use Nominatim ( for place name lookup 
due to gazetteer closure
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Sort geo lookups results by distance to current viewport
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Style Navit adaptor
      FIX : problem restoring .mdc with Yahoo layer
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Start of mobile experimentation
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      ADD : "!=" operator to tag selector
      MobileMerk cont'd
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Start of Filter as Layers
      Filter layers cont'd
      Finish initial Filters as layers
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      added .gitignore
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      FIX : crash when double-clicking in empty map area (refs #3106)
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      remove debug
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      FIX : possible crash when "File-New" (refs #3106)
      Merge branch 'dev_master'
      Possible crash if multiple MouseReleaseEvent are sent without 
MousePressEvent (refs #3106)
      MobileMerk: view
      FIX : Rounding problem at high zoom with libproj (fixes #3116)
      FIX : problem when applying Qt style on linux
      Multiple servers cont'd + allow both server URL and host
      ADD : Snap to angle functionality when creating way: keeping "o" pressed 
snap to 45° angles, "h" snap to 30° angles
      ADD : Double-click creates a node; Double-clicking a node starts a new way
      Start of segment notion
      ADD : Way segments: Keeping ALT depressed allows to move way segment
      trying various double-click actions
      - Move "Extrude" to "Edit" menu
      start of parallel way drawing
      ADD : When creating a way or area, press "P" to snap the current segment 
as a parallel of the closest existing segment with the same general direction
      CHG : Split Rotation interaction between pure rotation and scale
      FIX : Make virtual nodes not selectable if they are hidden.
      ADD : Selector helper dialog to style editor
      FIX : Workaround for too wide tag columns (refs #3129)
      ADD : New CL options: "--ignore-preferences" && "--reset-preferences"
      Color preferences issues
      ADD : Allow to start merkaartor with a document template specified in 
      Have "File-New" follow doc template preferences
      Fix merkaartor site url in about
      FIX : Remove tags from autocomplete suggestions when cleared from 
features (fixes #3113)
      FIX : Filter out invalid value for first Tag list column width (fixes 
      FIX : remove code references to 0.5 api
      ADD : Auto-add "source" tag when drawing over a background map; define 
the value in the WMS and TMS editors
      ADD: "SPOTMaps (France)" to the default WMS servers
      macosx: allow to find boost installed by macports (closes #3136)
      FIX: Crash when undoing GPX changes from MDC
      FIX: Undo "Remove features" label when removing >1 feature
      ADD : Proper User-Agent for network requests
      Template document bugfixes
      ADD : Provision for a license term url to be agreed for map backgrounds

Gunter Grau (6):
      rewrite of focus, hover, highlight features
      fixed some compiler warnings
      use Q_UNUSED on some unused parameters
      FIX: Crash when removing last filter
      FIX: snap window and bounding path now the same in all projections
      Use poligon instead of rect for bounding box

James Hogan (21):
      Added subdivide, area split, and spread nodes.
      Added simple terracing tool.
      Disable terracing actions when impossible
      Terrace tool: Dialog for house numbers.
      TerraceDialog: Add missing header and cpp files.
      Fix WayRemoveNodeCommand reversibility.
      Fix reappearance of deleted features.
      Fix removal of multiply included features.
      Fix several issues with features dock.
      ADD : Join areas tool
      ADD : Tool to align edges to regular angles.
      Join Areas: override deleteChildren discardable message
      Merge remote branch 'main/master' into mr/alignaxes
      Axis align: default to guess of number of axes.
      Axis align: Display error when unable to complete.
      Axis align: Remove repeated nodes beforehand.
      Axis align: Iterate to handle shared nodes better.
      Axis align: Undo correctly when failing.
      Axis align: Work with relations.
      FIX : Fix scale bar to take latitude into account.
      Axis align: Handle shared nodes.

Richard Brinkman (1):
      FIX: Resolved a compiler error


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