On 22-08-15 22:00, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> +  * Rebuild against libstdc++6 and gdal 1.11.2

Your build environment was outdated, so it still ended up depending on
libgdal1h on amd64, the buildds used the new gdal as expected. See:


Mouse over the X in the amd64 column for fiona to see the dependency
tree, that includes:

         package: amd64:python3-fiona
         version: 1.6.0-1
         essential: false
         depends: amd64:libgdal1h (>= 1.8.0)

I've manually binNMU'ed fiona (1.6.0-1) on the amd64 porterbox to
resolve this issue without intervention of the Release Team to process
the nmu request.


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