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On 24-08-15 12:03, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> The current version of qgis no longer builds qgis-plugin-grass so once
> it is removed as NBS, this package will no longer be installable.

The blend-dev framework takes care of downgrading missing (or non-free)
packages to Suggests when building the metapackages. Rebuilding the
metapackage should be sufficient for the time being.

The QGIS GRASS situation is a bit of a chicken & egg problem, the QGIS
upstream developers needs GRASS 7 packages to fix the GRASS 7 support in
QGIS. We can likely re-enable the GRASS support in QGIS in one of the
next 2.8 LTR releases.

The Blends metapackage doesn't need to depend on qgis-plugin-grass as it
already depends on qgis & grass, and the qgis package will take care of
pulling in qgis-plugin-grass (when it's built).

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