On 26-08-15 22:13, Sven Geggus wrote:
> +  * close bug #794317 by adding Multi-Arch: foreign

Thanks for this change. The changelog entry needs a little tweaking to
automatically close the bug on upload as documented in the Policy:

 If this upload resolves bugs recorded in the Bug Tracking System
 (BTS), they may be automatically closed on the inclusion of this
 package into the Debian archive by including the string: closes:
 Bug#nnnnn in the change details.[17] This information is conveyed via
 the Closes field in the .changes file (see Closes, Section 5.6.22).


A typical changelog entry that closes a bug looks this:

 * Change -dev package from M-A: same to foreign.
   (closes: #794317)

The closes: #nnnnnn can also be on the same line if its under 74 characters.

I haven't seen the symbols change for GCC 5 yet, is the symbols handling
using pkg-kde-tools clear enough for you how to handle this?

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