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Package: src:ossim
Version: 1.8.16-4
Severity: important
Tags: sid stretch
Usertags: libstdc++-cxx11

Background [1]: libstdc++6 introduces a new ABI to conform to the
C++11 standard, but keeps the old ABI to not break existing binaries.
Packages which are built with g++-5 from experimental (not the one
from testing/unstable) are using the new ABI.  Libraries built from
this source package export some of the new __cxx11 or B5cxx11 symbols,
and dropping other symbols.  If these symbols are part of the API of
the library, then this rebuild with g++-5 will trigger a transition
for the library.

What is needed:

 - Rebuild the library using g++/g++-5 from experimental. Note that
   most likely all C++ libraries within the build dependencies need
   a rebuild too. You can find the log for a rebuild in
   Search for "BEGIN GCC CXX11" in the log.

 - Decide if the symbols matching __cxx11 or B5cxx11 are part of the
   library API, and are used by the reverse dependencies of the

 - If there are no symbols matching __cxx11 or B5cxx11 in the symbols
   forming the library API, you should close this issue with a short
 - If there are no reverse dependencies, it should be the package
   maintainers decision if a transition is needed.  However this might
   break software which is not in the Debian archive, and built
   against these packages.

 - If a library transition is needed, please prepare for the change.
   Rename the library package, append "v5" to the name of the package
   (e.g. libfoo2 -> libfoo2v5). Such a change can be avoided, if you
   have a soversion bump and you upload this version instead of the
   renamed package.  Prepare a patch and attach it to this issue (mark
   this issue with patch), so that it is possible to NMU such a
   package. We'll probably have more than hundred transitions
   triggered. Then reassign the issue to and
   properly tag it as a transition issue, by sending an email to
     usertag <this issue> + transition
     block <this issue> by 790756
     reassign <this issue>
 - If unsure if a transition is needed, please tag the issue with help
   to ask for feedback from other Debian developers.

The libstdc++6 transition will be a large one, and it will come with a
lot of pain.  Please help it by preparing the follow-up transitions.


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fixed 791233 ossim/1.8.16-5

On 02-08-15 00:52, Matthias Klose wrote:
> On 08/02/2015 12:37 AM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> ossim doesn't have any reverse dependencies, so I don't think any
>> special consideration is required for the GCC 5 related transitions.
> thanks for checking. Please mention this in the changelog for the next upload.

ossim (1.8.16-5) has migrated to testing, it was rebuilt for the GCC 5
transitions, specifically because it needed a change to support GEOS 3.5.0.

Kind Regards,


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