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Hi Gudjon,

On 13-09-15 20:53, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
> The qwt package has been upgraded to libqwt6abi1_6.1.2-2
> which is API and ABI incompatible with the current version
> 6.0.0. Please upgrade you package to work with the new version.

Please coordinate the qwt transition with the Release Team, they can
binNMU the reverse dependencies that don't need source changes like qgis.

> According to the changelog, qwt has been disabled in qgis but
> since it still depends on qwt I file this as a wishlist bug.

Yes, I've disable the QwtPolar support in qgis after you contacted me
about your planned switch to Qwt 6.1, and I've forwarded the issue
upstream to alert them as well. The QGIS upstream developers need to
update qwtpolar to 1.1 or newer to support Qwt 6.1. They'll get around
to that when Qwt 6.1 breaks their builds for unstable, or they'll just
disable it too.

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