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sebastic pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.18.2
in repository merkaartor.

        at  fdcd8b6   (tag)
   tagging  e920a8fe56f3176a051b24f4c013ebb12cc7d2d7 (commit)
  replaces  0.18.1
 tagged by  Bas Couwenberg
        on  Fri Sep 18 01:17:44 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.18.2

Bas Couwenberg (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.18.2

Bernd Zeimetz (1):
      Merge tag '0.18.1' into upstream

Chris "Koying" Browet (61):
      CHG : Paste Tags : Allow any<->any pasting but only takes top level 
features into account (fixes #3174)
      Add Bing plugins to windows install
      FIX : cannot save mas style
      FIX : assert when creating a polygon and a source tag is auto-added
      FIX : style editor issues
      FIX : crash on file->new with Bing (fixes #3179)
      FIX : break roads moves node to origin (fixes #3180)
      Compilation error when PROJ=1 is not enabled (fixes #3195)
      FIX : duplicate custom toolbars (refs #3194)
      FIX : toggle ALL toolbars (refs #3194)
      i18n + Add Croatian language
      forgotten file
      ADD : Network timeout preference
      show network timeout in seconds
      Display "zoomed" previous zoom level for TMS, too (ref #3181)
      FIX : Only ask whether to discard changes if they actually weren't saved
      FIX : Only override ESC key behaviour when editing tags (fixes #1791)
      FIX : Properly check for  Ways and Areas
      FIX : over-optimization of indeFind : POI were not draxn when nodes were 
      CHG : POI excludes a list of technical tags
      FIX : Complete proxy problem solution
      FIX : Cadastre issue with 1 digit departement
      FIX : Plugins were not saved in doc templates
      Qt 4.4.x fix
      FIX : Cannot uncheck "Use Language" (fixes #3203)
      FIX : Not download background images while panning in some interactions 
(fixes #3202)
      FIX : crash (on linux 64 bits only?) with empty projections and without 
proj4 (fixes #3204)
      FIX : Cadastre: departements are 2 digits minimum
      FIX : None adapter not working
      FIX : RelationAddFeatureCommand::undo() issue
      CHG : Set default max search results to 999
      FIX : Bug with short osm link
      Self-clipping opt-in via --selfclip
      FIX : Do self-clipping unless Qt is >= 4.7.1 (fixes #3206)
      FIX : Macosx menu issue by Aleks
      FIX : Background image refresh issue when going to tiled from direct
      FIX : Compilation error with WEBKIT=0 (fixes #3224)
      FIX : Make sure new id's are unique (fixes #3223)
      FIX : log2 not available on FreeBSD (fixes #3211)
      FIX : Feature dock: Relations not shown in "All' tab (rel #3220)
      FIX : Only check styles for POI nodes
      FIX : Handle UTF8 in GDAL fields
      FIX : do not create  ~/.merkaartor in portable mode
      FIX : do not save locale info to registry in portable mode
      FIX : Background cache size not limited (fixes #3227)
      FIX : Use "=" rather than "is" in selection dialog (fixes #3218)
      FIX : Remote Protocol: Send back aknowledgment (fixes #3230)
      FIX : Workaround for labels on long ways in Qt > 4.7
      FIX : do not prevent upload of deletion of not-uploadable tags (fixes 
      FIX : Bing maps: Make initial providers request non-blocking to avoid 
NULL document (fixes #3241)
      FIX : Crash with an external MDC with WMS/TMS not defined locally
      FIX : Document bounding box calculation tweak to bypass null coordboxes
      FIX : List index out of range when merging node in relation with another 
node (fixes #3234)
      FIX : Issue when creating nodes when active layer is closed (fixes #3244)
      FIX : Do not simplify (i.e. remove) nodes outside the downloaded area 
(fixes #3246)
      FIX : Harden Filter Editor (fixes #3247)
      FIX : Unblock indexing after an aborted doawnload, too (fixes #3248)

Chris "koying" Browet (1):
      FIX : Crash when restoring shortcuts of disappeared actions (fixes #3205)

Chris Browet (21):
      Backport of completed Bing Maps
      FIX : Allow creating a way in non-separate move mode with a virtual node 
selected (fixes #3172)
      .gitignore *.po
      Do not show watermark if the layer is hidden
      FIX : Locked zoom was bugged since passage to real pixel per Meter (fixes 
      FIX : When loading history from MDC, do not import the command if the 
layer is not found + save layers dirty level in MDC (fixes #3176)
      French Cadastre: Gracefully abort if the cadastre is in image format 
(fixes #3184)
      CHG : Move handling of Tag strings list to Global
      FIX : Do not consider aborted http requests as errors
      FIX : style is not applied when changed in preferences dialog (fixes 
      FIX : Crash if cannot reload the background plugin from MDC
      FIX : layout issues on Mac (by Aleksandar Topuzovińá; fixes #3193)
      ADD : Allow to align background image with <SPACE>+pan
      FIX : Setting application-wise proxy causes problem (fixes #3196)
      FIX : Issue in Import CSV when disabling some fields (fixes #3201)
      ADD : Show the Background adjustment (if any) and the m/pixel (useful for 
styles) in the statusbar
      FIX : Crash when using TMSes
      FIX : probable fix for remote control crashes
      FIX : Preferences->Color layout
      FIX : crash with --ignore-preferences
      FIX : Crash when creating a tag template based upon an empty one (fixes 

James Hogan (2):
      FIX : fix breakRoad/splitArea abort if node/area has tags
      FIX : Fix join areas feature type check


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